Product Review: Kiiroo Couples Set (Onyx & Pearl Version)

Here we have the next step in teledildonics—a way to experience your partner’s motions in real time while also using specially designed video chat software to communicate. Your voice, your body, your motions all being conveyed to your partner thanks to the innovations of the Kiiroo team. There’s really no way to fully portray my enthusiasm for this tech.

Granted, it’s only the Onyx that can only receive data right now (while the Pearl acts as a vibrator that can feed information to the Onyx) but it’s still amazing.

I’ve wanted to try Kiiroo for a really long time now. I’ve been following the progress of the Kiiroo team closely and have loved every new development. You can imagine how excited I was, then, when my own Kiiroo Couples Set finally arrived.

So get yourself comfortable and make a hot beverage because this review is going to be a long one.

What Is Kiiroo?

I’ve wrote a few posts about this already but I’ll make sure I go over it here again.

Kiiroo is a set of sex toys built with technological progress in mind. As technology has evolved so have our ways of building and maintaining intimacy. People sext, people take saucy selfies, and people even create strong, tangible bonds by engaging in long distance relationships. While modern living makes all of these things possible innovations in sex tech were, for a while, lagging behind.

Enter Kiiroo.

With Kiiroo you can log into a chat with someone and use the Pearl or Onyx to send data to another Onyx in real time. Every motion you perform will be relayed creating a new form of sexual communication.

Primarily Kiiroo is fantastic for people in long distance relationships who crave that sort of live sexual experience but it also has huge potential for people who take a lot of business trips, cam girls/guys, interactive porn, and for a broader community of people who want to practice online safe sex hook-ups. The possibilities are ever-expanding!

Meanwhile the Kiiroo team are wholly dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sex tech and to bringing people together in new and exciting ways. While Kiiroo can’t replace current forms of sexual intimacy it is carving out a brand new way to connect over the net and that’s very commendable.

The Kiiroo Couples Set (Onyx and Pearl Version)

There are three main aspects to the Kiiroo collective—the Onyx, the Pearl, and the Platform. While my couples set came with an Onyx and Pearl you can also get an Onyx and Onyx set too. This is because the Onyx is built to both send and receive data, making it perfectly possible to have an Onyx-to-Onyx interface (but more on that later).

The boxes for the Kiiroo kit are very well designed.

The Couples Set I received came in a lovely, sturdy box which contained an individual box for both the Onyx and Pearl. Because the Onyx has a hard outer case it basically stores itself however the Pearl didn’t come with its own storage bag which is a bit of a downer. Still the box the Pearl comes in is durable and well suited for storage, if not a bit bulky.

Each device comes with a card which acts as the product registration and warranty. Once you register your item online you’ll be given a download link to the Kiiroo Platform.

In order to save on paper the Kiiroo team have decided to put the user manuals for the Onyx and Pearl online which I really appreciate.

Both the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl are incredibly stylish and I love the colour scheme. I especially love the white/red/black combo of the Pearl (which is basically my dream colour combo for a sex toy). I couldn’t be happier with the designs in that regard.

The Onyx and Pearl are two lovely looking products.

The design of the Onyx also makes it look very inconspicuous, just like another bit of cool tech, so it’s pretty discreet unless properly examined (then the lid kind of gives the game away). The Pearl is a dildo and it’s hard to hide that fact but it is one of the more elegant dildos on the market. It’s something I take pride in owning due to its stylish appearance.

The Kiiroo Onyx is made out of sturdy ABS plastic whereas the sleeve insert is made by Fleshlight from Fleshlight material. This material is very soft buy is porous and does require some maintenance. Still if cared for properly it can last for a lifetime and in completely safe to use.

The ABS cap on top of the Onyx is the only thing that might give it away (but it also protects the sleeve inside from dust).

Meanwhile the Pearl is made from ABS plastic with a silicone shaft. This silicone is smooth but with a respectable amount of drag. Still it’s still effortless to runs one’s hand up and down the shaft, which is what you want really.

