Toy Review: The Tantus Rumble

In the business since 1997, and championed for creating fantastic silicone sex toys, Tantus certainly had a lot of live up to when they announced the release of their first wand vibrator, the Tantus Rumble. Created to be a ‘vibrator to please everybody’ the Rumble was made to be lightweight, easy to clean, easy to hold and generally easy to use. The accessibility of the Rumble wasn’t its only selling point either…

Naming the Tantus Rumble after a sex toy reviewer’s favourite word for a helluva powerful vibe, the Rumble’s Indiegogo campaign said that it would deliver ‘the deep, powerful vibrations that are so effective in a personal vibrator’. Naturally, then, when it was announced, the sex toy community was incredibly excited (myself included) and the agonizing wait for the Rumble to be produced became a very real struggle. I personally purchased a Rumble during the crowdfunding campaign so I can definitely vouch for this.

I’ve now tested the Rumble quite a few times. Trying it from all angles and all settings so I feel like it’s time for me to give you my honest opinion. Here goes…

The Tantus Rumble

The Tantus Rumble didn’t manage to ‘wow’ me on my first use, though that’s not to say that I disliked it either. But if someone asked me what I thought of the Tantus Rumble the first words out of my mouth would probably be “It’s not what I expected” or something very similar. The Tantus Rumble is a good vibrator, a vibrator I’ve grown to like a lot, but it’s not my favourite wand and I doubt it ever will be.

The Tantus Rumble is a wand unlike any other.

As wands go the Tantus Rumble actually has a rather distinctive designs and this is wholly deliberate. One of Tantus’ main goals when creating the Rumble was to make is accessible to all and so in making the Rumble Tantus have taken their own twist on a classic design, and (for the most part) this does work to the toy’s advantage.

Incredibly lightweight and beautiful to the eye, the Tantus Rumble has three control buttons all sensibly positioned on the shaft for use as a sex toy. This may not sound like much but you’d be surprised by how many vibrators don’t think about accidental shut downs or setting changes when deciding where to place their controls. Thankfully the on/off button for the Tantus Rumble is located far enough down the shaft that you’re not going to accidentally press it. Meanwhile the + and – controls are nearer the top for ease of use and situated the right way for trouble-free adjustments when flipped into position. The handle of the Tantus Rumble also generally feels nice, smooth and hassle-free to hold and I feel like it would be usable by people with mobility issues.

The controls on the Rumble feel very intuitive and prevent accidental turn-offs.

While the Tantus Rumble itself is not waterproof, the Rumble comes it a silicone head which can be removed for cleaning. This is very similar to the Palm Power line but, unlike the Palm Power, I never experienced any issues with the seam of the head catching against my vulva. Tantus plans to bring out attachments for the Rumble soon too, making the Rumble a potentially very diverse sex toy.

The silicone itself has a matte surface and feels nice and smooth. It responds well to lubricant and is easy to clean (although it is a bit of a dust magnet).

The silicone head can be removed for an easy clean.

The Rumble is USB rechargeable and a single charge will get you up to 4.5 hours of play. The whole time I’ve been using my Rumble I’ve yet to have to recharge it (and I’ve been pretty liberal with my use) so I can vouch for the longevity of the Rumble.

And, as one last, much-appreciated bonus, the Rumble really is very quiet, making it a good toy choice for those who need to be discreet.  The Rumble also comes with a warranty, giving you extra peace of mind.

In terms of patterns the Rumble has 3 continual speeds with varying intensities and 5 different patterns. As usual I’m not a pattern lover but I can see how this might appeal to some.

Now, on to my experiences.

When my Rumble arrived I had just got back from London (via a 6hr coach drive), but the exhaustion of my trip didn’t stop me from whipping the Rumble out of its box, turning it on,  and placing it on my vulva.

I was initially impressed by the vibrations (as they easily penetrated the covering of my trousers) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my first thoughts too: as soon as I turned it on I found myself pressing the buttons to get to a stronger setting only to move into the patters. ‘Oh…that’s it?’ I thought a little sadly, ‘okay’.

Y’see while the Rumble may be named after rumbly vibrations, and while it may be a wand, the vibrations that the Tantus Rumble provides don’t necessarily invoke either of these qualities. If I were trying to envision the epitome of wand vibrators, the wand vibrator to end all wand vibrators, I’d probably come up with something that had the rumble of the Lelo Smartwand Large and the strength of the Doxy. The Rumble wouldn’t really factor in at all (okay, maybe for volume control).

