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Top 5 Best Sex Pillows Reviewed in 2023

The best sex pillows are underrated. While everyone is looking at sex toys and other accessories, the wedges and harnesses get ignored. This buyer’s guide will help explain why I think that’s a bad idea.

This one time at band camp, I threw my back out trying to impress someone in bed. I should have learned my lesson. But just a few years later, I ended up in the emergency room because of a twisted ankle.

And if you guessed my injury was from having rough sex, you’re right.

Trying to outshine my partner’s previous lover is my thing. I want to be responsible for giving them the most intense orgasm ever.

And sometimes, that requires digging deep to hit the sweet spot or touch parts of their body where the sun doesn’t shine.

Understanding the challenge isn’t my problem.

The issue is attempting different positions without the appropriate support. I can flip, turn, bend, and spread with the best. Yet, maintaining a pose for prolonged periods, twerking while folded, and continuing when my muscles fade are unique obstacles.

Sex furniture saves the day every day.

What Is Sex Furniture?

Picture a couch in your living room reserved exclusively for fornication. Now shrink it down to fit on top of your mattress.

Next, imagine it wedged between the bed and your body to hold up your hips and produce the perfect angle. That’s sex furniture.

Most furniture for sex takes the shape of a pillow or sex wedge. The products can vary in size, shape, color, design, and function.

Most feature versatile forms to help you customize positions and achieve fantastic feats. However, others are static, with only one possible configuration for play.

Choosing the best sex pillow requires careful consideration of your wants, needs, and limitations.

Do you desire something for a specific purpose? Or does your collection need sex furniture that plays multiple roles?

The good thing about wedges, pillows, and sex chairs is that you can use them in several ways without risking your safety or sanity. Pick products with exceptional features to be sure of it.

The Primary Features

What does a sex pillow look like, and how does it work? Do you really need one, or can you have sex without it? The answers might surprise you.

Sex furniture looks like many different things. Pillows and wedges can be tiny, massive, smooth, lumpy, or adaptable. But using one doesn’t require any specific skills or equipment.

The primary features generally aim at comfort and convenience. You can flip, fold, and flatten your support system to accommodate different body types and mobility levels.

Many times, the only obstacles are your experience and the device’s materials. Some feature washable fabrics, while others have removable covers for laundry day. Which do you prefer?

Other features can include:

  • Zip-up or Velcro closures
  • Reversible covers
  • Dense foam stuffing
  • Sex toy holsters
  • Product compatibility

Product compatibility means your sex furniture matches or works with other pillows and wedges from the same brand. Take Liberator, for example. Many of their devices can intersect with others to help people customize positions and tailor sessions without pain.

Determine whether you or your partner needs assistance achieving or holding difficult sex positions. Then find furniture that aligns with your physical abilities and sexual appetites.

Who Uses Sex Pillows?

Sex wedges, pillows, and furniture are for everybody, even if you’re in the best shape of your life. One false move, and you’re not in terrific shape anymore.

Supportive products for masturbation, foreplay, and intercourse let you check yourself without wrecking yourself.

They’re also suitable for sexually active adults with disabilities, partners who want to complete the Kama Sutra, and those needing extra help hitting the G-spot or P-spot.

Use sex furniture to hoist hips, bend backs, lift legs, and angle arms for the perfect trajectory.

Place different pillows on the bed to lean over and enjoy deeper penetration. Quell desires without causing chaos, regardless of your swag.

Wedges for positioning say you know what’s about to happen and have prepared appropriately. Communicate concern, compassion, and kink with sturdy, durable furniture made for sex.

Why Buy Sex Furniture?

The female G-spot is responsible for delivering intense sensations, but reaching it can be a challenge. Partners must thrust, shake, jingle, and wrangle their lovers to get close. However, those using sex furniture can find hidden treasures more efficiently and with less effort.

Pinpoint specific erogenous zones. Penetrate past the usual depths. And protect your neck while having fun.

DID YOU KNOW? Thousands of people visit the ER yearly because of sex-related accidents and injuries.

The Pros and Cons

Propping your body for great sex means thinking outside the mattress. Many couples move to the couch, the kitchen counter, the dinner table, etc. However, using household objects for support can be risky.

You could break something, spill your sexual fluids on sacred ground, or slip when things get rough.

