Toy Review: The Doxy Number 3

It was early last year that I caught my first glance of the now named Doxy Number 3 (known fondly, at the time, as the mini Doxy). Upon first glance it looked good but pretty much what you’d expect too: A mini Doxy. This made me worry about a few things: Its power level, its ease of control, and, of course, the potential lack of any truly significant changes.

Then I picked it up and all of my worries were instantly dispelled.

The Doxy Number 3

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the Doxy 3 and its die-cast counterparts was just how lovely it felt to hold.

This little wand packs a big punch.

That’s not a stab at the Die-Cast but holding it isn’t what I’d called ‘Lovely’ – evocative of all the power and confidence of an Amazonian warrior, yes, but not ‘lovely’ – and, although I do admire the sense of ‘I’m here to take no fucks’ that the fully-fledged Die-Cast gives me, sometimes I want a wand that feels more tender. Chalk it up to my British sensibilities if you will.

Because the Doxy 3 is smaller than any other Doxy before it, 1″ with a 1.75″ diameter to be precise, this toy feels just right when picked up, and its 12 oz weight is so manageable that it hardly registers as a partially metal product.

However, because this toy’s handle and screw head is made out of a brushed aluminium / titanium alloy you can expect a toy that it heckuva sturdy and withstand quite a bit of heavy handling.

The buttons for the Doxy 3 are made from silicone and offer 3 different options: an on/off button, and a + and – button.

As I said in the intro, I was worried that the change in size would mean that these buttons (quite well placed on the original) wouldn’t feel as intuitive but I was wrong. I’ve actually found the button placement on the Doxy 3 to be the best from Doxy so far in terms of convenience of use, which makes using the wand and filtering through its different intensities. And let’s talk about those intensities shall we?

The Doxy 3 is a mains powered vibrator, which means a few things in terms of performance. The biggest of which is that it’s able to bring the power like a classic rock ballad during a New Year’s Eve party.

This may be a smaller toy but it’s still all Doxy.

This vibrator can start off wonderfully gentle but it does not skimp on its maximum settings, and there is a definite rumble present at every single level. Not necessarily the juddery rumble that I classify as my personal favourite but, honestly, when a toy is capable of producing enough concentrated power through sheer brute vibrational force you won’t see me complaining much.

Besides, there’s no time to complain when your breath is being stolen away by the seizing force of the climax you’re having with the Doxy 3.

Oh yes – when it comes to orgasms the Doxy 3 delivers with ease, and I was wholly impressed with just how amazing this toy felt, and the sensations it allowed me to feel. My orgasms with the Doxy 3 are consistently exceptional, to the point where it has actually become my new bedside wand, outsting the Lelo Smartwand Large. Gasp!

Worry not, Lelo fans: I still adore my Smartwand, but the compact size of the Doxy 3 makes it easier to use with toys, with a partner, or in a more intimate setting. It delivers all of the power of many fully sized wands without coming with the additional bulk and that it undeniably appealing, even to me. Plus this toy has one other crucial feature…

Unlike all of the other Doxy toys, the Doxy 3 has a screw cap silicone head which allows you to unscrew the main point of use and give it a thorough clean.

This is a game changer for Doxy because, although corded toys do offer that additional oomph, it does mean they’re not waterproof and are harder to clean.

The addition of a screw cap head doesn’t entirely eliminate this issue, but it does make it a heck of a lot easier to get that reassured clean. Simply unscrew the cap when done (perhaps after the lube has dried) and give it the soap-and-water treatment while you resort back to a flannel or antibacterial spray/wipe for the rest of the cord.

Plus having a head that unscrews means that the Doxy 3 provides the change to have different screw cap attachments in future, or even emerging deals with other toy creators. I can imagine that Doxy and Godemiche would be a great match, for example.

Plus because this toy is made from silicone and metal it’s non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. All incredibly reassuring points!

The biggest downside or concern for many mains powered toy users is being restricted but the 9ft long cord provided for the Doxy 3 makes sure you have a full range of movement during use. Because of all this cord I’ve never had an issue using my Doxy 3…buuuut I do now have a chunky cluster of cable to navigate by the side of my bed. Swings and roundabouts.

If I were to consider other downsides for the Doxy 3 they would probably concern the fact that this toy is not waterproof (which is a bummer, regardless of the trade-off), and that the metal can feel cold and, thus, unwelcoming for some people at first. But, my gosh, how minor are those points compared to what the Doxy 3 has to offer?

Shevibe is also stating that the Doxy 3 is compatible with some interchangeable wand heads, such as those for the PalmPower, which is brilliant. Just make sure you do double check the sizing before making a price commitment. You wouldn’t want to accidentally order heads for a fully-fledged wand. The Doxy 3 is a talented toy but it’s screw-cap top can only do so much.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am a complete Doxy 3 convert and have actually fallen asleep hugging my own at times (sometimes between my arms, sometimes between my thighs, all times with an unending affection for its strength and size).

I highly recommend this product and actually consider it to be the best Doxy on the market. It offers enough strength while also giving a fair bit of versatility due to its compact nature.

With its smaller size, this wand may not be a stocking filler but I would class it as an absolute gift-giving must for any occasion.