Toy Review: The Dodil

Almost every single one of us has dreamed of making our own sex toy at some point, that toy usually being a dildo. Whether by eyeing up the vegetable aisle with a creative eye, or actually sketching out (or imagining) shape, size, and function, most of us have an idea of what we want and a dream that we could replicate it to our own specifications.

I’m definitely guilty of it myself.

One year I even launched a hypothetical Peach Wand as an April Fools joke, which I admit was cruel and left even myself feeling sad come the end. Back in our younger years my now ex and I also tried our hand at creating our own dildo, using a questionable sculpture and a dodgy mold. Oh, the things we do when young (but at least we had each other’s best interests and pleasure at heart).

But now none of us have to go the makeshift route because a product now exists that changes the game – making shaping your desires an attainable aspiration.

Allow me to introduce you to the Dodil.

The Dodil

The Dodil is, in a sense, a do-it-yourself dildo and hearing that alone is enough to make most sex toy geeks (myself included) be like:


But let me go through some details before you place down the $93 that this product will (not unfairly) set you back.

The Dodil is a dildo that, by default is roughly 7.5 inches in length and has a diameter of about 1.6 inches which is consistent along the shaft. This may not seem relevant for a toy that you essentially get to shape as you go along but it’s more important than you might initially consider. More on that later.

The surface of this dildo is made from silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone itself is matte, incredibly draggy, and a dust and lint magnet. But it also has a gorgeous teal coloration, which makes me forgive the way that debris clings to it. I mean, heck, who can blame anything for being attracted to that teal surface. It certainly makes me want to mount this toy but, alas, the lack of a suction cup (or even a flared base) makes it pretty awkward to literally ‘mount’ and not anal-friendly.

Sorry peeps, this is one of the very few downsides of the Dodil.

The draggy nature of the silicone used for the Dodil means that it operates best with lubricant (natural or otherwise) and, once slicked up a bit, it does develop a very receptive glide to it, coupled with just enough of a cling to help amplify any shape that you envision.

How is shaping possible? That all comes down to the internal materials of the Dodil: A firm ABS plastic shaft surrounded by a receptive thermoplastic, which essentially softens once exposed to high temperatures.

The Dodil’s specs.

When I discovered that there was a mold-able dildo out there my initial thought was “Okay, cool, but what dangerous inner chemical is being used to get that effect”. The only malleable heat-triggered material I’d ever really encountered before was the fluid found in those heat pads which work through using sodium acetate. And, although sodium acetate, when contained, is pretty inert and harmless, I really wouldn’t want to insert it internally under any circumstances.

So imagine my happiness when I found out that the thermoplastic used by Dodil is completely non-toxic and biodegradable to boot. Dodil in general are incredibly environmentally conscious. By using silicone, thermoplastic, and ABS plastic they are creating a sturdy toy that can be reused for many years without degrading (thus reducing the amount of waste caused by shoddy or disposable toys) and every Dodil is shipped through carbon dioxide neutral methods.


The incredibly suave-looking thermostat/container that the Dodil is house in is also made from ABS plastic and stainless steel which could, in theory, also be used for a myriad of other things. Don’t go re-purposing your Dodil first thing, though, because it has an important role to play.

The complete Dodil package.

The core components of the Dodil are the Dodil itself, the container, and a long plastic cords that is included with the product. In order to soften the Dodil all you have to do is boil a kettle, pour the contents in to the Dodil’s container, insert the Dodil, seal up the container and wait 30 minutes.

Once this time has passed you can remove your Dodil and let it stand for a few minutes before getting your cord ready and beginning to play.

Having been heated the Dodil will be malleable for up to 20 minutes at room temperature, and you can give it a curve, various chunky sections (easily shaped by hand) or a more intricate texture by using the cord. Once you’re happy with the shape Dodil recommend that you run the toy under water for a few minutes (holding its shape in place) to let it harden in exactly the way you intend.

I cannot describe just how excited I was to try this process out myself.

When I was a kid one of my favorite toys was a clown ball thing that was, essentially, a bunch of flour put in to a balloon with a face drawn on the front which you could then squeeze and shape to your hearts content (yes, I know – I was an easy tyke to please). If you’ve never tried one of these I highly recommend it: They make great DIY stress balls, even as adults, and are perhaps one of the most inexpensive forms of touch-based therapy out there…alternatively you could get a Dodil and have the same fun play experience but with the adult twist of then being able to fuck what you make.


Pulling the wibbly-wobbly malleable Dodil out of its container I was instantly reminded of my clown balloons, and the experience of shaping it was eerily similar, except without that powdery sensation. Smooth, semi-thick fluid, instead ran through the Dodil and I felt like the master of my fate as I crafted a sex toy that met my needs…In theory.

In practice I had one of those moments of ‘The power….YES! THE POWER…Wait…it’s too much…what do I do with this. It’s too much responsibility’ *explodes mentally*

That was until I remembered that I liked curved toys with a bulging top and got to work with the included cord.

Look, mama, I made a wand.

I admit to letting my Dodil cool off naturally most times too, and that’s with good reason – I found that if I placed the Dodil on surfaces with an interesting (gentle) texture I could basically add ripples and ridges to my Dodil for an additional bit of gentle texture which, again, worked to my liking.

The cord, I must confess, is a bit more fiddly and a bit looser than I would like, which is probably why some people are opting to use elastic bands instead, which act as a very good get around.

Once the Dodil is cooled, though, it becomes incredibly rigid – just as rigid as a glass toy, in my opinion, and by Dodil’s own admittance.

Some people might not like this but that’s the great thing about having a thermoplastic toy: If you’d like it to be softer then you can literally place it in hot water for a few minutes and get a squishier consistency on the surface. My preference is for the Dodil to stay in its naturally hard state but I really appreciate this option…almost as much as I appreciate the orgasms that I get with the Dodil.

I don’t know if it’s because I feel accomplished at my own creations or because this toy is just that good but my toes curl every time I use the Dodil and I end up physically incapable of suppressing the deep, gratified moans that escape from my body. The Dodil has been an unfaltering climax-inducing master-piece and I’m pretty sure it’s the dildo I’ve wanted to exist my entire life (I mean, I did play a collaborative part in its shaping, after all).

It’s so incredibly hard to fault this dildo because it is so exceptional and, more to the point, it really is what you make of it…with one exception.

Because this toy has a set amount of thermoplastic contained in it, there’s no getting around that total volume that you’re working with. This means that, if you like you’re toys really, really slim, or orifice-achingly chunky then there’s only so much you can do to try and achieve your end goal.

This is perhaps the only limitation of the Dodil, outside of its inability to be used anally in a safe manner, or with a strap-on or suction cup for those who desire it. I’m sure in future Dodil will release a toy with some form of flared base but, for now, the Dodil is all potential but mainly for vaginal insertion.

Final Thoughts

Outside of these two things though, I really can’t say much against the Dodil. It’s potential is incredibly impressive and, I’ll admit, one of the biggest reasons you’re not seeing more Dodil shapes in this review is because I’m just so smitten with the current one I’ve created that I’d be loathed to part with it even for a single moment…at least right now. When the mood takes me I can rest easy confident in the knowledge that the Dodil is prepared to be anything I want it to be, and you can’t say that about a single other product on the market right now.