Product Review: Pillows Foreplay

The first time I saw the Pillows Foreplay pillow I was instantly intrigued. A pillow that can supposedly allow you to use 99% of toys hands free? It sounded both too good to be true and too good not to try, so I got in contact with the site in order to see if I could receive one for review. The owner of Pillows Foreplay was incredibly friendly and happily provided me with my own pillow to test out in no time. It arrived quickly, was well packed, and came with its own information booklet. This was all fantastic and I really can’t fault the customer service, but did the pillow meet expectations?

The Pillows Foreplay Pillow

The first thing to be said about the Pillows Foreplay pillow is that if you’re expecting a cushy cushion then this isn’t the product for you. The Pillows Foreplay pillow is an inflatable pillow which can be adjusted to match your personal comfort level during play and that’s awesome. However, if you were expecting a more traditional pillow then I’m here to tell you that the Pillows Foreplay pillow much more suited for those who like their sex aides puffed with air than stuffed with fluff. And this can be great!

The Pillows Foreplay pillow is an easy-to-use inflatable pillow.

The Pillows Foreplay pillow is made out of medical grade polyurethane and can be inflated via two inner chambers to allow for varied enjoyment. The standard pillow comes with a satin pillowslip, but Pillows Foreplay also offers leather, lace and PVC pillowslips for a decent amount of choice (personally I really like the look of the Burlesque pillow cases). Two inflation valves allow you to inflate the pillow and control how firm the different sections of the pillow are while an inflation bulb if used for the pillow’s toy holder.

The cover for the Pillows Foreplay pillow is silky smooth and makes for an enjoyable ride.

The inflation valves provide a fantastic way to easily and quickly change up exactly how firm your pillow is, and this is the Pillows Foreplay pillow’s biggest strength in my opinion. I love the convenience of being able to choose exactly how firm you want the pillow to be for the activity at hand. It allows for a decent amount of experimentation and enjoyment as you decide exactly what works for you. The Pillows Foreplay pillow comes with clear instructions and never once did I feel overwhelmed or out of my depth when using the pillow. Everything was so convenient that I didn’t have to worry about logistics at all and just got to enjoy the experience of using the pillow.

But sadly, for my dildo collection, the Pillows Foreplay pillow was less than ideal.

Being a sex toy reviewer I’ve managed to get my hands on some…let’s say ‘quirky’ dildos and, when it comes to these bad boys, the Pillows Foreplay pillow is sadly out of its depth.

The Pillows Foreplay pillow’s toy holder won’t fit every toy.

To be more specific some of my toys had a base that was simply too big for the Pillows Foreplay pillow’s toy holder (such as the Diving Nun and most Bad Dragon Toys). Additionally the Pillows Foreplay pillow didn’t do very well with heavier toys (such as ones made of glass or metal) which seemed to sink down further into the toy holder, despite how tightly they were clenched. Perhaps this could be rectified by creating a small gripping sleeve with some nodules on it—which could be inserted into the toy holder for a firmer grip on heavier toys—but I’m not too sure.

That being said the Pillows Foreplay pillow did the job perfectly fine when it came to more conventional toys—such as rabbits, wands, most standard silicone dildos, etc.—so It really is a case of what toys you prefer.

Conventional toys will have not problems fitting in the Pillows Foreplay pillow’s slot.

There really weren’t any other big flaws with my Pillows Foreplay pillow  (aside from its heavily gender-based advertising) so I can’t really complain, instead I’ll take the time to touch upon a few other positives in regards to this product.

Because it’s made out of polyurethane the Pillows Foreplay pillow is wipe-clean, while the pillowslip can be washed like any other satin pillow cover. This means that cleaning the Pillows Foreplay pillow is basically hassle-free.

The Pillows Foreplay pillow also claims to have no restrictions on size and weight. As a bigger lass I was, of course, hesitant on this claim but the Pillows Foreplay pillow delivered 100%. I had no issues with mounting the pillow, despite my weight, and felt very confident and secure using it—a great plus for us plus sized people!

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that the Pillows Foreplay is an acquired taste. Not everyone will want to straddle a pillow and not everyone is interested in inflatable sex aids. However, for those who do have an interest in either of these things then you really can’t go wrong with the Pillows Foreplay pillow.

Sturdy, well-designed, and easy to clean, the Pillows Foreplay pillow is a great inflatable sex pillow for anyone who wants one and, while it turned out not to be to my personal tastes, I can certainly see the benefits of this air-filled love device.

If you think the Pillows Foreplay pillow is for you then the only thing I would caution you over is toy compatibility. If you like pretty conventional dildos and internal vibrators then the Pillows Foreplay pillow will grip hold of your chosen toy, no problem, however if (like me) you use a lot of hefty toys or toys with bigger bases then you might just find that you fit into the quoted 1% that just aren’t suitable for the Pillows Foreplay pillow.

Other than that I really don’t think that there’s a better inflatable sex pillow on the market.

Edit- Apparently Pillows Foreplay is looking into wider collars for the toy holder for those who have larger toys (and the pillow form men already has a larger collar to accommodate certain Fleshlights). This is great news and a solid step towards tackling one of the only problems I had with the Pillows Foreplay pillow. The owner of Pillows Foreplay is very accommodating so, if you like the pillow but are worried about the size of your toy, then I would suggest contacting him in order to see if your requests can be met.