Toy Review: The Tokidoki Lovehony Unicorn Massage Wand

It’s fair to say that straight out of the post this wand caused a buzz (and, yes, there will be multiple pony-based puns throughout this review). Before this wand even hit the pages of Lovehoney it had caused a substantial stir among sex geeks and Tokidoki nerds everywhere. If you go over to the UK Plug review page you’ll see that this product has pretty much nothing but 5-star reviews. Keeping in line with the majesty of the mythical creature that inspired it, the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand is hailed as purely perfect and utterly badass.

When I told my friend of this wand’s existence she let out an immediate squee followed by ‘I want it! I want it! I want it!’ said multiple times. Once the rush had died down she decided to wait for my ‘expert opinion’ before committing to buy herself, hoping I could impart some well-formulated words of appraisal. But, really, what is there to say about the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand that hasn’t been said already?

Well, brace yourselves because after riding this pony for quite some time I have reached something resembling a professional verdict: The Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand is a pretty damned good wand…but I wouldn’t call it the best on the market.

The Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand

The thing that makes the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand a purchase that some may hesitate to justify is, ironically, also its main selling point. The Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand has been proudly trotted out by Lovehoney alongside many other gorgeously playful sex toys as part of an unprecedented adult collaboration with the Japanese-inspired Italian lifestyle brand, Tokidoki. Conventionally dabbling more in apparel and accessories, Tokidoki have allowed Lovehoney to create an entire line using their wonderfully colourful characters.

There’s no denying the visual appeal of this wand, but what about its horse power?

Strictly speaking this wand isn’t actually a unicorn at all (neither is it an alicorn, despite all conventional naming practice). Instead it is a ‘Unicorno’—one called Stellina, if we’re being particular. Stellina appears to be the flagship filly of the herd but there are also multiple other unicorno designs. Honestly there is a deep and covetous part of me that is hoping Lovehoney expands out to include more unicorno wands in its collection. My blog persona would fit so well with a Dolce wand, whereas my heart is longing for a Peperino one.

This striking design collaboration is present throughout both the appearance of the wand itself and its packaging. The Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand’s packaging features various Tokidoki characters and instantly draws you in and compels you to bulk buy 100 of these just-under-£100 pleasure ponies. Meanwhile the wand itself stays true to Stellina’s design and has a brilliantly simplistic (yet extremely colourful) handle coupled with the most striking part of this product—a removable silicone Stellina head cap. This essentially allows users to pleasure themselves with the head of a Japanese-inspired, Italian-conceived, not-quite mythological creature, which is at the same time extremely exciting and thoroughly surreal.

Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d own in life (but am really glad that I do).

Still, the bombarding flare of the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand’s style is not to be denied, and potential users will either love or hate the aesthetic approach that this wand takes.

In terms of dimensions the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand is a rather standard 13.2 inches in length while the head had a maximum circumference of 10 inches. The silicone used for the Stellina cap is smooth, glossy, and doesn’t grab up lint or dust. Given that this toy isn’t waterproof it’s a massive benefit to have this cap—as it makes cleaning this wand just a tad more reassuring.

Stellina’s head responds to lubricant very well and this cap creates a wonderful contrast to the usually rather uniform smoothness of a wand vibrator’s broad head. Stellina’s horn and ears provide points and edges which can be more gently placed upon the labia, nipples, frenulum, or vaginal/anal opening for an entirely different type of wand-use and sensation. Though, let me just say, my favourite aspect of the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand is its mane, which provided a subtly and glossy wave-like sensation which my vulva eagerly responded to.

I really like her…mane?

The vibrations from the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand aren’t the rumbliest nor the most powerful on the market, but they’re not wimpy either. They also have a rather stand-out sensation to them—like the quivering shudder one might expect to feel from a horse shaking itself dry. These quivering vibrations translate quite well through the silicone cap, but I never found them to be as deep as I personally hoped for. And, of course, as one who prefers a rumble, there was a little bit of incompatibility in terms of personal preference.

That being said I did reach orgasm every time I used the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand. These climaxes were strong but not overly long—acting more like a brief glance at this unicorno’s magical prowess rather than a full and consuming experience. However, let me just say, I have never felt more like a kick-ass grown-up Rainbow Brite than when using this wand, and that brings me immense joy.

This is a Rainbow Brite sex warrior cosplay wand if ever there was one.

And, to be honest, this is the major selling point of the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand.

If you absolutely adore the aesthetic of the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand, know that you like strong but adjustable vibrations (a dial-control take this toy from a gentle flutter to its full galloping shiver), and want a wand head with some different shapes to explore then the Tokidoki Lovehoney Unicorn Massage Wand is the one for you, 100% and is well worth the price.

If, however, you don’t like being tethered to the mains (despite the 1.8 metres of cable provided), prefer something with immense depth and rumble, feel like an overly large and shape-varies wand would obscure the insertion of vaginal toys (which it can do), and either really don’t care about the design or actively dislike it then this toy is nowhere near worth its price range.

Such is the divisive nature of such a strikingly colourful product. Still, I think Lovehoney have made the right call in this collaboration and, for some, the price tag of this product will be no issue whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

When it came to my friend and her reliance on my opinion I came back with this verdict: “I think this wand would be well worth the purchase, if you could catch it in the holiday sales”.

I think that speaks volumes when it comes to how I personally rate this toy but it also acts as what I believe to be a fair benchmark for most others.

Objectively this is a good wand and holds its own quite well in the wand market. The variety of exploration given by the cap-s shape is probably the biggest edge that this wand has, in my opinion, alongside its striking design.

Ultimately your decision to buy will be inextricably linked to these aesthetic choices and I 100% understand if they are the decider for you. However, I hope this review reassures you (one way or another) when it comes to the overall quality of this want when it’s mane-selling point has been placed in the stables for a moment.