Toy Review: The Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibe Tongue

This toy leaves me tongue-tied in the best of ways.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibe Tongue but it’s just so well-crafted, so finely detailed, so…adorable that I simply couldn’t resist. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the fantasy element of it. In fact I adore dragons, so the Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibe Tongue was a tiny treat compacted for my convenience.

Although, I have to admit, after trying the Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibe Tongue both Mr. Peaches and I are craving the fully fledged version like crazy!

Why? Because we absolutely love this product. It may not be perfect, and it’s more than a little unconventional, but it is incredibly effective for us.

The Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibe Tongue

If you don’t know about Bad Dragon yet then let me fill you in real quick.

Bad Dragon is an amazing company that creates conceptual dildos based off of fantasy creatures, dinosaurs, and other mythical beasts. Their motto is ‘making fantasies real’ and they certainly succeed at that. Bad Dragon’s products may have instant appeal to furries, otherkin, or fans of non-conventional dildos but they’re also great for pretty much anyone. Why you ask? Because they’re made out of 100% body-safe silicone, provide interesting shapes and textures and can be customized to an insane degree.

Seriously; all you need to do is go onto the product page, pick a dildo and you’ll be given choices for firmness, colour, whether or not you’d like a cum-tube or a suction cup, and other options depending. All of it is incredibly easy to navigate and you really do feel like you’re making your specific fantasy a reality as you custom-make your ideal sex toy.

Admittedly the Lil’ Vibe Tongue doesn’t have these customisations, but that’s because, at $40, it’s an affordable little steal which works best with Bad Dragon’s pre-selected options.

It’s hard to envision anything but a teeny tiny dragon’s tongue when using this toy.

My Lil’ Vibe Tongue came in an incredibly discreet box (as is expected) and I didn’t receive a customs or VAT charge (whooo!). I opened it up to find my Lil’ Vibe Tongue packaged safely and securely, which is always reassuring, considering how far it had to travel.

The Lil’ Vibe Tongue is the most loveable sex toy I own. I mean, it’s literally a tiny dragon muzzle with its tongue sticking cheekily out; as if it were being mischievous with the hope that you’d retaliate by putting its tongue to good use. This is another one that it incredibly hard to not anthropomorphise, primarily because of the cuteness factor. The level of detail is also amazing; for such a small sex toy the Lil’ Vibe Tongue has nostrils, scales, even teeth! There are also ripples on the underside of the tongue which adds some additional texture.

As mentioned before, the Lil’ Vibe Tongue is made entirely out of silicone; meaning it’s non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe. However its fine detailing does mean that it requires a bit more attention during cleaning. This isn’t much of a problem, though, as a good toy cleaner or some soap and water do the trick very well.

Of course part of the big appeal to me when it came to the Lil’ Vibe Tongue was the fact that it can vibrate. This is achieved by making a little bullet cavity in the bottom into which a Bad Dragon Bullet Vibe can be inserted. I have no idea how long exactly I’ve waited for this to be a thing but I know it was before the Gryphon got a revamp (so quite some time). The Lil’ Vibe Tongue’s cavity can also accommodate the We-Vibe Tango. Be still my beating heart.

Put a Tango in here and watch the toy quiver in delight, or stick with the standard bullet and find yourself buzzing with joy.

Before I go on to describe the Tongue/Bullet combo I want to talk about the bullet individually briefly. Bad Dragon have done an exceptional job at packing a lot of punch into a pretty tiny bullet. As soon as I turned it on I was considerably impressed, and that was before I tried the higher settings. The bullet has two buttons—one to turn the toy on/off and one to filter through the settings—and requires 3xAAA to function. It’s also waterproof and has a reasonably long cord.

The strength of the vibrations is incredibly impressive for a bullet this size but they are also about as buzzy as a bullet can get. Because of this I actually found the lowest setting to be the most appealing—where the bullet has a flickering rapidity to it which resembles a rumble. Still I do think Bad Dragon have done a great job with this bullet, though lovers of rumbly, resonant vibrations might disagree.

