Toy Review: Eva by Dame

If I had to use one word to describe the Eva by Dame it would be ‘precious’. This beautiful little vibrator fits delicately in my hand and looks absolutely darling. It’s little wings and centralized button gives it somewhat of a cute, anthropomorphic feel to it—as if it’s sentient and has an adorably vested interest in my pleasure.

This is something I’d usually veer away from when talking about sex toys but it was further amplified by the request of Miss Ruby to put a googly eye on my Eva. Not wanting to damage the button I instead created a digital rendition, endearing the Eva even further to me.

However, what this product also claims to provide is a precious experience; a hands free orgasm. A non-intrusive vibrator for partnered use that doesn’t involve straps on an internal prong. A new experience.

The Eva was crowdfunded and has created quite a buzz since. With such a different design some people have wondered whether the Eva would work (or, at the very least, whether it would work for them).

Here’s hoping I can help to shed some light on this beautiful little device.

Eva by Dame

The Eva by Dame is a brand new way to experience hands-free stimulation. The Eva’s two flexible wings are tucked under the labia majora, keeping it firmly in place.

This process can take a bit of fiddling around the first few times, but this allows users to get to know their body even more. Different people will find that the Eva fits differently. Dame have tried to accommodate as many users as possible into the design of the Eva, hoping that it will provide a comfortable fit for most users.

The Eva’s design provides a whole new way to experience hands-free stimulation.

The Eva has a firm plastic body which is covered with a very desirable layer of silicone. This satin silicone is silky smooth to the touch and has an almost buttery feel to it. It also means that the Eva is non-porous, phthalate-free, and totally body-safe.

The Eva is water resistant but not waterproof; it can be rinsed lightly in water and soap to clean it but it should never be submerged. In terms of luxury benefits the Eva comes in a sturdy box (suitable for gift giving) and has a silky storage bag. It is also USB and mains rechargeable, meaning batteries aren’t an issue. Oh, and an adorable sticker.

In order to charge the Eva first time around you actually have to puncture the silicone that covers the Eva’s charging port with its charging prong. This was unbelievably nerve-wracking to do but turned out to be pretty straightforward. Don’t be afraid to use a little bit of force while puncturing the silicone but exercise caution. That would be my advice.

Charging the Eva is easy. If the Eva is low on juice then its LED will blink red. If the Eva is, to quote the manual, ‘completely tuckered out’ (what did I say? How precious is that?) then it will blink red once when you press the button. When you charge the Eva the LED will blink on and off and will change to a continual light once charged. According to the manual a single charge will last 5 hours on the lowest setting and 60 minutes on the highest.

A single button controls the vibrations.

The Eva only has three vibration levels, which may upset those who like patterns, but it suits my needs quite well. These vibrations are controlled from a single centralized button. The vibrations do have quite a bit of variation to them.

The first level is a delicate purr with some buzz to it, though it is mostly rumbly. The second level ramps up the buzz significantly but keeps a resonant rumble to it in the background (it is also my favourite mode to use during sex). The third mode is a more powerful buzzy vibration which is respectably strong considering how small the Eva’s motor is. It maintains its depth, despite being buzzy, and never feels overwhelming or uncomfortable, rather it is the perfect maximum setting to appease most users’ expectations.

When using the Eva as a clitoral vibrator alone I can reach orgasms but it is not a hands-free experience. This is simply because of my masturbation style; I like pressure, I like pushing a toy up against me and having my hand down there. However I feel confident that the Eva could tip some people over the brink as a hands-free vibrator.

Still, partnered use is what the Eva was designed for and it does a fantastic job at it.

I have to admit, the first time I used the Eva it didn’t say in place during the whole session, but neither did it slip away uncomfortably. The second time I used the Eva it fell all over the place and simply wouldn’t stay where I wanted it to. It was a bit of a disaster.

It was after this point (and with some experimentation) that I learnt the error of my ways…


The Eva needs to be able to grip into place, after all, and it can’t do that if things are too slippery. To remedy this problem I tried the Eva without lubricating my vulva and I tried it with minimal lubrication on my vulva. Each time I used a normal amount of lube internally (which for me is a fair bit). Both methods were fine and the Eva stayed firmly in place throughout the entire sessions (even during some ambitious position changes). The moral of the story is that there is such a thing as too much lube and it’s when using the Eva.

Allow the Eva the grip it needs and there won’t be any issues with use.

Once I got over this obstacle I found out the Eva’s true potential and I adored it. I’m not really one to have orgasms during PiV sex and the Eva hasn’t changed this (at least not yet). However the Eva did change things up for me significantly in other ways.

While I love vibrators I rarely use them during PiV sex. For me they just feel like they get in the way. Holding a vibrator is very distracting and can sometimes lead to cramping. I also like both my hands free and occupied doing other things.

Having the Eva in place during sex not only felt amazing but also effortless. I was able to enjoy the vibrations as a complimentary part of sex without having to worry about hand placement or it shifting out of place. It was just there, doing its job and doing it well.

The addition of vibrations definitely enhanced my pleasure. Mr. Peaches’ deep thrusts also pressed his body up against the Eva, providing additional stimulation for my clitoris and vulva.

I have to say this is probably the best hands-free partnered toy I have ever used (especially if you don’t want to use an internal prong, like most other partnered vibrators have). It felt great, it performed well, and it stayed in place after only a few practice sessions. It added a new element to our sexual enjoyment with minimal worry or effort. I couldn’t be happier.

Okay, well, as a power queen maybe I might have been a bit happier if it was stronger and a bit more rumbly but it’s honestly hard to say. After all with a toy that is providing constant hands-free contact I do feel like a gentler touch is better, and the Eva is very effective at providing that. So what are the actual downsides to this toy?

The Eva’s benefits greatly outweigh its downsides.

Well firstly I did find that the Eva doesn’t work quite as well for me when I’m on top. I couldn’t figure out whether this was a flaw of the Eva or simply because I’m clumsy on top but it is something to consider.

I feel like the Eva might also be a bit haphazard for those who like rough, vigorous, very well-lubricated sex. Slipping and sliding doesn’t complement the Eva very well.

I also have to wonder how well the Eva will work for those who don’t have very prominent labia majora. Mine are quite chubby so it was easy for me to slot the wings in place but I don’t know how this would work for those on the opposite side of the spectrum.

The Eva is also a little bit noisy on its louder level but not so much that it could be heard through our door.

In future I would love to see an interactive Bluetooth version of the Eva with some more varied vibrations and perhaps some patterns, that would be sincerely amazing.

Final Thoughts

At $105 on the Dame site and £84.99 on Lovehoney (for UK buyers) the Eva is actually one of the more affordable couples vibrators on the market and is actually my preferred design. And, considering 80% of women cannot orgasm from PiV sex alone it could be a game changer for many.

Without the use of an internal prong couples don’t have to worry about fittings things in and repositioning isn’t as much of an issue. All you need to do is put the Eva in place and enjoy yourself during some sincerely hands-free fun.

The Eva’s vibrations are well-executed for its purpose and the design is a fantastic piece of innovation. I am excited to own the Eva and can confidently recommend it to those who find the points in this review appealing.

Recommend to:

People who like vibrations during penetrative sex.

People who desire hands-free vibrations.

Partners who want a couples vibe without an internal section.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer using their hands.

People who need very strong vibrations.

People with very small labia majora.