Product Review: The Wruff Stuff Doge Pup Hood

Puppy play is something that I’ve been interested in for some time now but for me it just wasn’t possible unless I had the right puppy hood. Surprising as it may be to hear I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times (a total shock, yes?) and if something means a lot to me it needs to be just right. This extends to puppy hoods.

For months and months now I have been scouring the internet in search of my perfect puppy persona. Try as I might, no hood was ticking all of my boxes or, alternatively, left me pining due to its price tag. On more than one occasion I found myself staring adoringly at other pup’s personas, longing to explore the fetish myself but put in to the self-imposed dog house.

Thankfully all of that changed when I discovered Wruff Stuff.

About Wruff Stuff

Wruff Stuff are a UK company who specialize in custom and customizable puppy hoods for all of your puppy play needs. And, oh boy, do they go all out. By just looking at the Wruff Stuff website you can see the wonderful bespoke services that they have provided and the amazing outcomes.

Wruff Stuff are respectful, discreet, friendly, and leave my figurative tail wagging with absolute delight.

There is a wonderful array of pre-designed hoodies for pups to choose from, with options to given them a personal flare, and some of these are ridiculously well-priced. New designs, for example, can often be sold at 50% off for a limited time. How many companies do you know willing to consistently offer deals like that!? Personally I don’t know many.

My enthusiasm for Wruff Stuff extends in to how they present themselves too. For example, their business email (where you can make your custom requests) is Adorable! The owner may or may not have tolerated some of my wruff-er puns, for which I thank them.

When Wruff Stuff sent me my hood I was told everything I needed to know (and some extra info for good measure). The hood itself arrived the very next day and was beautifully packed in pup-themed wrapping paper.

Hood in hand I was finally ready to become a pup. But was it for me? Find out below.

The Wruff Stuff Doge Pup Hood

Of course it was! If you spend a long period of time lusting after something chances are the climax is going to feel all the better for it and that was definitely my experience with the Wruff Stuff Doge Pup Hood. And, yes, I did say Doge, as in the internet meme. Call me E-meme-line Peaches from now on please. *winky face*

Much Resemblance. So Uncanny. Many High Praise.

In all seriousness, though, I picked the Doge Hood because it personally appealed to my playful nature while still having a rather natural looking ‘Yes, this is definitely a dog’ feeling to it. I have to admit, though, picking just one hood was incredibly difficult because there are so many wonderful designs on the Wruff Stuff page! I could happily add the Pacificus Hood to my collection (with peach logos and a wand silhouette in its patches, of course), as well as Superbia for pride.

A hood without its pup is a sorry site, but I hope this gives you an idea of what the hood looks like out of use.

Each hood is made out of Neoprene, which is lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and a vegan-friendly option. These neoprene designs are then topped off with some adjustable buckles (machine sewed in to place) which help you slide your hood comfortably in to place during use.

I personally found my Doge Hood very easy to apply and adjust. Upon putting it on and seeing myself I literally waggled my new floppy pup ears with joy (which feels great, by the way) and jumped for joy so I can personally account for just how well these hoods stay in place. I also had this hood on during some rather rough sexual encounters (doggy style, of course) so I feel pretty confident in saying that once on these hoods stay pretty firmly in place.

The design and build quality of this hood is exceptional.

The printed pattern on my Doge Hood was crisp and full of detail. The craftsmanship was exceptional and it’s clear to me that Wruff Stuff really do know their stuff. It’s important to note that there are different tongue lengths available for hood, though I didn’t make a specific request so I assume mine is standard. This floppy tongue (attached to a movable jaw) is a really nice feature for the Wruff Stuff Doge Hood and helps to bring the design together well.

The Doge Hood has slightly shorter ears and wider eyes than the standard Wruff Stuff Hood design (being a Shiba Inu and whatnot) but I personally still found the ears to be amazingly floppy and beyond adorable. When I tilted my head I could feel them tilt with me in playful exaggerated motions. Just that sensation was fantastic for immersion and gave me such a rush. And, oh my gosh! You haven’t felt anything until you’ve laid your muzzle up against your owner’s lap and had them stroke your head gently. I get butterflies just thinking about the first time this hood helped me experience that.

Tilting my head to the side for the first time, I felt truly adorable in this hood.

Sensation was an unexpected addition to the Wruff Stuff Doge Hood for me (having never tried hoods much before) but I was blown away by just how much these hoods convey. When inside the hood I don’t feel constricted. Instead it’s more like I’m comfortably contained, wrapped in the soft embrace of my canine persona. As I move my muzzle against my owner’s skin I can feel that sensation of fabric meeting with his body. I notice the way the hood moves and the way I move with it. I feel compelled to nuzzle up against my owner because the feedback is there, not just in a performative sense but physically too. Providing an enclosed-but-cozy atmosphere I give myself to the submissive role of pup.

More is conveyed in this hood then you would expect.

The hood itself is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The hoods come in their own storage bag (which is actually a bright yellow backpack of sorts, making hanging them up to store easy. To wash these hoods all you need to do is put them in the washing machine on a low heat (no more than 30 degrees) and then hang them up to dry. No scrunching them or wringing them out. Be a patient pup! For the longevity of your hood it’s also best not to allow it to get squished or folded in any unnatural way. So, in this manner, I suppose storage space may be an issue for some (though this is alleviated by the storage bag.

In terms of other downsides I personally found the movable muzzle to be a bit cumbersome at first (as it sat uncomfortably against my chin) but this was something that I could adjust and adjust to over time.

These hoods aren’t exactly cheap either, but neither is the end product and you get more than your money’s worth in terms of experience. The hoods become even more accessible due to the 50% offers too, as long as you’re not fussy (don’t worry if you are: I am too).

Other than that I really have no issue with this hood whatsoever. To me it really is that 10/10. Absolutely perfect and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Words cannot describe how truly giddy I’ve been since I got it and, of course, I brought myself a Nyan Cat collar because E-meme-line Peaches is becoming my pupsona whether y’all like it or not. Many sorryz.

Final Thoughts

Overall I absolutely adore my Wruff Stuff Doge Hood and couldn’t fault it whatsoever. The services that Wruff Stuff provide are exceptional and I really do believe that they would go above any beyond to make sure that every pup found the perfect product for them.

In future I’d love to see them do a Dachshund hoodie with floppy V-shape ears that fall down over themselves rather than standing erect but that’s more a personal fantasy of mine (pretty please Wruff Stuff *begs*).

As it stands I honestly think that Wruff Stuff is providing the best neoprene pup hoods on the market and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in the puppy play community.

Congratulations, Wruff Stuff, you’ve definitely made a pup out of me.