Top 10 Best Remote Control Bluetooth Vibrators Reviewed in 2023

Who remembers when remote control vibrators with Bluetooth were a fantasy? I recall wishing for a more intuitive sex toy featuring a high-tech design and automatic settings. And the thought of using my sex toys for long-distance relationships seemed like a future that would never come. . .much like me.

The sextech revolution has changed everything, ushering in exciting innovations for sexual health and expression. Many manufacturers also develop pleasure products for couples or individuals seeking specific sensations. You can randomize, customize, or materialize your desires using Bluetooth vibrators with remote controls.

It’s anyone’s guess what the future of sex will be. For now, we can enjoy RC sex toys and wireless functions to help enhance our love lives and performance. The challenge, therefore, becomes choosing the best remote-controlled vibrators with Bluetooth in 2023.

This sex toy buyer’s guide will help you weed out the undesirables and determine the best approach. It will teach you the pros and cons of using remote-controlled devices for masturbation and foreplay. Then we’ll discuss what to look for and avoid before checking out the top 10 RC vibrators this year. Let’s get it on.

What Is a Remote Control Vibrator with Bluetooth?

Remote sex allows partners to send vibrations across rooms and borders, fostering intimacy through convenience and accessibility. Devices with wireless controllers help lovers experience intense orgasms without being in the same space. They’re also lightweight, compact, and travel-ready.

Vibrators with Bluetooth capabilities use electronic signals to activate and operate settings. You or your partner can manipulate stimulation to suit specific fantasies or scenarios. RC Bluetooth vibrators are perfect for role-playing, bondage, performance enhancement, solo sensations, and more.

The Main Features of RC Sex Toys

The most exciting thing about living in the future is the access to multiple sex toy designs. Buyers can choose from endless varieties with different modes, materials, and motors. However, the sheer number of remote-controlled vibrators with Bluetooth connectivity can be intimidating or overwhelming. It also doesn’t help that some manufacturers tell untruths about their products.

Standard vibrators feature shafts and buttons; that’s about it. Meanwhile, RC vibes have improved ergonomics, built-in control systems, compatible smartphone apps, and artificial intelligence. Your chances of finding a traditional sex toy without high-tech elements are slim because we’re all adults here. It’s time for the climax to be great again.

Many high-quality RC devices have excellent materials with zero allergens or carcinogens. They also feature form-fitting shapes, stimulating dimensions, and error-free coding. Choose vibrators with Bluetooth that uses current technology and easily upgradeable systems. These elements will help you enjoy sex toys despite future innovations.

Some vibes might have built-in pleasure settings aside from the modes available through the app. They might also provide additional pleasures online or with amateur performers. Find devices that suit your sexual preferences, relationship expectations, and experience level. Then expect to pay the price for premium products.

Who Uses Remote Sex Toys?

Anyone can use a sex toy with remote controls and Bluetooth. However, these devices are best for specific individuals and couples. For example, people who want to improve intimacy through shared sexual experiences might enjoy the long-distance capabilities and user-friendly systems.

Adults who prefer hands-free stimulation are another example of someone who would use RC vibes. They can program the computer through the device or the app to receive pleasure like a partner was present. Or they can experience unpredictable sensations according to different moods. Being single is no longer a sexless endevaor with these innovations.

Remote-controlled vibrators can also assist people with sexual health problems, performance issues, and stale dating prospects. Let’s explore the benefits and risks next.

RC Play Benefits

Many advantages exist with updated technologies focused on convenient pleasure. Here are some perks of using remote-controlled Bluetooth sex toys:

  • Multiple ways to play
  • Ergonomic designs
  • G-spot or P-spot targeting
  • Couple-friendly settings
  • Long-distance bliss
  • Unpredictable sensations
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Easy to clean and maintain

RC vibrators with Bluetooth let you experiment alone or with a partner, at home or far away, and with customizable functions or surprise happy endings. High-quality devices are also durable and interactive, giving your sex life the uncomplicated boost it needs.

RC Play Risks

Sex can be risky when you don’t play responsibly. Even the best remote vibrators can cause a disaster. Here is what you should consider:

  • Long charge times
  • Restricted access without internet or data connections
  • Complex mechanisms
  • Difficult to troubleshoot
  • Overwhelming variety

Many RC Bluetooth dildos have powerful batteries that require hours to recharge. Some also house most of their settings inside an app, requiring memberships or in-app purchases to play. Check the owner’s manual for more information, and don’t tinker with your toys unless the manufacturer permits it.

