Toy Review: The Lelo Bruno and Hugo

Yet again Lelo have been spoiling us. Not only did they treat us with two new clitoral toys—the Lily 2 and the Nea 2—but prior to that they also brought out three different prostate toys. Of these the Lelo Loki stands alone in its design whereas the Lelo Bruno and Hugo have the same design but with different functions and features.

I got a double whammy of kindness for this review. Lelo generously provided me with the Bruno for review whereas Lovehoney provided me with the Hugo for review. Both of these companies are absolutely awesome and you should definitely check them out. However since these toys are very similar I have chosen to cluster them into the same review and so a handy dandy comparison.

If you’d rather get the abbreviated version then here it is: Both of these products are fantastic assets in the bedroom (albeit a bit flawed when it came to Mr. Peaches’ anatomy). Despite having some hiccups Mr. Peaches loved these toys and they’ve become a firm favourite of his. In terms of which toy we prefer, well, read on for that.

The Lelo Bruno and Hugo

The Lelo Bruno and Hugo have quite a few things in common. Both are designed to provide an intimate, hands-free experience which allows users to enjoy the sensations without having to adjust the toy much. Both are meant to be supremely comfortable and provide serious power with their two motors—one in the tip and one in the base.

Design wise I adore these two toys. They look so sleek and elegant but also so practical. A single button is situated on the Bruno and Hugo allowing you to control the toy with a simple push of the button (though, of course, things go beyond that with the Hugo). It’s clear that the beautifully curved neck (coming in at 4.5 inches when following the curve or 3.25 inches straight) is well-designed to stimulate the prostate, whereas the equally admirable base (coming in at 2.75 inches in length) is a perfect pal for the perineum.

These two toys are identical in appearance by vary in performance.

Both toys pitch themselves as being a ‘medium’ toy, perfect for users of all experience levels. While the size is certainly reasonable I probably wouldn’t recommend them for complete beginners, nor would I claim that they would be able to satisfy a size-queen or king’s desire for girth, so be sensible when deciding if these toys are right for you.

Both the Bruno and Hugo are made out of Lelo’s signature, silky smooth silicone. It is a type of silicone that is near-indescribable in many ways. You really do have to feel it to believe it. Needless to say, I think it is the level of finish that I think all companies should aspire towards. Being made out of silicone and ABS plastic also means that both of these products are non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe.

In terms of firmness these toys are pretty much rigid and very firm. There’s some bend in the neck of the base but that is about it. This makes them easy to insert and gives them a very prominent feel, but it might not be to everyone’s liking.

When it comes to luxury features these toys have you covered. Not only do they both come in a gorgeous faux-snake skin box, but they are also accompanied with a warranty, some lubricant, and a silky storage bag. Both are waterproof (making cleaning a breeze) and both are UBS rechargeable. A 2hr charge will get you approximately 2hrs of play or a 90 day standby time. Both toys are also relatively quiet; not whisper quiet but enough that a sturdy door and some precautionary music should keep you covered.

A little plug insert keeps the charging port nice and protected.

The vibrations in both of these toys are excellent. So much so that I even tried using these toys on myself. The vaginal stimulation was nice but sadly it missed my clitoris. Boo hoo.

I can certainly use the shaft as a clitoral toy, though, and that’s fantastic. The orgasms I have with these toys are proficiently strong and fulfilling. It also gives me hope that even those in a relationship who dislike anal can still find ways of enjoying them with their partner (though do make sure to wash your toy if it’s been near the butt before anything else).

Anyway what the Bruno and Hugo manage to provide is an impressively strong, buzzing vibration with rumbly undertones to them and a hint of a flickering quiver. They are deep, satisfying and very powerful. So much so that I was actually impressed that Mr. Peaches could handle them on the highest setting. All he said was that it ‘packed a punch’. Maybe I’m not the only power junkie in this household after all…

Mr. Peaches found these toys to be brilliant for rousing really strong orgasms in him that cause strong clenches around the toys (amplifying the sensation even more). However there was a downside. At first Mr. Peaches’ inclination was to use the Bruno and Hugo lying down. Sadly in this position both toys had a tendency of trying to slide out of his anus. They were very effective at it too. I don’t know if this is a personal anatomy problem or something inherent in the toy’s design but it did cause him some understandable worry during use. Things certainly weren’t hands-free, although partnered use makes using these toys while laying easier.

