Toy Review: The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

As y’all probably know I’m a bit of a sucker for innovative sex toys. I’ve tried the scented Lily 2, the vacuum-based Womanizer, and the original pulsator, the Stronic Eins to name just a few. Heck, if I could get my hands on the Twerking Butt I’d probably review that too, but we’re getting off topic here.

Innovation is a term that can often get thrown about in a fickle attempt to make a standard sex toy seem trendy. This is why the original Stronic line were so important. They actually were innovative. Not only that but they’re damned effective too.

To many the Fun Factory Stronics represent the level of advancement that other companies should strive towards. They are the literal embodiment of pushing things harder (or slightly nudging them in a thrusting motion, to be more precise).

So when I heard that Fun Factory was providing me with a new ‘sexual supernova’ for review you can bet that I expected great things. When I opened my package and saw what it was I let out an audible squee (though there was a twinge of apprehension).

The Bi Stronic Fusion is a vibrator and a pulsator all wrapped into one; thrust and vibrations combined into a single toy and unleashed onto the world. Does it get much better than this? Read on to find out.

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

When I say that the Bi Stronic Fusion is a pulsator and a vibrator I should clarify. The Bi Stronic Fusion is a rabbit-type toy with two different sections—an internal shaft and a clitoral arm. Combining technologies the internal shaft pulsates, thrusting back and forward during use, whereas the clitoral arm vibrates. This probably won’t surprise anyone but it’s good to know just in case you were hoping that the entire toy would vibrate. Alas, science is just not there yet.

Feel the fusion with this dual pulsator.

However because there are multiple patterns for both the vibrations and pulsations (which can be independently controlled) there are apparently 64 different ways to enjoy the Bi Stronic Fusion. I’m not a mathematician but I trust Fun Factory on this one.

The controls are very easy to operate. You press and hold the ‘fun’ button in order to turn the toy on. From there one button sifts through the patterns of the clitoral arm where the other controls the pulsating internal shaft.

If you have found your perfect combo then all you need to do is press and hold the ‘fun’ button for 3 seconds. It will make a noise and vibrate to let you know that your choice is locked in and, from there, it will remember the combo. To reset this all you need to do is press and hold the ‘fun’ button for 6 seconds (it’ll make yet another noise after the first one) and it will reset.

In order to turn the toy off all you need to do is press the ‘fun’ button. This also works as a quick shutdown which is very useful. You can also travel lock the Bi Stronic Fusion by pressing and holding the ‘fun’ and top button (and unlock it by holding the ‘fun’ and bottom button). But a travel lock isn’t the only luxury feature that this toy has.

The buttons are very easy to use.

My Bi Stronic Fusion arrived with a storage bag, a jazzy condom and even some nail glitter. It’s really nice to see a Fun Factory toy finally come with its own storage bag and I certainly appreciated it. The Bi Stronic Fusion is also completely waterproof and rechargeable, making toy maintenance a breeze.

This toy is made from silicone and ABS plastic making it phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. The silicone used for the Bi Stronic Fusion is probably what I dislike about it the most, but it’s still not overly condemning. I simply find it too matte; too gritty on the surface, especially for a thrusting toy. The surface is a lot better than my Stronic Eins, however, which I typically use with a condom. It responds well enough to lubricant but keeps more than enough drag to be felt during use.

The pulsation from the Bi Stronic Fusion is unlike any other toy outside of the Stronic line. It’s a weighty jiggle back and forth which has a substantial heft to it without feeling intrusive. When in use this thrusting motion works best hands free or with a very loose touch. If you do grip the handle firmly or wrap your thighs around it then the sensation will be diminished (though, I have to admit, I like that pressure can vary up the motion). It’s not at all like having sex with a partner, or thrusting with a dildo, but it does feel great, especially due to the shape of the Bi Stronic Fusion. But more on that later.

The vibrations in the winged clitoral arm are buzzy with a flitting undercurrent to them which does help them stand out from conventional buzzy vibrations. I wouldn’t say the vibrations are particularly deep and their power can be matched by some bullet vibrators (and exceeded by others) but they should appeal to users who like mid-level buzzy vibrations.

