Product Review: The LoveArc Sex Machine

When I first started reviewing sex toys I won a sex machine. It was fantastic at the time and I had some amazing fun with it, however it was lacking in a few regards. To my mind the LoveArc is a much better sex machine and it’s not even motorized!

It’s perhaps because the LoveArc isn’t motorized as to why I love it so much. There’s no defined settings, no pre-decided attachments. Instead the LoveArc represents potential; the desire to explore on your own terms. If that isn’t sexy as fuck then I don’t know what is.

The LoveArc Sex Machine

The LoveArc was kindly provided to me by Meo and, at first, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. I’m not a stranger to sex machines, but I’m hardly a machine glutton either. Besides, the LoveArc was wholly different from anything I tried before. It was a rogue element.

The LoveArc came to me in a very discreet (but huge) box. If you’re buying the LoveArc as a surprise for your partner or if you live with friends or family then you’d best have a good excuse for what’s in the huge parcel you’re going to receive because a parcel that size naturally prompts inquiry. Once out of its packaging, though, the LoveArc is actually very compact.

The LoveArc invites you to find your own way to play.
The LoveArc invites you to find your own way to play.

This aluminium product doesn’t bend or fold but its 37 inch length is surprisingly easy to store around the house. It happily leans against walls and is thin enough to tuck away in a spare corner. Personally I keep mine at the end of the bed where it exists unobtrusively until I decide to put it to good use. The LoveArc only weighs 3kg, making it very easy to transport and position. I never had any issue moving the LoveArc around, and this included some rather passionate repositioning mid-use when I craved a quick change of angle.

The LoveArc itself looks fantastic, as well as fantastically stealthy for a sex machine.

With silver bars at both ends and a black arc, the LoveArc looks like a futuristic workout product rather than a self-propelled sex device. Regardless the LoveArc is perfectly designed for purpose.  Its arc can hold up to eleven dildos (in theory) and the angle for your toy varies depending on where it’s placed. As a default the LoveArc can be used in three different ways—placed firmly down on a flat surface to straddle, placed against a wall and approached either standing or on all fours, or flipped the other way around and manually rocked during use—however, in practice the possibilities are near endless.

Just one way to use the LoveArc.
Just one possible way to use the LoveArc.

Meo offers eleven different ways to use the LoveArc and that’s just for gents! How is this possible? Well, essentially what the LoveArc offers is an ergonomically designed surface to put your own suction cup toys on to, so you pick the way that you play. Dildos, butt plugs, the Fleshlight with a suction cup attachment, all of them will work with the LoveArc as long as the suction cup fits on its 3.25 inch width then you should be able to use it with ease. I’ve actually gone to remove my dildos from the LoveArc before and had them lift the LoveArc itself, so you can feel pretty assured that your toy isn’t going to budge once in place.

The LoveArc makes you consider you suction cup toys from a different angle.
The LoveArc makes you consider you suction cup toys from a different angle.

Another benefit of the LoveArc is that because it’s not reliant on mechanical thrusting it’s totally silent. This makes it perfect for those who need a discreet or quiet sex machine. Its aluminium body is also extremely easy to wipe down with a cloth and a toy cleaner, or even just some wet wipes.

I have to admit, I’ve got a few toys with a suction cup and, while I appreciate this feature, I’ve never actually made use of them. I’m just not really the type of person who enjoys sticking a dildo of a wall and going to town on it. However, ever since I got the LoveArc my suction cup toy’s unlocked potential has been unleashed. All of a sudden I’m presented with new possibilities, new angles, and new sensations. I wish all of my dildos had suction cups on them! Thankfully LoveArc are working on a strap to make dildos with a flared base compatible but, until then, my suction cup toys are enjoying a new lease of life.

My toys stayed firmly in place during use.
My toys stayed firmly in place during use.

