Article: Interview With Endza Adair

In case you missed it I recently did a live tweeting session of Crashpad Episode 223 as part of the #SexEdPornReviews series and found myself totally blown away by the two lovely ladies in the shoot. While I could easily see myself sitting down for a coffee and a cinnamon roll with both of these amazing individuals it was Endza who caught my attention with some comments about feminist porn and her personal skepticism about the term as a whole.

Full time student and dinosaur, Endza Adair has some fantastic insights when it comes to the adult industry.

Determined to know more about this (and many other topics) I reached out to Endza to see if she would be willing to do an interview and she said yes! I think you can imagine how happy I was to hear this.

For those who are unfamiliar with Endza’s work allow me to give you a little low down.

In her own words Endza Adair is a ‘full time student, most of the time athlete, sometimes porn actress, and always a dinosaur’. She juggles her time between academia and her work in the adult industry (quite efficiently, as you’ll soon find out) while also considering the importance of authenticity and kink visibility in her work. More can be found out about Endza in her own thought-provoking blog or on her Crashpad bio. Both (like Endza herself) are absolutely fabulous.

Now, without further interruptions, let’s get right in to the interview!

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me Endza! Your Crashpad Episode with Sierra has to be one of my favourite shoots of the year.

To start, I simply must ask a question which has been hounding me since I first thought of it: What sort of dinosaur are you?

T-rex, definitely. Though if I had to choose between being a dinosaur and a pterosaur I may have to be a pterodactyl. I’ve been debating the generation of prehistoric animal I want to be for years.

Now on to some industry-focused questions. I think what intrigued me the most about your ‘Behind the Scenes’ with Crashpad is that you expressed a degree of caution when it came to feminist pornography (or pornographers).

Yes. I tend to approach any site calling themselves “feminist” porn with lots of eye rolling. I was very surprised when Crashpad turned out to live up to the title.

So many of those sites want to market my “authentic sexuality” but only if I face this way, finger myself from this direction, and don’t do anything too out of the norm.  Then they get offended if I have to fake an orgasm.  It’s comes across like they are adamantly trying to alter my real sexuality to fit their idea of it, just to get their content and keep their label of “feminist”.

Have any encounters with feminist porn companies stood out for you in particular (either for good or bad reasons)?

Crashpad has been my only great experience with feminist porn companies. Most of the time its like any other shoot, just with more eye rolling. Though, one shoot does stand out as the embodiment of my dislike of some of these “feminist” companies.

I was shooting with a close friend of mine and the only instructions we were given was that they wanted to film “what we do in our own bedroom”.  So she whipped out her strap-on and I was going to blow her while she got off with a Hitachi.  This is seriously one of my favourite things, I am getting all excited just thinking about it.  When we get ready to do this we are told no because “this is supposed to be about women getting each other off”.

Basically, they told us they wanted our authentic sexuality, then told us that what we, two femme girls, do in our own bedroom isn’t actually about women getting each other off.  We ended up just going down on one another (I can’t remember a single time that we have spent our time in bed just giving mutual oral, but hey, it’s evidently how we’re supposed to do it???).

What could be more authentic then performers enjoying sex as they normally would.

In contrast to the way some feminist porn companies operate what does the term ‘feminist porn’ mean to you and what would your ideal feminist porn experience look like?

I am pretty sure Crashpad was my ideal feminist porn experience. They just sat us down and asked Sierra and I what we wanted to do. I kept waiting for some sort of instruction or request, I even asked for them.  They looked at me like I was confused and just said to do whatever I wanted.

It was so amazing! Sierra and I just did our thing; it was like the cameras weren’t even there! They didn’t interrupt us, ask us to move, or to play to the cameras. The only interaction we had was when the lovely condom fairy threw a condom to us when we lost ours.  Even when they had enough content, they asked us if we wanted to stop; they didn’t tell us, didn’t ask us to wrap anything up, they just said that we could keep going if we wanted but now could work as an end point.

Crashpad allows its performers to simply enjoy themselves, as opposed to some feminist porn companies who Endza believes emphasize a concept of feminist porn more than the reality of authentic feminist experiences.

Obviously for many people feminist porn is heavily linked with the rights and bodily autonomy of sex workers. What have your personal experiences been like when it comes to worker’s rights in the adult industry?

When it comes to companies and producers I have only had positive experiences. I am so well taken care of, and my rights and wants are always respected. I am always told what will happen during a scene, I have the right to turn down things as I see fit, and I can stop the shoot at any time.

Outside the industry it seems like the whole world is against me. From presidential candidates threatening to ban internet porn to California’s Proposition 60, which requires condoms and other protections in porn.  It is very weird to be part of a profession that has been called a “scourge on all of humanity” to my face during a class classed Philosophy of Logic.  Though, I have to admit I almost responded, “Oh baby, I’ll scourge you all night long”.  I was barely able to keep my mouth shut, I am not out at school.