On the other hand, toting around a sex pillow each time you get busy can be annoying. It’s also difficult to hide some of the oversized products without being creative.

Consider the pros and cons when shopping for furniture to have sex on. Compare benefits with risks to determine whether you need a pillow and discover one that works best.


  • Better sex
  • Fewer injuries
  • Tailored sensations
  • Sex toy compatible
  • Easy to maintain
  • Discreet appearance
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable shape

Unlike bed pillows and rolled-up blankets, sex pillows keep their form despite the deed. Some are also weighted to help you push and pull without losing your position.


  • Wild temptations
  • Unreasonable expectations
  • Possible staining
  • Heavy weighted
  • Tricky to hide

Use high-quality water-based lubricants to prevent fabric stains. And discuss plans with your partner before attempting new acrobatics.

How to Use Sex Furniture

You don’t need special skills or knowledge to use sex pillows like a pro. Grab a few essential items, turn on your imagination, and find a willing partner.

Place the furniture on a flat, secure surface like the floor or bed. Position it to lift and support your body in specific areas, focusing primarily on the back, hips, and legs.

Then get comfortable on it to avoid slipping and awkward movements. This part might require practice.

You can slide and shift the pillow to accommodate your curves. Or attach sex toys with a built-in holder for hands-free fun.

Tuck yours under the bed or hide it in the closet for safekeeping. And don’t forget to wash the cover after each session to prevent mold and stains.

Sex furniture should improve your experience and help you feel safe during adventurous activities. It shouldn’t hinder your health or threaten your relationship in any way.

FACT: Safe sex is more satisfying because it lets you relax after orgasm without worry or discomfort.

5 Ways to Make Sex Feel Better with Positioning Aids

Position yourself to give or receive the ultimate pleasure with pillows, wedges, and sex chairs. Play like a pro and boost your performance while perfecting your exit strategy and hitting the target.

Furniture for pleasure helps you keep the promise to rock your partner’s world. The best sex pillows let you hide physical limitations and compensate for the ones you can’t conceal.

How does it get any better? Here are five things to try:

  1. Push pillows and wedges against hard surfaces to provide an extra boost during rough sex.
  2. Use furniture to hold yourself up during solo performances.
  3. Combine products to develop a personalized approach to assisted pleasure.
  4. Listen to your partner while playing and adjust as needed.
  5. Track your favorite positions and note how to achieve them for maximum stimulation.

You can make any situation feel better with the proper technique. Study creative poses and angles for inspiration. Then experiment to discover new ways of experiencing bliss.

Remain open-minded, get ready to show compassion, and practice safe sex to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Red Flags to Know

Using sex furniture can tempt you to try outrageous things, including positions that could hurt your insides. This risk is especially concerning for those enjoying anal penetration or sex without lube.

Learn the red flags of painful sexual experiences to avoid issues.

Watch for wincing, redness, swelling, and other signs of discomfort. Talk to your partner during sex to remain on the same page. And stop if you think something is wrong.

Play It Safe: Tips for Using Furniture for Sex

Sexual activities are inherently risky. You can catch an STI, hurt yourself, injure a partner, or worse. Most people have sex with those possibilities in mind.

However, you must also consider the positions and sex toys used during each session.

Particular sex positions can increase your chances of spraining and pulling muscles or pinching nerves. Meanwhile, using furniture to prop yourself up can inspire renewed bravery. That combination is sticky and littered with potential visits to the ER.

Know your physical limits and develop practical goals. Set realistic expectations for yourself and your partner, even if you’re laying on the best sex pillow in history.

Furniture for sex should act as secondary support. Your mattress, floor, or wall should be primary. Never expect a pillow or wedge to hold you up if the surface beneath is unsteady.

Next, follow these five safety tips to prevent incidents and accidents.

Tip 1. Communicate with Each Other

Let your partner know what you’re thinking and feeling. Don’t hold back commentary during sex because your words could inspire, motivate, or alter the experience. Also, many partners want to hear confirmation that their technique is working.

Communication during sex is essential for multiple reasons. Take using sex furniture, for example. Your partner might assume all is well unless you utter otherwise. The false security of pillows and wedges can cause preventable mishaps and misunderstandings.

