Toy Review: The Lelo Mona Wave

Okay. I’m going to hold my hands up right now and say it; I wasn’t smitten with the Mona 2. I tried to like it, I really did, but as you can see in my review it just didn’t work for me externally (and I had some hiccups using it internally too).

Still, when Lelo announced the release of their new Lelo Mona and Ina Wave I couldn’t help but be intrigued; a toy that replicates the ‘come hither’ motion of a lover’s fingers? It sounded too interesting to avoid, besides I’ve had toys before that I’ve hated at first and then come to love upon revisiting them, so I thought I’d give the Lelo Mona Wave a try. And, halleluiah, I am a convert.

There’s simply no denying it, the Lelo Mona Wave is a delight to use—bringing me swells of pleasure that erupt deep within me. Put simply I’m smitten.

The Lelo Mona Wave

The Lelo Mona Wave brings literal waves of pleasure for me.

The Lelo Mona Wave is one of two toys that Lelo recently introduced which incorporate a new type of technology—known as WaveMotion™. As Lelo describes it, the Lelo Mona Wave and Lelo Ina Wave have a strong pivot inside of them which allows then to curl up and down in the same way that someone might curly their fingers inside a person. This 30⁰ ebbing and flowing motion allows for increased G-spot stimulation and aims to produce strong climaxes. A variety of different vibration patterns (10 to be precise) complement this motion, along with adjustable speeds to allow for further customisation.


The ‘come hither’ motion of the Lelo Mona Wave is where the magic lies.

In terms of its design not much has changed when it comes to the Lelo Mona Wave, and I suppose if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. The Lelo Mona 2 was well praised by many people so there was no real need to change a design that already brought so many people pleasure. With a lean neck leading up to a broad and curvaceous head, the Lelo Mona Wave has the perfect contours needed to provoke strong G-spot orgasms.


The Lelo Mona Wave has kept the distinctive curve of the Mona 2.

Its distinct shape is great for naturally locating the G-spot and maybe it’s because I use the Structured Orchid a lot that I now really appreciate the shape and curvature of the Lelo Mona Wave whereas before it just didn’t fit right. Still my initial dislike of the Mona’s shape leaves me reluctant recommend this toy for complete sex toy newbies. Instead, I would recommend it to people who are at least partially initiated into the world of G-spotting toys. Sometimes a little bit of practice and experience can make all the difference.

When it comes to quality the Lelo Mona Wave is everything I expected. The outer box it comes in is decorated with the new Wave design that Lelo has produced. Meanwhile the inner box is the typical sturdy black one that Lelo is well known for. Included in the box is a warranty card, a sachet of lube, a silky storage bag, and a charger for the Mona Wave. Two hours of charging will give you two hours of enjoyment (or a 90 day standby time), which is pretty decent.

The Lelo Mona Wave is 100% waterproof, comes with a 1 year warranty and has a built-in memory which allows it to recall the last setting you were on—allowing you to switch right on to your preferred setting. In addition to this the Mona Wave is made of ABS plastic and the body-safe, lusciously smooth silicone that everyone knows and loves (seriously, it’s like silken butter).


The control panel is easy to understand and use.

A self-explanatory control panel allows for complete ease of use—simply press the dip in the center of the control to turn the Mona Wave on and off then use the – and + button to shift through vibration intensity and the v and ^ buttons to shift through the various patterns.

The vibrations provided by the Lelo Mona Wave are very typical of Lelo in general; they’re deep but buzzy, striking a happy medium between the two. This may still deter people who really dislike buzzy vibrations (or who can only enjoy rumbly ones) but personally I think it’s a nice enough blend. But, let’s face it, what really sets the Lelo Mona Wave apart is its WaveMotion™ technology.
takes the usual wiggle motion that I use for G-spot stimulation and does it for me—but with more consistency and constant rhythmic motion. Its waggling motion really does replicate a ‘come hither’ feeling and at first it is rather surreal. However, it didn’t take me long to appreciate this automatic motion and when I reached my climax I came hard.