I first tried the LoveArc conventionally by sticking a dildo to it and mounting it. This is a simple method but one of my favourites. I feel liberated and wholly in control when using the LoveArc. The angles I can achieve are excellent and I feel like I’m reclaiming my suction cup sex toys. What was fantastic about this position for me is that my vulva would often press against the surface of the LoveArc with each thrust. It added a nice dash of clitoral stimulation as well as making me crave a LoveArc compatible clitoral vibrator that you strap on to the LoveArc. Please make this happen LoveArc!

Depending on where I position my dildo on the LoveArc I can also use a dildo while giving my partner a blowjob, which is pretty much the best of both worlds.

Next I tried flipping the LoveArc over and rocking it for some self-propelled fun. I have to admit this was probably my least favourite position. I just couldn’t help but feel kind of silly as I was cranking the handle. For a brief moment it almost felt as if the LoveArc was a piece of workout gear, it just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps this method would be more fulfilling with a partner but I’m not too sure.

My favourite position with the LoveArc has to be placing it against the wall and using it doggy style. I adore doggy style so to be able to indulge in it with my dildos is divine. Rubbing against my dildos, feeling them glide across my vulva and then sliding them in. It’s a delicious fantasy which is even better in reality. When I use the LoveArc this way I’m in heaven!

Mr. Peaches has been unable to use the LoveArc so far but, based on my experiences, I imagine it would be just as easy (and effective) to use with a suction cup compatible male masturbator.

So, what downsides are there to the LoveArc?

Well, because it’s essentially a surface for dildos you’re pretty much putting all the work it with it, which some might see as a disadvantage. Personally, though, I feel like it makes the LoveArc more versatile because it is unconstrained. You can use it in so many ways compared to a conventional sex machine, there’s just no comparison in terms of versatility.

One thing some people may dislike, though, is that the aluminium body of the LoveArc does feel extremely cold when first using it. It does warm up quickly enough but some people may be averse to its chilly touch. Mr. Peaches is not a fan personally.

And that’s about it for downsides. The LoveArc is so simple that it’s brilliant. As such there’s not much to be said against it. Just get one!

Final Thoughts

I feel like the amount of exclamation marks I’ve used in this review reveals just how enthusiastic I feel about it. If you have suction cup toys that you feel go a bit underutilized then the LoveArc is the answer to your problems. If you like suction cup toys but wish you could use them in more ways the LoveArc is ideal for you. Basically anyone interested in suction cup toys should also try the LoveArc.

The LoveArc may be pricey but it pays for itself with its pure sexual output and potential. There are so many ways to explore and customize the LoveArc that it practically embodies sexual exploration, and the excitement of that prospect translates during use.

Is every position with the LoveArc a winner? Of course not. However, what the LoveArc can contribute to you sex life far exceeds the ways in which it may under-perform. This is a serious game changer for me in the bedroom, and I don’t say that often.

Recommend to:

People who want to try suction cup toys.

People wanting to reinvigorate their suction cup toys.

People wanting a self-propelled sex machine.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike cold materials.

People wanting a conventional sex machine.

People with no interest in suction cup toys.

  • Tzipora

    This looks kinda cool but seems overpriced for what it is and I’d argue “sex machine” is a total misnomer. It’s a toy mount. A very versatile one but a toy mount more than a machine. I mean I just bought a Liberator Wing for under $100 USD with their black Friday sale and it can hold dildos and vibes… And they’ve got a pretty diverse line up of options they call toy mounts. LoveArc is kinda cool especially in a m/f relationship since it can hold both dildos and fleshlights (whereas that would take two separate Liberator mounts) and while the Liberator mounts have a ton of partnering possibilities (the Wing can ultimately have a vibe inside it at each end for two women to ride together but only one dildo hole, as an example) LoveArc could penetrate both partners which is neat. But ultimately LoveArc just doesn’t seem too different from other toy mounts on the market. And pfft no vibe options at the moment? That’s kinda where my Wing shines (and the Liberator Axis Hitachi or whatever they call the rocker style one they have that has space for both a dildo and vibe and you can rock with it… Sounds better than the LoveArc and was going for less than the Wing!)