The Pearl is waterproof as long as its charging cap is securely in place. I personally still wouldn’t want to submerge the Pearl but it does make cleaning a lot easier. When cleaning you also want to make sure that you lift the cap afterwards and give it a wipe-around with some tissue or a baby wipe to deter any stray lube or bodily fluids.

The body of the Onyx is not waterproof but the Fleshlight sleeve can be easily removed and cleaned. The sleeve is kept in place by a ‘grip clip’ which makes sure it’s secure. All you need to do to clean the sleeve is to take off the grip clip, take the sleeve out and give it a wash. Note that the sleeve is a one-way system so be careful when rinsing it through or you might fill it with water and damage its integrity. Meanwhile the body of the Onyx can just be wiped down with a damp cloth or some baby wipes. Nice and easy (especially in comparison to Fleshlights, as Mr. Peaches likes to remind me).

Both the Onyx and the Pearl are rechargeable via USB.  In the case of the Onyx you just remove the grip clip to gain access to the port whereas you just remove the charger cap at the bottom of the Pearl’s base.

The Onyx and the Pearl take 3 hours to charge and give you 1 hour of user time. In both cases the device will flash when it only has 5 minutes of juice left. Charging your products is important before doing anything else. Once fully charged you’re good to go.

The Kiiroo Platform

The Kiiroo Platform is where the real magic starts to happen. From this platform people can connect, talk, and use their devices in real time. However before we can get into how the Platform performed there are some important things to highlight.

In order to use the Kiiroo Platform you need to be running on Windows 7 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 minimum. The full specs for compatibility can be found here in case you’re apprehensive.

It is crucial to make sure that your systems can run Kiiroo. No one wants to spend a fair amount on a product only to find out that they can’t use it after all.

If you’re running on Windows 7 but don’t have Bluetooth don’t worry. You can buy a dongle at a fairly inexpensive price. Mr. Peaches did so to test effectiveness and Kiiroo worked perfectly fine on a computer using a Bluetooth dongle. If in doubt Kiiroo even gives their own recommendations on what dongles work best.

It’s important to make sure that your computers can work with Kiiroo.

Once you’re on the Kiiroo Platform the first thing it will do is try to connect with your device. I have to be honest, this does bug me a bit. If your device doesn’t connect it won’t let you go any further whereas I really want the option to start a chat without my device and then be allowed to connect as and when is needed. After all the Kiiroo Platform looks great and I would love to use it to chat to my OH but I feel kind of restricted by needing to instantly connect my device, which is not what you want.

Hopefully Kiiroo will change this in time. All it would require is for a ‘Connect’ button which could allow you to connect your device at any time rather than being forced to do it straight away. I certainly feel this would make it more practical for users in a LDR.

After your device is connected you have the option of joining a chat, inviting someone to a chat, or (if you’re an Onyx user) browsing the Pleasure Hub. The Pleasure Hub is where you’ll find other forms of online pleasure, mainly webcam sites and synchronized porn. Meanwhile if you decide to invite someone to a chat a random six-digit alphanumeric passcode will be generated. All you need to do is then give that code to your partner who can use it to enter a chat (or vice versa).

Kiiroo has put a lot of emphasis on security so these chats are completely safe and secure.

A randomly generated password keeps things safe and secure.

The actual chatroom used for Kiiroo is very nice. Kiiroo have given the chat screen a kind of windowed effect so looking at the other user feels very natural but also nicely atmospheric. The controls that allow you to chat, doodle (yes, doodle), or turn your mic and camera on an off are also very sleek and responsive. I certainly found it easy to use the platform.

I did, however, encounter one issue.

When I typed out my messages on Kiiroo the text bar wouldn’t scroll with my text so it got to a point where I couldn’t see what I was typing. This was quite distracting as it meant I was basically in the dark with what I was typing and whether or not it contained typos.

Other than that, though, Kiiroo have done a really good job with this platform and I look forward to seeing it expand.