Worried about this issue I decided to look at the review of my fellow reviewer, The Big Gay Review. During his review of the Hugo he reported positive results using the toy while seated so I recommended this to Mr. Peaches. This really does make all the difference and Mr. Peaches enjoyed it a lot more. The seated position also means that you can rock back-and-fourth while using this toy, thrusting to your hearts content. It certainly makes the toy more hands-free in addition to eliminating any worries about the toys slipping. However I do find it a bit disheartening that the Bruno and Hugo don’t stay in place naturally as it completely ruled out use during intercourse.

As said before, these toys are very similar but do have some differences. These are as follows:

The Lelo Bruno

The Lelo Bruno retails at £119.99, a whole £40 cheaper than the Hugo. This is mainly due to the lack of remote, which works to the toys advantage and detriment.

As a pro the lack or remote means that you’re not paying as much for the end product. As a con the Bruno basically runs on the most intense setting at all times. This means that you miss out on the gentler vibrations and have to start at full on power from the get-go. For some this will be ideal, for others it will be a deterrent. It could also be said that pressing the button at the base of the Lelo Bruno isn’t quite as easy as with the remote, but we’ll get in to that later.

Overall, though, the Lelo Bruno packs an incredible amount of punch and is a lovely, medium-sized toy which should sate users seeking a strong prostate vibrator. Just be prepared to have your booty quivering at full throttle.

This toy will give you everything it’s got.

The Lelo Hugo

The Lelo Hugo is very similar to the Bruno but perhaps packs a slight bit more power. I’m talking minute, but perhaps preferable if you want as much power as is possible. In terms of sensation it’s got a bit more buzz, a bit more oomph and less of a flickering quiver to it. The power difference is most noticeable during the patterns.

The real game changer, though, is the remote. The remote for the Hugo does need batteries but they are provided with the toy (as is a handy key to help you open and close the remote’s case). With the remote you can actually filter through the different vibration intensities, making the Hugo a must-have for users who prefer to start of gentle and build their way up.

The remote also filters through the patterns in addition to having two sense touch modes included. One is similar to a hand job—the more rigorously you shake it the stronger the vibrations. I thought this was a very clever idea—especially if such forms of masturbation are your go-to style, but it can get weary after a while.

The other mode allows you to simply tilt the control in order to vary the vibration intensity. Personally I find this mode much more intuitive and, in many ways alluring. There’s something very arousing about being in control of your partner’s pleasure with the simply twist of a remote, making the Hugo a far better couples toy than the Bruno.

The remote itself vibrates too, which allows you to have a grasp on how strong the Hugo’s vibrations are, and the response time from the remote to the toy is very good.

Overall I’m very happy with the Hugo and it really shines through to me as a brilliant prostate toy for adventurous couples.

Now, there was one downside which both of these toys had (aside from their very hefty price tags); Mr. Peaches found these toys to be too firm for his personal preference. This means that, while he does really like these toys, he cannot use them unless he’s had a warm up and his butt feels receptive to firm play. We both agree that these toys could have benefited from a slightly softer touch, however the firmness isn’t a deviation from the norm—as most Lelo toys are quite rigid. As such this is more something to keep in mind than a deal-breaker.

It’s a personal preference for sure, as are most of our gripes with these products. The reason for this is simple—Lelo really knocked it out of the park with these two toys. No doubt they will make a lot of users very happy indeed.

Also these toys don’t retain butt-smell. Whoooo!

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell I’m very happy with both of these products. They’re strong, well-built, body-safe, and designed with some intense prostate pleasure in mind. I do feel like the price in both instances is a bit of a sting, but I honestly haven’t encountered a more powerful prostate toy in my reviewing career yet so they’re worth the investment.

If you’re wondering which toy I prefer then it definitely has to be the Hugo. Yeah it costs £40 more but that £40 opens up a world of vibration intensities, intuitive controls, and some great potential for partnered use. In many ways the Bruno feels like the WIP leading up to the Hugo; good for those willing to power through on an all-power beta but not quite as streamlined as the final release.

Still, either way these toys are a fantastic asset to have in the bedroom and, whichever one you chose, I feel confident that the Bruno and Hugo will impress you.