On the topic of worker’s rights did you have anything to say or share in regards to California’s Proposition 60—which I see you are proudly voting ‘No’ on?

I am proudly and loudly opposing Prop 60. Performers do not need protection from the statistically significantly lower rates of STI’s among sex workers. In fact, it puts us in more danger by leaving us open to law suits from private individuals.  This will allow anyone to access our names and address’ simply by filing for law suits.  We are worried those who means us harm, like stalkers or the plethora of men who threaten our lives via social media, will use this as a way to gain access to us.

Proposition 60 is something that Endza and I both feel passionately about.

Criticism from outside of the industry seems to be all too common, but what about criticism within it? Have you had any experiences with the so-called ‘Whorearchy’ or had assumptions lobbied against you because of your sexual preferences or identity?

I have had way too many encounters with the Whorearchy. It discuses itself as STI safety and uses that as a reason to discriminate against entire groups of people. Since it is about this “safety” it is organized around who has the least contact with cocks to who has the most.  So the strippers look down on the porn stars and the porn stars look down on the escorts.

This manifests in my life most prominently because I shoot for trans specific sites.  There is this terrible stigma around trans performers, and because of this there are entire agencies who won’t let their performers shoot with me. I find this wretched.  I adore shooting with trans performers and I can’t imagine what it would be like to live under that much discrimination.

I noticed on your website that you’re currently juggling sex work with academia. As someone who is doing a PhD myself I can certainly relate to your situation! How do you personally balance your work in the adult industry with your position in the academic sector?

Very very carefully. On a day to day basis I get up at 5am to work out, go to school and/or my internship until about 3pm, then I have the afternoon for homework and to film. When I work out of the state I tend to take a day off of my internship, fly out stupidly early in the morning and fly back the same night.  I try to book most of my work around my school breaks, but that doesn’t always happen.

Pretty much I don’t sleep, I have no social life, and I subsist almost entirely on stubbornness.

From the social aspect it is very hard to juggle these two worlds. When I am at school I dress very conservatively, wear no makeup, and always keep my hair up.  I am very nervous someone will recognize me. I really don’t want what happened to Bella Knox (the Duke Porn Star) to happen to me.

It is always a head trip to get home from school, shower, and reach into the section of my closet that is devoted to work. I often feel like I am hiding a secret sexy identity. Which sounds like a lot of fun until you factor in that I have to lie to everyone at school and generally go out of my way not to make friends in that world.

Juggling the world of sex and academia can sometimes be a challenge but Endza believes it’s well worth it (shout out to Sierra Cirque in this episode too for her amazing performance and her boundless smile).

In the Behind the Scenes for Crashpad you mentioned how amazing it is to have a ‘condom fairy’ on set (something that brought a huge grin to my face). What are some of the other aspects of pornography that you really enjoy?

I have always loved filming porn because I feel so much like a prince. I get to have awesome sex and a whole support staff to assist in making it awesome.

I really enjoy the dynamic of professional sex; whether I am getting all dressed up to have sex with an existing partner, or am meeting someone for the first time that day.  It is very freeing to show up knowing your body is 150% ready and to know the other person is just as prepared as you are.  Negotiations are quick and to the point, and then you get to have awesome sex with incredible people all day.

From your Crashpad biography it seems like you are strongly interested in sex positivity and authenticity when it comes to one’s sexuality. Would you say that pornography has provided you a platform through which to discuss these issues?

Most definitely. I take every chance I get to talk out against sexual shaming and porn has given me a great platform to do that. I personally have a lot of really taboo, and odd fetishes. I adore making porn that shows the most creative, squicky, and out-there fetishes of which I can think.  My goal is that people will see how much fun I have with these things and become more accepting of their own sexuality.

Porn helps performers explore and normalize different sexual kinks by displaying them openly and without shame. Endza uses this to celebrate her own kinks and help bring visibility to them.

On that note what’s the most important tip you can give my readers when it comes to sex and effective activism?

Ask questions! The best way to educate yourself about sexuality is to have conversations with others. Get input, read blogs, and then decide for yourself how you feel on the issue.

The best advice I can give on how to have good sex is the same. Ask you partner what they like, and discuss what you like.  Watch porn together and see if you get any new ideas.  Maybe you’ll find that you both have always wanted to try anal, or maybe dress up like ponies and run around in the woods.  I personally endorse both of those activities!

And, lastly, what is your stance on sex toys (and other adult products) and do you have any personal favourites?

I love sex toys! I have two drawers and a large box of them next to my bed. My personal favourites are glass butt plugs and the cordless Hitachi.  I love how smooth the plugs are. As for the Hitachi, the new cordless version is incredible! I am loving the silicone head and the different speeds.