Toy Review: The Kiiroo Pearl2

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I reviewed the original Kiiroo Pearl.

Three years.


In that time Kiiroo have since released a Fleshlight compatible product for penis-owners but the Pearl has stayed pretty much the same (outside of software updates that didn’t require a new device). Until now, that it.

And, honestly, if the Pearl had stayed how it was I probably wouldn’t have complained. I really liked the size, shape, and design of the original Pearl, which was actually created with the help of a sensational sex blogger. Its color, in particular, always struck me as completely and utterly Kiiroo.

But, now that the Kiiroo Pearl2 exists I can confidently say ‘It’s time for an upgrade’ and I feel completely enthusiastic about doing so.

The Kiiroo Pearl2 isn’t just a refit of the old design – it’s a completely new model and it knows exactly how to satisfy.

The Kiiroo Pearl2

The Kiiroo Pearl2 is a vibrator unlike any other and this is all to do with the Kiiroo platform.

The Kiiroo Pearl2 post-enjoyment (because moments like this deserve to be captured).

If you’re new to Kiiroo then it is essentially a system that allows you to connect your toy/s to your device of choice (a Pearl2 being one option) and to have remotely controlled fun with you partner, enjoy interactive porn, or take control yourself and show just how much you love the Kiiroo platform.

The system is responsive and relatively secure, as is the pornography collaboration included. As part of this review Kiiroo provided me with access to FeelPorna to see how the Pearl2 worked in action when paired with erotica and the range and interactivity was a fun addition to the toy, but partnered and solo use is my main area of interest with the Pearl2 and so it will be the focus of this review.

Specification-wise the Kiiroo Pearl2 has every perk going that you’d want from a luxury vibrator. It is well-presented, comes with all the instructions you’ll need accessible digitally (which is important for a vibrator with such a complex digital structure surrounding it), is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and has a 1 year warranty to help give you peace of mind.

The majority of the Pearl2 is coated in beautifully soft silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. There is an ABS section on the back and, being honest, I’m not a fan, but it doesn’t detract from the toy at all and somewhat helps in locating the controls.

Not the classiest addition.

The controls themselves are incredibly straightforward and make connecting with the Pearl2 (or using it solo) a breeze. A single button filters through the Kiiroo’s patterns, of which 3 are continuous with varying intensities. And, this time, Kiiroo have upped the power.

Probably one of my biggest complaints with the previous Pearl was that its vibrations were weaker than I liked and I didn’t think they would satisfy size queens, but this vibrator is here to rumble and it does so to great effect.

This toy’s vibrations are deep, juddery, and spread brilliantly over whatever body part they’re applied to (or inserted inside). I personally adore using the Pearl2 clitorally because it has more than enough oomph and breadth of head to give my clit and labia good coverage and take me over the cusp of a climax with absolute ease. At times I’ve even found myself moaning and squeaking with delight while using the Pearl2, as it keeps me in the prolonged throes of delight and makes me wonder how long an orgasm can go on (while internally begging it not to stop).

Now, this isn’t to say that the Pearl2 is wand-powerful, but it can content with many mid-sized wands, and it has the depth that is so important when considering vibration strength. It also starts off gently enough so as not to be too jarring for vibration newbies and lets users set their pace.

As for the overall design of the Pearl2 – it’s slightly larger that the original Pearl and this might be a bit disappointing for some. Its head also bulges a bit more, and this girth comes in the perfect place (and with a nice subtle angle) to stimulate the G-Spot. A lack of a flared stop section makes it so that this vibrator cannot be used anally, which is a bit of a shame, but this isn’t exactly unexpected for a sex toy of this type.

Overall I’d describe the Pearl2’s new design as relatively standard but effective. There’s a reason that this design is so well recognised and emulated, after all, and Kiiroo have done well with their own rendition of it.

The controls are easy to identify and use.

With a nice amount of lubricant and a bit of a warm up anyone who is apprehensive about the Pearl2 will likely be able to take and thrust it with a fair amount of confidence (conditions such as Vaginismus perhaps disallowing this).

Because the Kiiroo2 is essentially an ABS frame coated with silicone it’s a naturally firm dildo and this allows users to add a pretty decent amount of pressure in use should they wish. The angle isn’t too aggressive but it aids in the application of pressure well. Hitting a happy medium.

This head will work well enough for most.

In terms of downsides…I struggle.

It could perhaps be said that anyone who dislikes patterns may find the varying feedback that the Pearl2 provides when hooked up to pornography or with another partner jarring and/or disinteresting, but this is an inherent part of the toy. If you don’t like patterns it’s probably a bad idea to get a sex toy that works on a feedback system by varying its vibrations. It’s simply a sad truth of the technology.

Although if you still want the Pearl2 you could always opt to be the one taking control, in which case you’ve got options. There’s always a way.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the Kiiroo Pearl2 is that it’s a teledildonic product, which allows you to connect digitally to any other Kiiroo user (or content) that you wish, while also still being a brilliantly-shaped, impressively strong, luxury vibrator that retails at a rather reasonable $99.

There are luxury vibrators that don’t deliver in anywhere near as many aspects (nor allow such a significant connection) that charge nearly twice this amount and, although there are cheaper toys on the market, I think that the Kiiroo Pearl2 is worth every single dime invested in to it and then some.

My final gripe is a personal lamentation at the loss of the color-scheme provided by the original Pearl but, you know what? I can handle the trade-off. The Kiiroo Pearl2 is a great toy and I can highly recommend it.