But, of course, the platform is only one part of the Kiiroo experience. It’s the devices that make up the rest. With the capability to be used solo or as paired devices there’s a lot to talk about with the Pearl and Onyx, but first a little confession…

Mysterious Tech Problems & Kiiroo Customer Services

When I first got my Onyx and Pearl I was super pumped but something was a bit weird. Part of my Pearl’s shaft felt a bit tacky compared to the rest. What’s more the Pearl took aaages to connect to my laptop and, when it did, its motions weren’t translating to the Onyx. Instead the Onyx would judder erratically and/or cut out at random intervals.

I contacted Kiiroo about this and was immediately forwarded to someone who could help me. They didn’t hesitate to guide me through a series of tests with my Pearl to try and figure out what was wrong with it.

When it seemed like the Pearl was defective they gave me a return address to send it back to and I got a replacement Pearl. My replacement Pearl felt consistently smooth, connected to my laptop, and gave great feedback to the Onyx.

However weirdly the Pearl that I sent off worked fine for the Kiiroo team. At first I thought this was because I had used Sliquid Sassy on my Pearl (Kiiroo recommend using Fleshlight lube and Sliquid Sassy is quite thick compared). However I tried many different lube combos on my new Pearl and it was fine.

So we’ll have to chalk this one up to a strange occurrence. Either way the Kiiroo team was fantastic in handling the entire issue and were very prompt to assist me.

Now, back on to the rest of the review.

The Kiiroo Pearl Solo

The Kiiroo Pearl is a lovely vibrator. Elegant to perfection and with a decent G-spot curve I am very taken by this beautiful device.

To use the Pearl all you need to do is hold down the button for a few seconds until a red light appears. From that point onwards your Pearl is ready to connect to the Kiiroo platform but it can also be used solo.

The Pearl is a beautiful and effective vibrator.

To sift through the different patterns all you need to do is keep on pressing the button. The Pearl has five different patterns—three of which are continual vibrations with different intensities and then a slow wave and fast pulse.

In the instruction manual Kiiroo rates the Pearl’s lowest intensity at 2/10 and its max at a comfortable 6/10.  The vibrations themselves start out as a rumbly hum and have more of a buzz as they progress but it’s a low buzz that does provide a respectable amount of depth.

Unfortunately being a power queen I’m not the biggest fan of using this toy on my clitoris. I can totally appreciate why Kiiroo went for a comfortable 6/10 on the power scale but it does mean I’m naturally left craving 8 and 10. I can orgasm with the Pearl via clitoral stimulation but only if I’m already very aroused and it’s not as satisfying as I’d like.

This curve was very effective at hitting my G-Spot.

Internally though the Pearl is perfect for me. The size and surface of the silicone makes it so that I feel wonderfully full up inside while its curve caressed my G-spot with ease. The vibrations are also the perfect intensity for internal use for me and I have strong, prolonged orgasms with the Pearl. Each muscle spasm caused by an orgasm with the Pearl feels incredibly substantial and leaves me thoroughly satisfied. Because the shaft of the Pearl is firm you can also apply pressure with it, which is an added bonus.

If I had to fault the Pearl on anything it would be that the button is a bit hard to press; it takes a fair bit of pressure which can feel uncomfortable. But other than that the Pearl is a very nice vibrator, though not the strongest for clitoral use.

The Kiiroo Onyx Solo

To turn the Onyx on and cycle through its modes you do much the same as with the Pearl. When it comes to the Onyx you have three different modes—a manual mode (either together or solo), a slow pump mode or a fast pump mode.

In an odd turn the slow pump comes after the fast pump when it comes to the cycle of modes. I personally would have put the fast pump after the slow pump but that’s just me.

A touch pad on the Onyx controls solo and coupled use.

The manual mode is really cool. Essentially there’s a touch pad on the side of the Onyx and you move up and down the touch pad to control the Onyx. This is also how Onyx-to-Onyx connections can be achieved (which might seem a bit different to just moving the device up-and-down as some might have expected).

The Onyx is actually a motion-free device, you don’t have to move it up-and-down at all. In fact doing so can actually cause what Mr. Peaches described as “weird fart noises” so it’s perhaps best not to.