Tip 2. Practice Hygienic Humping

Many pillows for sex feature washable covers with soft, skin-safe materials. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip the cleaning process. Practice sexual hygiene by removing covers directly after having sex. It’s okay to let the ejaculate dry before washing, but don’t forget.

Allowing dried bodily fluids to sit on your sex pillows is disgusting. It can cause skin rashes, infections, and foul odors that waft up each time you thrust. Forget the scented candles and flavored lube at that point.

Tip 3. Apply Lube Like It’s Free

Lubricant helps soothe your skin and protect it against friction. It’s also crucial when using sex toys for pleasure or pain. Skipping the lube can wreak havoc, so don’t skimp on the slippery stuff to save time or money.

Many sex pillows have materials that get softer with each wash. So, use a high-quality water-based lubricant to prevent fabric stains. And apply more than you think you need to help keep bodily fluids and bacteria from sticking to the surface.

Tip 4. Start Small and Keep It Simple

Sex furniture can make people want to try everything in bed. They become suddenly unafraid of the possible issues waiting on the other side of a good thrust. And many think nothing could go wrong because they have a wedge between themselves and their partner.

It’s better to begin with small sex furniture and work toward bigger and better things. That way, you can learn what works and doesn’t before setting outrageous goals. Keep it simple, stupid.

Tip 5. Shop Around

Shopping lets you compare different features, designs, and prices before buying. It’s also an excellent opportunity to check out buyer’s guides, read customer reviews, and discuss the options with your partner.

Look for discounts from startup brands, search for coupon codes from well-known companies, and only buy sex toys from trusted retailers. Then leave room in the budget for accessories, cleaning supplies, lingerie, and other essentials.

What to Look For

How do you find the best sex pillow in 2023 when a simple Google search renders thousands of results? Which products are worth your time, and which should you scroll past?

The answer depends on whether you know what to look for and avoid.

Choose chairs, pillows, and wedges for sex that can support your weight. You want to match the device’s design with your intentions also. For example, don’t buy a high-angle wedge if you only need a slight lift off the bed.

Dimensions are crucial when picking out sex furniture. Your props must be durable, heavy-duty, and versatile without being obstructive, intrusive, or embarrassing.

The best sex accessories always feature excellent ergonomics and high-quality materials. Look for those features while comparing designs and considering activities.

Also, consider the covering and how it attaches to the stuffing. Zippers are convenient for quick cleaning but can snag your skin during rough sex. And Velcro can slip off during wild rides but may irritate your skin if you lay on it.

Buy pillows with removable covers and machine-washable materials. Then look for furniture with dense foam cores that can withstand intense pressure without changing shape.

Finally, check out the versatility and choose props with more than one purpose. Purchase sex pillows and wedges that can take multiple forms with quick folds or flips. You can try several new positions using a single accessory instead of trying to store countless pillows under the bed.

What to Avoid

Understanding the less-than-desirable features of sex furniture can help save more than money. The knowledge helps dodge disappointment and prevent show-stopping injuries.

The best sex pillows, wedges, and chairs have visibly excellent construction. But how can you tell without holding one in your hands? Meanwhile, most manufacturers won’t refund your money because you dislike their product.

You are responsible for the events that transpire after purchase. Unlike sex toys, you cannot blame the designer for pillow malfunctions. Pillows do nothing but sit on the bed or floor and get trampled. Whatever happens, happens.

User negligence can void your manufacturer’s warranty and put you at risk. It’s also an especially critical consideration for those using sex wedges with sex toy holders. Always read the owner’s manual, even for simple pillows with no moving parts.

Then avoid the following five things for optimal results:

  1. Low-quality materials – Say no to covers with latex, parabens, phthalates, or other allergens.
  2. Flimsy closures – Don’t let rough sex cause your pillow cover to slip off mid-stroke.
  3. Thin stuffing – Avoid cores made from soft materials, and never use inflatable sex pillows.
  4. One-dimensional designs – Stay away from flat, rectangular devices with only one trick.
  5. Minimal details – Pass on the pads without sex toy compatibility.

Remember, compatibility with your sex toys does not necessarily mean having holes and holsters. It means supporting your body so that using vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers, clitoral stimulators, and other devices works without complication or pain.