    So eh, I’m maybe nitpicking with the name but there’s definitely mode affordable options that do similar. And there’s some pretty impressive high end self propelled sex machines that work on a whole different level where you sit on a rocking ottoman type thing that will bring a handle with a dildo up and down basically… Would have to find a link but that’s more what I’d call self propelled fucking machine. Granted those are pricier yet. I don’t know. I’m glad you like it but I can fit any dildo I want in my Wing and do much the same annnd I can stick a vibrator in the other side (or even in the dildo attachment I suppose)… So in some ways my under $100 tot mount is more versatile.

    But hey, this is kinda awesome in its simplicity. And I love how crazy it looks with so many dildos attached. This is like the orgy toy mount. Haha.

    • I agree ‘machine’ is an odd choice of words, but that’s the terminology that the makers have chosen to use so I’m not going to split hairs. As I said in my review I kind of like it because, although it is called a machine, it’s actually the antithesis of a machine in some ways; as machines, by definition, tend to use mechanical components or power. The LoveArc is certainly more like a piece of sex furniture but by calling itself a sex machine it’s chosen to stand apart from both sex furniture and conventional sex machines, giving it a wholly unique place in terms of conventional labeling.

      I checked out the Liberator Wing, it looks fabulous! Liberator do great sex furniture and it’s certainly something I’d like to try at some point. However, I don’t personally find the two to be comparable. One of the big draws of the LoveArc (aside from the many things you can suction on to it) is the arc itself–the angles that it provides. You don’t really get that at all with the Liberator Wing, it just doesn’t fill the same purpose. The LoveArc also looks like it would be easier to wipe down after a particularly messy session, primary because it’s metal. The LoveArc is also designed to be propped up and propelled in ways that the Wing simply cannot.

      Both products definitely have their place (and look amazing) but I don’t feel like they fill the same gap.

      The Wing is £114.99 to buy in the UK, the LoveArc is about £174.99. While that extra £60 can be a lot for some it’s all about what you want really. Personally I’d probably pay the extra if I wanted a toy that could be used with most suction cup toys that plays around with angled through the arc, is easy to wipe down, and can be placed into a wider range of positions I’d probably chose the LoveArc. If I wanted a piece of soft and plush sex furniture that was mostly used while flat on a surface and vibrators were a must for me I’d chose the Wing. But, again, it’s hard because, although they fill the same purpose in a vague sense, the details of the products make them very different in use.

      I really do hope that LoveArc work on making themselves vibrator compatible though, because that would be the dream.

      In terms of self-propelled sex toys are you thinking about something like this?

      They look sooo cool and I’d love to try one if I got the chance. But, again, it seems to fill a different purpose for me. I really couldn’t imagine flipping that sex machine into the myriad of positions and angles that I can with my LoveArc, plus it’d be a nightmare to discreetly store. Another great sex machine but different folks different strokes.

      Also yes! The LoveArc does look like an orgy toy mount when fully geared up. I can imagine placing a full spectrum of cocks on it, kicking the door open to an orgy and shouting “I come bearing cocks!”. In theory awesome, in reality it’d probably get me arrested. XP

  • Tzipora

    Also, just curious- Who makes the amazing orange dildo in your photos? Not a fan of balls but orange is by far my favorite color and I cannot get over how awesome that one looks!

  • CuriousSam

    I’m curious as to how you secured it for use – surely the base would need to be weighted down, especially when you’re using it against the wall doggy-style. How does it not just move with your body or fall over? Even at 3kg, your body’s grip on it is undoubtedly stronger.

    • I have to say I thought it would need to be secured too but the two bars at either end seem to be well-designed to distribute and balance weight, as such I never had any issues with the LoveArc moving inconveniently (and I’m not a light woman).