This bullet is incredibly powerful for its tiny size.

Once placed in to the chamber of the Lil’ Vibe Tongue the vibrations from the bullet travel very well, though some of the potency is invariably negated. Still the small size does help to keep things pretty effective and I never felt like I needed more power when using the Lil’ Vibe Tongue.

To give some context to why we love this toy so much I have to give some context: Although I loved giving oral sex I hate receiving it. There are a few reasons for this but the main one is a lingering phobia of excessive saliva still left over from my OCD. That’s not to say that Mr. Peaches doesn’t want to give me oral sex, it’s just something I can’t fully enjoy.

However, as soon as I got the Lil’ Vibe Tongue we both knew what had to be done.

Bullet inserted, Clear Cumlube deployed, Mr. Peaches began using the tongue on my vulva, mingling lapping motions with more direct stimulation with the tip. It has to be said that the Lil’ Vibe Tongue works exceptionally well this way; with the vibrations adding the extra buzz needed to heighten the nerves and make the experience more arousing. If I had one complaint it would be that the tip does like to steal the limelight in terms of inadvertent prods, but practice makes perfect in terms of technique.

I have to admit, it’s incredibly surreal looking down at my vulva and seeing a tiny dragon muzzle going to town but it’s something I could definitely get used to. In fact I sometimes crave it.

For me this technique works as incredibly effective foreplay but I have no doubt that it could provoke orgasm in some people. That being said the Lil’ Vibes Tongue is certainly too rigid too feel like a real tongue, but what it lacks in realism it makes up for with fantasy and, really, that’s the point of Bad Dragon.

The Lil’ Tongue Toy is as enjoyable in use as it is playfully defiant in appearance.

Inserting the Lil’ Vibes Tonuge is incredibly easy due to its teeny tiny size. In fact if I still suffered from vaginismus I think that it would probably be a very tempting purchase. It’s incredibly non-threatening (despite having fangs).

When inserted I can feel the Lil’ Vibes Tongue but it’s never all enveloping. It’s simply a nice little semi-filler and a good way to reach that climax after using it as a teaser beforehand. My orgasms with the Lil’ Vibes Tongue were very strong, regardless, and left me feeling fully satisfied and immersed in the experience. They were also oddly prolonged, which I’m not complaining about.

The vibrations felt nice internally but weren’t distracting, which is exactly how I like them. I would say my orgasms were better with them, too, so it’s definitely worth making sure you buy the Bad Dragon Bullet (or have one of your own to hand).

In terms of downsides there’s not too much to say.

I’ve mentioned that the Lil’ Vibes Tongue can be difficult to clean (and the bullet even mores o) but this isn’t damning. Nor is the tongue failing in any regard. I suppose it’s a bit sad that the colours can’t be customized but I understand that as a business decision.

I suppose that means any downsides will be down to personal preference. If you like girthy toys there is no way that the Lil Vibes Tongue will satisfy you (it’s got Lil’ in its name for a reason). If you prefer a consistent girth then it might be worth trying one of the other Lil’ vibes, and the same can be said if you dislike toys that look like dismembered body-parts (a common complaint with male masturbators).

Other than that the Lil’ Vibes Tongue does exactly what it set out to do and it performs its job well. It can certainly lap me up any day of the week.

Final Thoughts

I’d be lying if I said that the Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibes Tongue was a toy I’d usually select for myself. In fact I’ve always eyed up the Dragon’s Tongue but was cautious of its tip and expanding shape. However after using the Lil’ Vibes Tongue I’m a true convert.

This tiny little toy has a lot to offer in terms of play—acting as a foreplay item as well as an insertable. It also has a flared base *wink-wink*

I found the vibrations supplied by the bullet to be very effective and they transferred through the sleeve very well. In short there’s nothing to dislike about this fantastic little toy and a lot to love.