Again, this isn’t to say that the Rumble is bad, the end product is just a bit…unexpected. The vibrations of the Tantus Rumble have more of a deep hum to them than anything else and this sensation doesn’t instantly envelop my vulva with thumping throbs of delight like I was expecting. Instead the Rumble is much more subtle, much more intimate in many ways. In this way the Rumble almost actively defies the conventions of your stereotypical wand: while other wands want to steal you away into a hard, fast and thought-banishing stupor, the Rumble instead invites you to find how to place it on your body, explore the sensations and really consider what your body wants from it at any given moment.

If you know your answer would be “Uhm, more unrelenting power, thank you very much!’ then the Tantus Rumble probably isn’t the wand for you. However if you’re looking for a reasonably sized, lightweight, discreet, and mid-power wand then the Rumble is a very nice choice.

For me the Rumble turned out somewhat like the full Eroscillator experience that I never achieved. When I first got the Eroscillator I was hoping to have the ground-breaking orgasms that others had gained from it but most times I could barely muster a whimper after a long time trying to get there. For me the Eroscillator was simply too delicate, too ‘stealthy’ in some ways to get me to where I wanted when compared to my powerhouse wands. In this way the Rumble’s vibrations feel very similar to the Eroscillator’s oscillations for me. Both offer a somewhat unconventional, almost delicate experience, yet (for me) the Rumble was able to deliver consistently enjoyable orgasms where I sadly missed out with the Eroscillator.

Note I said ‘enjoyable’ and not ‘mind-blowing’ though. As an all-around gentler wand than most, the Tantus Rumble delivered in me orgasm that were satisfying but not ground-breaking. Good enough by all means, but not life-changing. One thing I will say about these orgasms is that they did go on for an incredibly long time compared to usual and I accredit this to the lighter approach of the Rumble’s vibrations.

At this point I also feel obligated to mention the elephant in the room: Unlike most wands, the Tantus Rumble has a rather flat and broad head instead of a rounded one. On some occasions this does work—Mr. Peaches, for example, found it good for stimulating his balls—however for me this flatter head simply didn’t sit well against my vulva and made using the Rumble a bit awkward at times. The flatness of this head also means that using some dildos with it was a cumbersome endeavor, sometimes not worth the effort to navigate. Curiously some Tantus dildos didn’t like sharing space with the Tantus Rumble which was especially odd for me.

Unlike most wands, the Rumble sports a flat head.

Because of the flat head being incompatible with my body this did mean that I typically used the end of the Rumble to get a comfortable groove on, but I do still have to list this as a strike against the Rumble.

Sadly, in terms of personal preference I’m also going to have to advise that you avoid this wand if you dislike diffuse vibrations, standard wands or even like rumbly vibrators because the Rumble is definitely not rumbly in the conventional sense of the term.

On a more objective note I do also feel like the Rumble is missing out by not being waterproof. In this day and age luxury toys are pretty much expected to come with some water resistance so it really does feel like Tantus are lagging behind in this regard.

The flexible neck of the Tantus Rumble may also frustrate some users (especially if the head is ill-suited to their body too) and this might be a downside for some too.

Considering all of the Tantus Rumble’s pros and cons I’d say it is a very good attempt at a first fully-fledged vibrator from Tantus but not an outstanding wand. There’s certainly still room for improvement.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately I think the biggest thing working against the Tantus Rumble is expectation. When you have a wand named the Rumble made by an amazing company such as Tantus with the aim of being ‘a vibrator to please every body’ then this is kind of to be expected, but is it really fair to judge the Rumble by the standards we set it?

Ultimately I do think that company claims matter, and I think naming this toy the ‘Rumble’ and suggesting its vibrations are deep and powerful might be a bit of a stretch too far. But, at the end of the day, there is a place for the Rumble and it does fit in quite well with the slogan: ‘simple to clean, simple to hold, simple to use’. ‘Powerfully simple’? No. But certainly useful for those who have found the world of sex toys consistently overlooking their needs.

So for those who were eyeing up the Tantus Rumble with hopes that it would beat all other wands to the award of No. 1 Beast of a Vibe, I’m sorry to disappoint you. However, taking the Rumble for what it is there’s still a lot to love about this toy, especially if reclaiming your connection with your body is an important criteria.