Try not to become dependent on your pillows if you’re non-disabled. Variety and calculated risk-taking can help increase intimacy and boost the fun.

Avoid overexposure to sex life cheats. Know when to use sex furniture and when to leave it out.

When to Buy Sex Furniture

The best time to buy wedged pillows and chairs for sex is whenever. You can use furniture pieces during solo masturbation, foreplay with a partner, or intercourse with groups.

A proper prop lets you confidently navigate different scenarios, so a pro pillow is always in style. Complete erotic tasks without fidgeting, flopping, or failing. Then create unique sex games using your favorite configurations.

Buy safety equipment for extreme pleasure or sexual experimentation. Also, offer sex pillows and other supportive products to partners when they verbally or nonverbally communicate the need.

Final Considerations for Sex Pillow Shopping

The props people use to achieve sensational positions can force you to see sex differently. It might also demand that you upgrade household arrangements, adjust routines, and accommodate unexpected requests.

While many designs offer intuitive features like dense core structures and silky-soft materials, the ultimate experience comes when both partners are in sync.

Pillows for sex aren’t high-tech or complex, but you could encounter a learning curve. Choose products that most closely align with your relationship and physicality. Use sex furniture to improve your techniques and pinpoint your sweet spot.

Remember that shopping is a process, and so is having satisfying sex. Don’t expect the perfect performance on your first try. Develop tailored methods, integrate different toys, and apply feedback from your partner.

The 5 Best Sex Pillows in 2023 Reviewed

Many innovations in sextech and healthy pleasure have graced our doorsteps. The sheer variety can make sex pillow shopping more of a pain in the ass than not using one.

Besides the fundamentals, how do you find bedroom furniture that suits your needs? Start by considering one of these top five sex pillows I reviewed in 2023:

#1. The Liberator Hipster Sex Cushion


This sleek, contoured cushion has an ergonomic shape and lightweight design for easy portability. The Liberator Hipster Sex Cushion is user-friendly and suitable for all body types. Use it for lumbar support, hip hoisting, and back arching while in the throes of passion.

Enjoy better access to the genitals with tailored angles for oral sex and deep penetration. Experience intense orgasms while masturbating or playing with a partner on a lush microfiber pillow fort filled with high-density foam.


  • Multiple colors
  • Zip cover
  • Moisture-proof liner
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Machine washable

PRO: It features a 27-degree angle, providing the perfect trajectory for many positions.

CON: This product is too sturdy for bending or folding into different configurations.

#2. The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo


The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo offers multiple position options for a tailored experience. Use it to prop up, push down, or flip over for the perfect thrust. This product has two angled sex wedges you can use individually or together for countless configurations.

Support your body on the high-density foam core and enjoy smooth sensations on satin-like material. The non-slip microfiber case comes off for quick washing. And you can get dirtier than ever with the moisture-resistant liner that wicks body fluids away from the surface.


  • Multiple colors
  • Zip cover
  • Versatile play
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Machine washable

PRO: You can achieve tricky feats with less risk using this adaptable item.

CON: The versatility can give you impractical expectations about the experience.

#3. The Lovehoney Move Sex Position Enhancer


Save money and prevent sex-related injuries in style. Use the Lovehoney Move Sex Position enhancer to maintain challenging positions for longer. This pillow is filled with firm foam and covered in a velvety fabric for non-slip play and skin-soothing fun.

Enjoy personalized sensations and fetish games with a curved teardrop prop that provides a gentle rocking motion. Hook up with your favorite partner using high-quality toys from any brand. Then develop your technique with a gift that keeps on giving.


  • One color
  • Zip cover
  • Practical features
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Machine washable

PRO: You can begin building your sex furniture collection without a large investment.

CON: There are only a few different ways to use this straightforward sex cushion.

#4. The Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion


Achieve the perfect position and rock your way to orgasm on the Liberator Laz Motion Roacking Position Cushion. It features a curved design on one side and a flat surface on the other. Flip it once to experience static support and another way for assisted swaying.

This wedge/cushion combo enhances satisfaction with high-density foam and a soft cover. The responsive core lets you push into your partner using natural forces, preserving your energy for longer sessions. Pair yours with another Liberator pillow for the ultimate pleasure.


  • One color
  • Zip cover
  • Compact size
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Machine washable

PRO: You can easily integrate this lightweight wedge into any sex furniture collection.

