Toy Review: The Doxy Skittle

I feel like a solid gold Doxy Skittle should exist; solely so that it can be presented to Doxy for their outstanding work in the Field of Orgasms. We could hold a big ceremony and everything. Get out the condom-shaped party balloons. Still ETO exists so maybe this whole fantasy is overkill. Either way Doxy deserves a medal for making this toy.

The Doxy Skittle is an oddly shaped, mains-powered vibrator meant for diverse use. There are no gender descriptors, there is no definitive way to use this toy ‘right’; you simply explore until you find what feels good for you. That’s a pretty awesome premise.

One thing that is almost guaranteed to feel good are the vibrations which are, to put it simply, phenomenal. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s get in to the review!

The Doxy Skittle

Despite its name the Doxy Skittle is surprisingly hard to pin down. And, as I said before, that’s the point. The Doxy Skittle was inspired by (surprise, surprise) a bowling pin. Its quirky shape allows it to be used multiple ways including (but not limited to) as an anal toy, a clitoral toy, a vaginal toy, a body massager, and more. Mr. Peaches and I explored with all of these methods and we were very happy with all of them, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The Doxy Skittle has a lot to offer.

The Doxy Skittle is made out of silicone, which makes it non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe. It also has a base made of ABS plastic with a grip on the bottom so that it can sit firmly on flat surfaces (and be proudly displayed). The display box that the Skittle comes in is nothing special but, with a product as effective as this, it doesn’t need to be. The Skittle would make a fantastic gift regardless of its practical packaging (something to keep in mind with Christmas on the way).

Back to the silicone for a moment, it feels silky smooth and utterly luxurious. It’s the type of silicone that you want to just sit and stroke for a while; content with taking in the tactile features of its surface. I was also happy to find that it doesn’t retain scent after use, making it much more appeasing as an anal product.

The Doxy Skittle is mains powered and, yes, it is a bit frustrating to be plugged in if you’re mainly used to wireless products. However I like to think of the cord as a promise; a promise of power. The cord for the Skittle also makes it much more tolerable. With a 12ft power cable there’s not much that will restrict movement when using the Skittle.

Oddly enough the controls for the Skittle are located almost 3ft down the cord from the base of the Skittle. This is a bit weird—mainly because vibrators usually have the controls built in to the body of the toy—but I certainly don’t mind it if it means preserving the powerful motor that is housed within the Skittle’s frame. Having such a long cord between the toy and controller also makes it more comfortable to wield during use, as opposed to it being too close, which would have been really annoying.

The controls themselves are easy enough. There’s a power button, a + button, and a – button. These do pretty much what you’d expect them to do in terms of functionality. One thing to mention is that the Skittle also has a pulse setting which can be activated by pressing and holding the on button for 3 seconds.

The controls are very easy to use.

Power is what the original Doxy Wand is known for and the Doxy Skittle doesn’t disappointed. It may not have the exact amount of oomph that the original Doxy Wand has in terms of sheer intensity but the Skittle’s vibrations are much more palatable to me. They are also concentrated into the bulbous tip of the Skittle, which helps them seem more potent.

For me it is the rumble of this toy that makes it amazing. When you rev the Skittle up it feels like a reliable truck that’ll just keep truckin’ on. Rumbly, resonant and full of deep quivers, the Skittle definitely penetrated deep into the body and pulls no punches. Well, I say that, but on its gentlest mode the Skittle provides a purring rumble which thumps slowly on and could be used my most people. However on its higher settings the Skittle becomes a formidable force that will make most power queens happy. I typically don’t even need to use it on the higher settings to reach an intense orgasm, the rumble on the lower levels is more than adequate.

The Doxy Skittle is undeniably awkward to use at first. It’s non-conventional shape and bulky body means that navigating it at first is a bit tricky. However finding out how to work with this toy is part of the fun and once you master it the Skittle is an invaluable tool in the bedroom. The sheer diversity of this product means that the Skittle can appease most partners, unless they have a strong aversion to bulk.

My favourite use of the Skittle is as a clitoral toy. Because the Skittle’s head is very slim the Skittle can provide some very intense and pin-point stimulations but it is also broad enough that I am happy to use it. If every the Skittle gets too intense moving down to hug the main body as bit can also be a great way to distance yourself from the main brunt of the power and ease your way back in. The Skittle has never failed to give me incredibly strong, sensationally prolonged orgasms and the muscle contractions are almost unbelievably intense. Such orgasms leave me in a bliss-filled haze and I am completely relaxed.

When used internally the nub at the base of the Skittle doesn’t quite hit my clitoris, but it does hit the perineum well when used anally.

Internally the Skittle can also feel great but I find that it just missed my clitoris with the base section. Still the sensation of the Skittle’s vibrations when used internally is not to be missed. The rumbly resonance of the vibrations literally spread outwards and completely enveloped my pelvic region with the most delectable quivers. It’s a sensation that I haven’t felt from an internal vibe in a while and it reminded me, in many ways, of the Sybian. Of course it’s not as powerful as a Sybian but the enveloping sensation were very evocative of it.

As an aside the depth of the Skittle also makes it a pretty decent body massager for aches and pains, but I digress.

We used the Skittle anally on Mr. Peaches and the results were nothing short of exceptional. Because the Skittle’s prong is only 2.5 inches long with a 3.75 circumference it is accessible for people of all experience levels. Meanwhile there is a section of the Skittle that works well as a perineum massager, adding to the experience. When I used the Skittle on Mr. Peaches it wasn’t long before he came (and it was a strong one). Mr. Peaches found the Skittle to deliver orgasms that were well worth the money and it hit his P-spot very well, while the vibrations spread throughout his body, creating that level of depth that I also adore with the Skittle.

Despite the Skittle’s exceptional performance it does have some downsides.

The biggest really is the bulk. It’s a price you have to pay for power (and I quite like it at times) but I do get that it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Because the Skittle is mains-powered it’s also not water proof and care needs to be taken when cleaning it. I use a toy cleaner and wet wipes but a damp cloth would also suffice. Just make sure you don’t get too much water on the Doxy Skittle, it won’t play nice.

The buttons can also bit a bit fiddly and non-responsive at times.

Aaaand those are the main downsides. Not bad really. Not bad at all.

Final Thoughts

There’s really not much to dislike about the Doxy Skittle whereas there’s definitely a lot to love. It’s strong, deep vibrations should make most people happy whereas its abstract shape allows users to learn how to utilize the Skittle on their own terms.

I would definitely recommend this toy, especially for anal users and those who crave strength and/or rumbly vibrations. The Skittle bowled me over and I’m hoping it can do the same for you too.