Not only was the first orgasm this toy provided really intense but, because the Mona Wave keeps its come hither motion throughout climax, I was able to orgasm for much longer—literally riding the wave of pleasure that it was providing. I don’t know exactly how long the orgasm was but it was sublime.

Further use just amplified this intensity—as I got used to the sensation of being stimulated by the toy’s motions. This has resulted in consistently overwhelming orgasms that have lasted for a noticeably lengthy time and which have a knack for producing sheer ecstasy in me.

For the release of the Wave toys Lelo also launched its own guide to orgasms and—with my trusty Lelo Smart Wand (Large) and my new Lelo Mona Wave—I am easily able of have blended orgasms. Everything merges together in a rolling tide of euphoria; one which swells into a prolonged release of pleasure and leaves me in rapture. That is what the Lelo Mona Wave has provided me with.


Lelo’s own guide to orgasms helps new users use the Wave toys to their fullest ability.

From my perspective I think it was a really smart move to make the Lelo Mona Wave more G-spot centric. I never had much luck with the Lelo Mona 2 externally anyway, so to see that prominent curve be put to good use is a dream come true. However others might not feel this way, and some may see the new Lelo Mona Wave as a step too far—if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, after all.


Making the Lelo Mona Wave a G-spot centric toys works for me, but some may not like the change.

Again, I don’t agree with this stance personally, but this is one of the factors that could be considered a ‘downside’ for the Lelo Mona Wave*.

There are a few others too.

Upon inserting the Lelo Mona Wave and turning it on it quickly became apparent that the WaveMotion™ technology is not for hands-free use. Baically left to its own devices all that happens is the Lelo Mona Wave’s handle will gently wiggle up and down—as all internal movement is muted through insertion.

Basically, to enjoy the Lelo Mona Wave’s come hither motion you essentially have to grab hold of the handle and keep a firm grip to allow it to work internally. This doesn’t bother me personally—and I actually found it to be quite a nice way to vary up exactly how much pressure is applied—but others may find this to be annoying, inconvenient, or perhaps even uncomfortable.

Another issue with the Lelo Mona Wave is that, due to its motion, it’s really not suitable as a thrusting toy. You’re much better off keeping a good grip and letting it work its magic, but this might be incompatible with some people’s masturbation style, so it’s something to keep in mind.

By far the biggest (and perhaps the only objectively bad) issue with the Mona Wave is its volume. The Lelo Mona Wave sounds like the high pitched whirring of a mechanical arm with added vibrations for good measure. Yeah. It’s noisy and by no means discreet at all. This is a shame, because it means that the Lelo Mona Wave is basically off-limit for those who need discretion or those who find loud noises to be a distraction but if you can handle a wand’s levels of noise then you will probably be okay with the Mona Wave.

Other than that though I really can’t pick fault with the Lelo Mona Wave. It’s a G-spotting superstar and I plan to use it a lot more in my masturbation regime.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s apparent by now that I really, really, really like this toy. However I don’t want to go too overboard with recommending it. As such I’m going to tread cautiously in my final thoughts and say that if you need a quiet toy, a gentle toy, or you’ve never used a G-spotting toy before then the Lelo Mona Wave probably isn’t the right choice for you.

But, having got that obligatory disclaimer out out of the way, anyone who uses a rocking motion with their G-spotting toys would hopefully find just as much enjoyment in the Lelo Mona Wave as I did.What can I say? It does half the work for you. All you have to do is decide how firmly you want to keep it in place and keep your clit happy and strong orgasms should be achievable.

I’ve reveled in the sensations that my Mona Wave has given me and its easily managed to convert me into the ranks of Mona fan girl.


The Lelo Mona Wave has unlocked my inner Mona fan girl and I’m feeling the wave sweep over me.

Despite the obvious cliché that this will be I just can’t contain myself, I simply have to say it—Lelo Mona Wave, you rock!