CON: There are limited positioning options available with this device.

#5. The Inflatable Sex Position Enhancer Sofa Set


I know I said to avoid inflatable sex furniture, but this one is an exception. The Inflatable Sex Position Enhancer Sofa Set is durable and sturdy enough to make you forget the rules. It’s also perfect for bondage play with detachable cuffs and a blindfold, so pay attention.

The cuffs fasten with Velcro, and the sofa inflates/deflates in minutes for rapid discretion. Adjust fits and float your way to an orgasm with a sex couch you can store in a flash. Or take it traveling, use it on the go, and play without worrying about extra luggage.


  • One color
  • Single port air insert
  • Quick release clips
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Wipe washable

PRO: You get more surface area for moving and supportive large body types.

CON: The sturdiness depends on how much air you install in this blow-up sofa.


Sex pillows and position-enhancing cushions let you accomplish exciting feats in and out of the bedroom. They support your body, lift your hips, and help arch your back during intercourse. Use furniture for sex to improve techniques, play safely, and experiment without stress.

Sex Furniture FAQs

The following are the ten most commonly asked questions about sex pillows, sex wedges, and sex furniture:

How do you clean a sex pillow?

Maintaining your products is generally easy, depending on the design, materials, and other factors. Check the owner’s manual for specific information about care and cleaning.

Many pillows feature removable covers with zip-on or Velcro closures. Ensure the material is machine washable before putting it in the laundry. Then allow it to fully dry before replacing it.

How do you remove a washable cover?

Most washable sex pillow covers have a zipper or a Velcro strip along one side. Check the owner’s manual for specific design information and removal instructions. Then note the model numbers to ensure a correct match when you purchase replacement covers.

How often should I wash my products?

You should wash sex furniture after each use. Also, wipe the surfaces before sessions to remove dust, debris, and microorganisms. Use a mild, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaning solution to eliminate body fluids and bacteria.

Some luxury pillows for sex have materials that soften in the wash. Sensations always improve with proper hygiene, so stay clean.

What is the best way to store sex furniture?

Sex furniture storage can be tricky. Some pieces are too bulky to fit under the bed or in closets. Buy designs that suit your small space or assimilate into your home décor. You can use a massive sex chaise at night and reserve it for casual daytime seating.

Other products, such as pillows and wedges, are easier to hide. Tuck them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture to preserve their integrity. Then store them in their included container if you receive one.

Can you use a sex chair without a disability?

Sex chairs are suitable for everybody and any occasion. They can help improve mobility, support body parts, provide structure, and offer leverage. You do not need a disability to use furniture and props.

Do you need equipment to use sex positioning aids?

Most sex positioning aids are self-contained, meaning you don’t need additional equipment. However, some may require you to purchase accessories or sex toys to utilize different features, such as device harnesses and O-rings for restraints.

Become aware of the different functions and possibilities before buying anything. Then choose products with straightforward designs or elegant structures that improve your experience without the extras.

How do you insert a sex toy into a pillow?

Sex toy inserts on pillows and wedges can be tricky to use. First, ensure the holster can accommodate your vibrator or dildo. Check the dimensions and compare before settling on a combo.

Then read the owner’s manual for specific insertion instructions. Determine whether you need to secure the device and gather the necessary items to protect your body during different sexual experiences.

What happens if I get hurt while using furniture for sex?

The manufacturer is not responsible for injuries as a result of use negligence. That means you cannot blame the pillow’s maker if you get hurt while having sex on one. Follow the safety tips in this buyer’s guide, or speak to your doctor about specific standards.

Contact a medical professional or visit the emergency room if you experience severe or prolonged pain after using a sex pillow. Then adjust your approach to pleasure with updated techniques that accommodate your situation.

Is hip support necessary for safe sex?

You can have safe sex without a device to hoist your hips. However, risky positions and deep depths may require some support to prevent pain or injury. This consideration is especially true for those with curved uteruses, mobility limitations, lack of experience, or sexual health problems.

Do sex wedges come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Many sex toys and accessories come with automatic quality coverage from the manufacturer. Built-in policies generally last between one and three years. However, not all devices are identical. Check the owner’s manual for specific information about the warranties, coverages, and restrictions.

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