Personally the clitoral arm did nothing for me, but the toy as a whole did a lot.

I’ve made it clear time-and-time again that I don’t like rabbit-type vibrators, and the Bi Stronic Fusion didn’t convert me. But, here’s the thing; the clitoral arm is flexible and it allows enough room to use other vibrators on your clit, including some wands. This means that if you don’t wish to engage with the clitoral arm you don’t have to. Granted, you’re missing out on part of what makes this toy so innovative, but if it’s not for you then Fun Factory have allowed you the option of opting out.

You can engage with as much or as little of this toy’s features as you wish.

The flexibility of the arm also means that it has the range to cater to different body types if you do decide to use it. When using the toy as intended I have to admit that the clitoral arm hit my clit well enough but it simply wasn’t powerful enough for my liking. The thrusting motion also meant that it would move away from my body at times which is a mood-killer for me.

However (and this is a big however) the internal shaft of this toy feels absolutely amazing.

The way this toy is shaped is, to me, perfection. The 4.5 inches of insertable length. The max. 5 inch girth. The subtle texture on the shaft. And, especially, the curved and bulbous head. It all comes together to make my G-spot sing with delight as my vaginal muscles contract firmly around this toy; as if to give it a thank you hug for its efforts.

The shape of the Bi Stronic Fusion actually makes it a lot easier to use hands-free, without worrying much about it jiggling out of the vagina (a common problem with the Eins). The wonderful head of this toy seems like it was custom made to pin-point the G-spot and nudge it with flawless precision (which it no doubt was). In this endeavour the draggy silicone actually does aid the Bi Stronic Fusion, as it makes the sensation more prominent.

When I first orgasmed with the Bi Stronic Fusion the chorus of this song came into my head. No word of a lie.

It just felt like such a jubilant celebration; a euphoric indulgence of pure delight. Because of the thrusting motion the build-up also felt intense and prolonged and this toy kept me on the cusp for just the right amount of time before allowing me to release all of the intensity that had built inside of myself. It was wonderful.

This has been my experience every time since with the Bi Stronic Fusion and, because of this, I definitely recommend this toy to people who own and love the Stronic Eins. Imagine the pulsations of the Eins but with a larger, more refined G-spotting bulge and you have the Bi Stronic Fusion. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use the clitoral arm, this toy has something wonderful to offer to you anyway and I feel that it is definitely worth the price. Heck, this is the ONLY rabbit-type sex toy that I would enthusiastically recommend. That’s got to say something.

If you haven’t purchased a pulsator before but like firm G-spot stimulation and a nice bulge at the tip of your toy then I would still recommend the Bi Stronic Fusion for you above the others. It’s not that much more in terms of price (in fact it’s cheaper through some retailers) and its shape is worth the expense alone. Add to that the bonus of vibrations and a clitoral arm and the Bi Stronic Fusion becomes even more enticing.

Having said that this toy is still not perfect.

I really do wish that the silicone was a tad less grainy and it can be a tad irritating working around the clitoral arm when using a large wand. This toy is also a dust magnet, so it requires a thorough clean before and after each use.

Personal preference will also come into this buying decision. If you prefer slimmer toys then the Stronic Eins is probably the better choice. If you want an anal toy then the Stronic Zwei is still the best and the Stronic Drei can’t be beaten on texture. People who really dislike rabbit-type toys may still also find this toy to be irritating and if you did want to take advantage of the vibrations then you will need to make sure that buzzy is your style.

This leaves you with a lot to consider when deciding on the Bi Stronic Fusion but, personally, I think its pros (and its orgasms) definitely outweigh the cons.

Final Thoughts

The Bi Stronic Fusion certainly managed to surprise me with just how effective it was at swaying me over to its side. What, at first, looked like it was going to be another ill-fitted rabbit-vibe turned out to be a toy that actually gave me options and, consequently, orgasms galore.

For those who actually like clitoral arms these options expand even further, allowing you to explore exactly how this toy can best pleasure you.

If you have a G-spot and you like toys that nudge it with an impressive amount of expertise then your G-spot will thank you for buying this toy.