Toy Review: Womanizer 2Go

Let me get this off my chest straight away: Any product that comes in the colors ‘Pink’ and ‘Tango Green’ is an object of pure brilliance. At least this was the consensus in my home when I revealed the Womanize 2Go. Theia gasped in adoration, took it in her hands and held it up high. “It’s ART!” she exclaimed, and it was hard to disagree. The Womanizer 2Go just looks amazing. It’s like something you’d see in the interior design section of MoMA, championing the kitsch aesthetic of 60s Pop Art.

This immediately filled me with hope for the performance of the toy.

Granted, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and this was certainly the case with the first few renditions of the Womanizer. Over the past few years it’s transformed from a Barbie’s Thermometer with a dreadful name to a slightly-less-tacky thermometer with the same questionable name.

But the Womanizer 2Go seems like the first real time that Womanizer have taken the hint and responded to the many voices telling them that their product design needed a revamp. I mean, sure, that revamp is girly-girl to the max (not helping reassure anyone that a company named ‘Womanizer’ understands and respects female individuals) but fuck it. I’m not opposed to rocking the femme aesthetic every now and then, especially when the product in question is not only beautiful, but effective too.

The Womanizer 2Go

The Womanizer 2Go is Womanizer’s attempt at making a travel toy with a suitable degree of power and appeal to keep dedicated suction-toy users interested. At $169.00 this is no cheap compact and is, to be frank, a 100% fully fledged suction-based toy in its own right. The fact that it can be used easily as a travel toy is simply the icing on an already delicious cake (something involving carrot, banana, or chocolate at the very least).

This sex toy looks stunning!

The Womanizer 2Go is described as ‘Small but Impressive’ by Womanizer and I can’t help but disagree a little bit. It’s true—this toy is no 7 inch dildo—but, at just under 5 inches with its lid, it’s hardly tiny either. Size-wise, it’s very similar to the Womanizer Deluxe W500 and larger than the Satisfyer Penguin (my favourite suction-based sex toy).

It will never, in anyone’s eyes, pass as a lipstick. The size difference is just far too outlandish to ever even consider. I suppose you could say that it’s some form of cosmetic brush or similar if you really needed to pass it off as innocuous in the heat of the moment, but lipstick it is not.

I do appreciate why Womanizer might have gone with this design, though, as the natural shape of lipstick is rather well-suited to the nozzle-based design of the Womanizer range, and the tilted suction heads (as there are 2 included with this toy) are actually better off for this angling, in my opinion.

My favourite head of the two.

The removable heads are made from a matte silicone—non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe, whereas the rest of the 2Go is made from a hard ABS plastic. It was Dangerous Lilly’s experience that the larger nozzle head helped diffuse the suction sensation to make it tamer for those who needed it, whereas the chunkier head was more comfortable but also much more intense, and I can certainly mirror this sentiment. I’m able to vary things up more with the larger head, but my preference is towards the chunkier head, for reasons we’ll get on to in a while.

The Womanizer 2Go is rechargeable, wonderfully easy to clean, and meets IPX7 regulations for being waterproof (meaning you can use it in the shower or bath if you wish). The settings are sadly managed through a single button, but this really is the only frustration about the Womanizer 2Go because, outside of this, I find this toy to be impressive. It’s probably my favourite Womanizer product since the original, and sits in the top 3 for me when it comes to suction-based sex toys.

This toy isn’t small but it is discreet.

The Womanizer 2Go has 6 levels of intensity but I’ve never need to know them all. With the larger head the third setting is enough for me and with the chunkier head (my preference) the first setting is enough. Its suction is so intense that it’s at times too much for me. I have to pull it to the side as the Womanizer 2Go pulls and rumbles my clitoris up to a pleasurable peak and makes my insides clench with shock and elation.

Unlike most suction-based toys—which force an orgasm out of me whether or like it or not—I am inclined to reach a swift climax with the Womanizer 2Go, but I can also adjust and stroke it against my body to provide a more conventional orgasm afterwards too. This is extremely rare with suction-based toys for me, and I relish the Womanizer 2Go’s ability to almost emulate the experience of a vibrator in this manner.

That being said, sometimes the sensations of the Womanizer 2Go are actually too strong—too pinching—for me and I do feel like I’m being tugged with so much intensity that it can actually sting and pinch if I catch myself at the wrong angle. This is rare but is still something that needs to be brought to attention, especially for those who count themselves as rather sensitive. A suction-based sex toy is, in any instance, intense but the Womanizer 2Go feelings like it’s trying 2Go to a whole new level (I couldn’t resist at least one pun).

I hate to repeat myself but there is also absolutely NO way that this would pass as lipstick, and the degree to which Womanizer is promoting this point feels almost deceptive. Go to their main page and they actually say ‘Its inconspicuous appearance makes it possible to carry it everywhere in the handbag. Strikingly inconspicuous.’ Sorry, but no.

This toy is also rather loud, especially when away from the skin, making it hard to call discreet in terms of use. Under the sheets and with some form of background noise on it may be undetectable but if you’re bunking with others then this shouldn’t be your stealth vibe of choice.

Finally, while the angle of the Womanizer 2Go’s head really works for me, I can also imagine it will be a bit jarring and incompatible for some people. This, sadly, may not be something you discover until you try the Womanizer 2Go but, if this is the case for you, understand that your body is not the issue at all. Everyone has a different preference and, in this case, it’s just that the Womanizer 2Go doesn’t work for you and not a personal or physical fault. You’re fabulous.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Womanizer 2Go and this is a first time in a long time that I feel like its price tag (compared to other suction-based toys on the market) is worth it.

This is a product of exceptional quality, capable of producing some very strong and intense vibrations. It’s appearance if more palatable (if to your tastes), its slanted suction tip a dream for angled use, and its different heads capable of providing different sensations.

If you already own a Satisfyer or a Womanizer I’m not too sure that this is a must-have purchase, but if you’re looking for your first suction toy and know you like it strong then the Womanizer 2Go is a very good option.