Toy Review: The Idea of Desire Structured Orchid

While the Lelo Mona 2 wasn’t for me I really did adore its shape. The narrow shaft of the Mona 2—which bulged out to a sizeable girth before tapering out—was close to G-spot perfection and it really was a shame that the rest of the toy’s features just didn’t follow with this benefit for me. Thankfully I’ve recently discovered a dildo that, dare I say, actually looks and feels better to me than the Mona 2—the Idea of Desire Structured Orchid.

About Idea of Desire

Idée du Désir (or Idea of Desire in English) is a French online boutique specialising in erotic wooden sculptures. The owner has been in the woodworking industry for 20 years, and has since discovered a passion for crafting wood for pleasure.

The concept of creating a wooden piece that can bring sensuality and pleasure to whomever owns it is something that the owner of Idea of Desire prides themselves on. Specializing in ‘curvaceous’ wooden dildos, Idea of Desire has three flagship designs—the Orchid, the Structured Orchid, and the Orchid Twin—alongside a few other regular designs.

Idea of Desire has a few different orchids.

Idea of Desire provided me with a Structured Orchid in exchange for an honest review. My Structured Orchid was shipped promptly and arrived well-packed in a discreet box.

The owner of Idea of Desire isn’t fluent in English (nor I in French) so there was a bit of a language barrier, but I could still order my Structured Orchid with relative ease, and we both managed.

Overall the service provided by Idea of Desire was great, and I’d recommend this store to anyone…especially considering how fantastic I find their product to be.

The Structured Orchid

Wow. This dildo blew me away. In a short amount of time it’s easily become one of my favourite G-spot toys, and I’m certain that I’ll be coming back to it again and again. In fact, when I’m not in the mood for the Comet II I’d say that the Structured Orchid has now become my go-to secondary G-spot dildo. It’s just so effortless to use and to enjoy. I adore it.

The Structured Orchid is truly beautiful to behold.

The Structured Orchid is made out of wood, so with proper care it can last for many years.

The owner of Idea of Desire uses a non-toxic varnish on all of their products which complies with food standard regulations and is used on children’s toys. This varnish is phthalate-free and the owner claims that it’s waterproof (though I’d be more inclined to say ‘water resistant’). The varnish gives the Structured Orchid a very smooth texture and makes insertion a breeze.

I wash my Structured Orchid with soap and warm water. As of yet I’ve seen no problems with the Structured Orchid and the varnish has held up just fine over time (and I use it a lot).

Material-wise this toy is stunning.

There’s just something so striking about wooden toys and the Structured Orchid is no exception. The beauty of this material shines through with the Structured Orchid—every detail of the wood is showcased, making for a rich and deluxe looking sex toy.

The Structured Orchid comes with its own little storage bag, so you don’t have to worry about exposing this beautiful little dildo to the elements, or the indignity of a plastic zip-lock bag.

But, as if the Structured Orchid’s natural material, ease of use, and inclusion of a storage bag weren’t enough, the shape of this toy just rocks my world.

Now, looking at the Structured Orchid it’d be hard not to think of the shape of the Mona 2, or the NobEssence Fling, or perhaps a hybrid of the both (which isn’t a bad comparison really). But, according to the owner of Idea of Desire, the shape of the Orchid was actually inspired by Jamie Mc Cartney’s piece, Internal Affairs.

Mc Cartney’s work wished to display the ‘mysteries’ of the vaginal orgasm in his work by making a cast of the vagina. Inspired by the resulting shape, the founder of Idea of Desire created his toy based on the shape of the vagina—hoping that the two would fit together like a hand in a glove.

Now this dildo does work fantastically well with my body, but not as might be intended.

The Orchid range is inspired by Mc Cartney’s vaginal sculpture.

From the looks of Mc Cartney’s sculpture and the shape of the Structured Orchid I’m meant to use this toy with the curve facing downwards, so that it fits the curve of the vagina as depicted in Mc Cartney’s work. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that flipping this toy around means that you have a fantastic angle for use as a G-spot toy—one that is just waiting to provide you with orgasm after orgasm.

The way I’ve photographed this toy is the way I use it and, when used this way, the Structured Orchid is truly a masterpiece.

The Structured Orchid combines texture, material and design to provide a mind-blowing experience.

The angle, shape and size of this dildo naturally glides across my G-spot. The structured head of the dildo provides just enough texture to add some extra grip and stimulation, whereas the material of the toy enables a simultaneously smooth caress. This, coupled with the shape of the toy gives me consistently strong, consistently prolonged, and consistently rapturous orgasms. Using this toy is nothing short of a delight and I’m guaranteed to orgasm when using it.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of using the original Orchid I’m inclined to believe that the texture on the Structured Orchid does contribute to the overall strength and ease of these orgasms and, as such, I’d probably recommend this toy over the original Orchid. And, oh boy, do I ever recommend this toy.

Because of its unassuming size, brilliant shape, stimulating texture, and body-friendly material I really do recommend this toy to almost anyone planning to explore their G-spot, or anyone that is already a G-spotting fan. Heck just anyone. The Structured Orchid is very similar to the Fling so I reckon it could also be put to good use as a prostate massager too. Just buy it. It’s wonderful.

That being said the Structured Orchid isn’t without some downsides.

For someone who is looking primarily for clitoral (or non-penetrative) stimulation the Structured Orchid has very little to offer and you’d probably be better off with a different toy.

The handle of the Structured Orchid can be a pro or a con depending.

And, while I do appreciate the Structured Orchid’s handle, the Structured Orchid can be awkward to hold for some because of it. My partner has rather large hands and he found that the Structured Orchid didn’t fit comfortably around his fingers (he also got his fingers stuck a few times too, which was hilarious).

Those are, however, the only major downsides with the Structured Orchid, and I don’t think that’s too bad for a toy of this quality.

Final Thoughts

For me the Structured Orchid is right up there for G-spot toys with the Comet II and the Seduction as one of my favourite dildos to use (heck, most of the time it even beats out the Seduction for me). And, at €85.00, it’s certainly reasonably priced for what it provides.

This toy’s ease of use and effective results mean that it can be put to good use by almost anyone and I’d like to think that it can provide as wonderful a time for others as I’ve had with it.