Toy Review: Fun Toy’s G-Vibe

The design of the G-Vibe isn’t wholly unique, but it does make for a lot of fun and offers a certain amount of versatility, which I can appreciate.

The G-Vibe is essentially a vibrator with two flexible vibrating prongs. As simple as this may sound, this is nothing to stick your nose up at. These prongs allow the G-Vibe to be used in a variety of ways, which makes it suitable for penis and vagina owners.

But, first, the basics.

The G-Vibe’s packaging is beautiful but obvious.

The G-Vibe comes in a sturdy cardboard box which has a lovely bit of artwork on it and lends itself to long-term storage. The box has a magnetic closing function (which increases its potential as a keeper). However if you want to be discreet then this box is best not kept—as it has an image of the G-Vibe on one side, mentions the name ‘G-Vibe’,  and makes it perfectly clear that this box (to quote the side) is making an “Orgasm delivery”.

Regardless this box does it job in protecting the toy and I had to mention it (mainly because of the lovely artwork).

The G-Vibe comes with a nice fabric pouch (for more compact storage) and a USB charger. The initial charge time for this toy is 8 hours. A light on the control system will blink on-and-off when the toy is charging and will stop blinking when done, so you can easily tell when your toy is good to go. Each charge lasts a very reasonable 4 hours and I’ve found that it takes about 1 hour for it to fully charge. This is not bad at all, and means that save money of batteries.

But what about the toy itself?

The G-Vibe is made out of high-quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, premium medical silicone (with some ABS on the handle). This silicone is incredibly smooth. When I stroked the silicone it almost felt as if the toy stroked me back, with a silky smooth caress. Thankfully this silicone doesn’t have much drag and isn’t a dust magnet at all which are two big bonus points.

The G-Vibe’s handle means that it’s suitable for anal use.

The handle of this toy is a rounded oval-like shape—which means that this toy is suitable for anal use—and the controls are easy to identify. There are three buttons; + (to turn the vibe on and increase the vibrations), – (to decrease the vibrations and turn the toy off), and squggly line (to switch to different patterns). All of these buttons don’t require too much pressure to push so, unlike the G-Kii 2, they shouldn’t cause any pain to use.

Now to look at the shape of this toy.

Because this toy has two prongs the G-Vibe can be used for a myriad of sexual acts. Fun Toys give a few suggestions on their website which can be seen below:

The diagram for suggested use, as seen in the G-Vibe’s instruction manual.

This diversity means that the G-Vibe is relatively gender-inclusive, as well as being a great toy for couple’s play and self-exploration. Basically this toy allows you to discover what works for you, and lets you have fun while doing so.

When my partner and I played around with the G-Vibe we found that there were only a few of the positions suggested that didn’t work for us. The one that was most obvious from the beginning was the nipple stimulation.

I wear an F-cup so there was no way that this toy was ever going to be able to naturally reach both my nipples at the same time. This might be the case for other people, even with smaller breasts, as the G-Vibe’s prongs don’t have a huge reach for dual-nipple stimulation. If you really wanted nipple stimulation, though, squeezing the breasts together can help to achieve something akin to what Fun Toys has in mind.

All of the other positions have their own unique set of pros and cons which will be personal to you, and are best found through self-discovery. Because of this I won’t go through them all and will just touch on our personal favourites.

My partner really appreciated having the G-Vibe placed on his balls (bottom right diagram). This position allowed him to enjoy the vibrations of the G-Vibe while I did other things to the shaft of the penis—essentially enhancing hand jobs and fellatio.

The G-Vibe’s prongs spread out inside the vagina for fullness without girth.

While I was Impressed that the G-Vibe can handle dual-stimulation well—with one prong easily touching my usually distant clit while the other prong sat comfortably in my vagina—I have to say that my favourite use of this toy was to insert both prongs and allow them to spread out (as shown in the top left image). This allowed for a feeling of fullness without having to insert a larger toy and happily caressed my G-Spot most of the time.

I say most of the time because, sometimes, the tip of the G-Vibe did feel as if it was scraping against my vaginal canal and that could get a bit uncomfortable. However a simple readjustment nips this feeling in the bud easily enough and I am able to have delightful G-Spot orgasms with this toy. They’re not as strong as some G-Spot orgasms I’ve had, but they are still satisfying, so you won’t hear me complaining.

Nevertheless, if I had to guess why these orgasms aren’t as strong as some, I would say that it might be due to the vibrations that the G-Vibe provides.

The G-Vibe comes with 6 different vibration patterns and a reasonable scale of vibration strengths. I was actually quite impressed when I kept on pushing the + button on the G-Vibe (thinking I’d got to the highest setting) only to press it again and find out that it got stronger. However, while these vibrations feel and sound strong (this toy is mid-level noisy) they’re also rather buzzy and shallow in application.

This won’t be a problem for everyone, and the strength should be enough to satisfy those who are receptive to buzzy vibrations, but anyone who counts themselves as a ‘power queen’ or finds themselves seeking deep and rumbly vibrations might not be wholly satisfied with this toy.

Considering downsides, I also didn’t find this toy at all useful for direct clitoral stimulation. While, in theory, you should be able to hold the two prongs together and place them on or by the sides of your clitoris, the application of water-based lube means that these two prongs slip and slide all over the place—making them hard to keep together for any long period of time.

Again, this won’t be an issue for everyone, but if you enjoy lots of lube then putting the G-Vibes prongs together might be more fiddly than satisfying.

Another problem I personally had with the G-Vibe was with the buttons. For some reason the + button was always higher than I anticipated. This meant that I would accidentally press the button for a different pattern, sigh, and have to turn the toy off again in order to start all over again. This wasn’t ideal for me but, then again, this could be a matter of my hand placement.

The only other downside to keep in mind when using the G-Vibe is that it’s not completely waterproof and should not be submerged. This means that cleaning between the two prongs can be a bit difficult at times, so you need to be thorough when giving this toy a wipe-down.

Other than that I really can’t think of anything else wrong with the G-Vibe.

The G-Vibe is a great toy if exploration and versatility appeals to you. It can be used together or alone, with the penis or the vagina/vulva, and provides strong vibrations that can tease out an orgasm. Anyone who dislikes buzzy vibrations might want to give this one a miss but, all-in-all, the G-Vibe is worth a try if you value diversity.