Toy Review: The Minna Limon

The Minna Limon is a true product of people’s desires. No, seriously; the Limon was crowd funded through Indiegogo, and managed to exceed its target amount by an impressive 40%. And it’s easy to see why the Limon was able to gather such success.

Continuing on from Minna’s first product, the Ola, the Limon has ‘squeezable control technology’. Basically the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations become.

This premise alone is enough to peak any sex toy reviewer’s interest. But is the Limon sharp enough to meet its hype? Or is it ultimately lacking in juice?

(Warning: More lemon puns to come).

The Minna Limon

As I mentioned in the introduction, the Minna Limon’s main attraction is the squeezable controls. Having a toy that varies in power depending on how you squeeze it opens itself up to a lot of opportunities, but (in their Indiegogo campaign) Minna mainly decided to market the Limon as a couples vibrator because of it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can see it—having a vibrator where you can vary up the intensity with the slightest squeeze can make for some interesting interactions during a couple’s play session. But, let’s be honest here, the Limon is at its best as a clitoral vibrator. This can be with a partner or solo, but the Limon is a clitoral vibe, so I’m going to review it as one. Sorry Minna, I just can’t ignore the call of my clit.

Anyway, back on track.

As you might imagine, in order to pull off its squeezable technology the Limon has to have a fair bit of give in it, and it does. While the tip of the Limon (along with its core) remains relatively solid, at either side of the Limon there are plush ‘squeeze pillows’ which allow you to smoosh in the sides of the Limon and utilize the squeezable technology. This is complemented by velvety silicone which is just as smooth as Lelo’s luxurious silicone and equally enjoyable.


The quirky design of the Limon is practical as well as refreshing.

The sensation of squeezing the Limon is stress-ball levels of addictive. It feels fantastic and provides the cushy squishiness that exceeded my expectations. Of course the firm sections mean that the Limon isn’t all cushiony goodness, but it still beats other toys on the market that claim to have a plush feeling to them by a landslide.

Because the Limon is made out of silicone it’s also body-safe. The Limon is also USB rechargeable and waterproof. This is seen as somewhat of a standard nowadays among luxury toys, but it’s still greatly appreciated, and makes both cleaning and charging the toy a breeze.

The Limon sits comfortably and securely on its magnetic charging dock.

When the Limon is in its charge port a wonderful light (showing the Minna logo) appears on the side of the Limon. While charging the light pulses and when done it stays constant. The charge port for the Limon has a magnetic clip and the magnet is strong and sturdy, meaning there’s very little risk of accidentally disconnecting your Limon mid-charge.

One of the Limon’s other big bonus points is its ability to compose, record and play back vibrations. There are three different modes on the Limon—free play, record, and lock. If you want to record a patter then you simply turn on your Limon by holding its button down and then press onto record mode. You then squeeze the Limon to make the pattern you want. Once you’re happy with it you simply press the central button again to lock it in. You can then play with the Limon without worrying about your pattern being wiped out.

This is a fantastic feature for people who love patterns, as your imagination is one of the only limits. Sadly the other limit is that the Limon can only remember one pattern at a time, but patterns are easy enough to recreate on the Limon.

This feature is also great for people who want a constant vibration without having to squeeze the Limon all the time. Just record your desired level of power, lock it in and keep on playing. I’ve found that doing this can also give you a cheeky power boost—as the Limon’s vibrations become slightly stronger when you’re not squeezing down heavily on it all the time.

The Limon’s vibrations are considerably rumbly and do have a decent amount of strength to them. I’d personally say they were on par with the We-Vibe Touch for strength, while their rumble is slightly more dispersed and growly (some might prefer this while others will dislike it). For its size I would consider the Limon to be a real contender for power, so no complaints there.

So, how did I fare with the Limon?

Well, they say that no toy is perfect for everyone, however some toys are perfect for some, and the Minna Limon certainly hit the mark for me. Seriously, at times it feels like this vibrator was made for me. You see when stimulating my clitoris I tend to like a fair amount of pressure and revel in dispersed vibrations. However, at the point of orgasm I usually want to either crank up the power or turn it completely down depending on my mood. With most vibrators this tends to be unachievable without a lot of fumbling that ruins the moment, which can be a real pain (not to mention a mood killer).

But not with the Limon.

The Limon not only works for me but it works with me. During use it truly does become an extension of my body, as I intuitively squish and squeeze my way to the perfect orgasm. When it comes to the climax all I have to do is squeeze harder or release to get the seamless, unspoiled climax that I oh so crave. It’s ecstasy.

Not only that, but the way the Limon rumbles and disperses itself across the whole of my vulva and deep down under the skin just excites me more. The Limon’s vibrations just seem to hit the spot and, in some ways, they remind me of the lower levels of the Lelo Smart Wand (Large) without the buzzy transition. As someone who already likes to apply pressure to my clitoris during my play sessions I also adore that I can place the Limon on my vulva and then press it into my clitoris in order to ramp up the power and my arousal levels. It’s just wonderful.

While I could easily gush about the benefits of the Limon for days (something I have already done to my friends), even I can’t call this vibrator flawless, and there are a few cons which might leave some people sour.

Although the Limon’s vibrations are pretty damned powerful for a vibrator of its size, I can’t see any die hard power queens throwing their wands away to embrace this little lemon. Powerful as it may be, the Limon simply can’t rival larger toys that also aim for power. I even found that, after using my Smart Wand, the Limon’s vibrations couldn’t get me off at all—as they fade in comparison to heavy duty vibes. Of course this isn’t going to be a big issue for many people. But those who need wand-level vibrations in order to get off probably won’t find enough power in the Limon to keep them satisfied.


Despite a prominent tip, the Limon’s biggest strength is dispersed vibrations.

The shape, size, and general design of the Limon also might not be to everyone’s taste and can, in some cases, be very incompatible. The wonderful Dizzygirl explains this in her own review over at Toy Meets Girl. Essentially, if you like pinpoint precision and prefer a lighter touch then the Limon’s dispersed, squeezable style just might not be for you. Like I said, no toy is perfect for everyone, so keep your own preferences in mind when considering the Limon.

The last big issue with the Limon (and the only issue I personally encountered) was hand cramping. After a while squeezing the Limon can really start to leave your hand aching. Sure, this can easily be rectified by putting the Limon in record mode and then locking it in to a preferred vibration level, but then you lose the ability to intuitively control the Limon,  which is something that I love so much. Maybe this is a case of wanting to have my cake and eat it too, but it is the only big downside I’ve faced with the Limon.

Final Thoughts

When life gives some people lemons they make lemonade. Others make lemon grenades. But thankfully Minna made the Limon and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so rare to find a vibrator that tries to give so much control to its user while keeping an intuitive control style, but the Limon pulls it off. It allows you to control the exact intensity of it, make custom patters, apply strength or withdraw as you wish during play, and even set constant speeds, all with a squeeze and the few pushes of a button. It’s rechargeable, body-safe, waterproof, and almost meets all the needs I have from a vibrator.

Of course the Limon isn’t perfect, and when deciding to buy it you really do need to consider what it is that you want from your toy, what works for your body and if the Limon can really meet your needs. However, I personally think that the Limon is impressive and diverse enough of a clitoral vibrator to really stand out among its competitors. I know I’ll be citrusting this toy with my orgasms for a long time to come (I couldn’t resist).