When using the Onyx it’s also always good to lube up as this will reduce friction and preserve the life of the Fleshlight sleeve.

The way the Onyx works is by having contracting rings inside the chamber which simulate a thrusting motion. Each ring of the Onyx contracts individually to make this effect and the tightness can vary depending on how you hold the Onyx (if the touch pad is facing up the contractions will feel looser, if the touch pad is facing to the side it feels tighter).

The inside of the Onyx has contracting rings to provide sensation.

Unfortunately Mr. Peaches did not get along with the Onyx at all. He likened the contracting rings to having someone squeezing the side of your penis. Just a squish, not a thrust, and nothing like what he was used to.

I’m sure this contracting feeling can work for some people but for Mr. Peaches it was pleasant but not enough to bring him to orgasm.

What Mr. Peaches did like about the Onyx, though, was its sleeve. He loved how soft it felt and how easy it was to clean, though he admitted that the texture provided didn’t offer much in terms of sensation.

If you are the type of person who can appreciate the sensation of having you shaft contracted/smooshed then the Onyx may work for you but Mr. Peaches just found it was too different from his usual masturbation style for him to appreciate.

On a more objective note the Onyx makes quite a loud mechanical noise during use so is not the best for those who value discretion.

The Onyx and Pearl Together

Once my Pearl was replaced our devices worked very well together.

I tested the Pearl orally, externally (via both hand and vulva), and internally using different lubes and found that it was always quite responsive. I personally found that the Onyx responded best when you stroked the Pearl with your hands or used it externally but that’s ideal really because most women need to form of clitoral stimulation. Internally it still worked perfectly fine but was just a teeny bit less responsive.

It really is quite amazing to see the Kiiroo devices in action. Knowing that while I’m putting on a show for Mr. Peaches he can feel everything is immensely arousing and ups that sort of play to a new level. We tested the devices both in different rooms and in the same room and it’s amazing to be sat there and hear/see the rings of the Onyx responding.

In terms of response the Onyx works best when it’s receiving motions of a slow or medium speed. It likes a rhythm and once it has that rhythm it will keep it well. However the Onyx does not like it when you try to frantically jerk off/thrust the Pearl and doesn’t keep up pace as well when you go very fast. This was a bit jarring for Mr. Peaches and I (as I like to finish him off with some pretty rapid motions) so we had to adjust our style somewhat.

However Mr. Peaches not enjoying the sensation of the Onyx there wasn’t too much enjoyment that he could derive from the experience aside from the visuals of watching me play with the Pearl.

Ultimately I think this is what Kiiroo breaks down to. If you like the sensations that the toys provide then Kiiroo has a lot to offer. If not then it’s hard to justify the purchase. This means the people who don’t like the feeling of their penis being squeezed instead of ‘tugged’ or vulva-owners who don’t like thrusting sensations (or who need a lot of power) may need to seriously consider whether Kiiroo is for them or not.

If you’ve read this review and you know that you like contracting sensations or 6/10 vibrations then Kiiroo can open up a whole new type of sexual exploration for you but you really do need to know what you like when you buy Kiiroo because it caters to some very specific preferences (especially with the Onyx).

Final Thoughts

Overall I am still thoroughly impressed with Kiiroo and I feel like it’s made some exciting strides forward when it comes to sex tech but ultimately the Onyx and Pearl are devices that work to a preference and that needs to be considered when making a purchase.

Some people will already fit perfectly with the style of the Onyx and Pearl and that’s great, others will be able to adjust their masturbation style too. However for Mr. Peaches it proved too different for him to fully appreciate.

Still I think the Kiiroo Couples Set will be fantastic for some people and I’m really excited with the technological strides that it reflects. I also love my Pearl internally and will continue to use it with great enthusiasm (just, perhaps, not with Mr. Peaches).

If you’ve made it through this mammoth review and you want to buy yourself a Kiiroo device or Couples Set then head over to the site now. With an amazing platform, fantastic customer services, and some truly innovative devices there’s a lot to love about Kiiroo.