How to Make Masturbation Feel Better with a Bluetooth Vibrator

Bluetooth changed the world by providing consumers with wireless access to media. It was only a matter of time before the technology slammed into the sex toy industry. Vibrators with Bluetooth and remote controls mark a revolution in sexual health, intimate relationships, and masturbation.

However, SexTech innovations haven’t solved all our problems. People must still personalize their sessions and shop for toys that align with their desires. Buying the best vibrators with remotes and Bluetooth doesn’t automatically mean a good time. Despite the advancements, it’s still like Russian roulette for your crotch.

Here are my favorite enhancement strategies:

  1. Use a Specialty Lube – Try lubricants with warming, cooling, or tingling ingredients.
  2. Go Underwater – Take waterproof devices to the shower, tub, or pool.
  3. Try Temperature Play – Heat up or cool off your sex toys to experience new sensations.
  4. Build a Playlist – Use motion activation and music syncing to create a rhymic ride.
  5. Let Your Partner At It – Hand the reins to your lover for a sweet surprise.
  6. Secure a Harness – Harness-compatible toys and strap-ons are perfect for pegging.
  7. Switch Positions – Attempt different poses while masturbating with your vibrator.

Remember, you shouldn’t feel pain when having sex or pleasuring yourself. And too much of a good thing can be dangerous. Protect your body by nourishing your skin, starting small, and taking it easy. You’re probably not trying out for a role in an XXX-rated movie, so don’t be a hero.

How to Play with Your Vibrator Safely

Safe sex is the best sex because it lets everyone feel pleasure without ending up in the emergency room. Did you know thousands of people go to the ER yearly for sex-related injuries? Imagine the conversation in the doctor’s office following that visit. Yikes.

Playing with your remote-controlled Bluetooth vibrator means paying attention to the details. It also means refusing to break or bend the rules to pursue happiness. SexTech innovations need their time to develop and improve. Now is not the time to ruin a good thing by pushing the already relaxed limits.

Sex-related injuries are painful, potentially permanent, and embarrassing. Follow these five steps to avoid trouble.

Step One: Communicate with Your Partner

Communication involves talking about boundaries. You can share fantasies and discuss opinions about specific sexual activities. Step one is the perfect time to explore different approaches to using RC vibrators, including deciding whether to use them for vaginal or anal play.

Always communicate before, during, and after sessions. Lay out the expectations, provide real-time feedback, and go over the pros and cons of each device, position, or technique. Then keep a checklist to help remember the favorites vs the flops.

Step Two: Practice Proper Hygiene

Hygiene is critical when playing with sex toys that penetrate the body. Whether enjoying anal or vaginal penetration, cleaning yourself and your device is mandatory. Failing to wash your genitals or the toy can spread bacteria and cause an infection or allergic reaction.

Always clean your stuff before and after each use. The pre-rinse washes away airborne debris and germs that could have accumulated in storage. The post-rinse removes bodily fluids and lubricants to provide a blank canvas for round two.

Step Three: Apply Lots of Lube

Use more lube than you think you need. Lubrication helps shield your skin from friction during sex, foreplay, or masturbation. It can also enhance the sensations and protect your toys from damage.

Always use a skin-safe lubricant with a water base unless otherwise directed. Water-based lubes don’t stain your fabrics, wash off easily, and are compatible with most sex toy materials. Check the owner’s manual for more information.

Step Four: Use Vibrators for Beginners First

You don’t have to begin using pro-level vibrators as soon as your feet hit the ground. And even if you’ve used giant dildos before, the powerful vibrating motors and intuitive technologies might take some getting used to. Practice patience, and take it slow.

Start with beginner-level devices first, then move up to more substantial sizes. Or use condoms and long-lasting numbing products to help stretch your hole without tearing your skin. Stop if you feel pain or discomfort, and talk to a doctor if the condition worsens.

Step Five: Shop for the Best RC Vibes

Never settle on the first remote-controlled Bluetooth sex toy you find. There are countless options to explore, some for specific experience levels, body types, or relationships. Nobody says you must decide immediately or can’t compare products and features. Good sex is scientific.

Look for the features and design elements that match your libido and meet your expectations. And don’t forget to discuss the selection with your partner to ensure you are on the same page.

What to Look For

How do you know whether you’re looking at a top-quality sex toy or a hunk of junk? Many manufacturers claim to sell the best remote-controlled vibrators with Bluetooth, but they can’t all be correct. Shopping for a vibrator means using your discernment to prevent disappointment. It also means knowing what to look for and avoid.

Let’s start with the “what to look for” list:

  1. Skin-Safe Materials

Choose vibrators with hypoallergenic materials, such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), borosilicate glass, or plastic. Then narrow your search by comparing the device with your favorite lubricant’s ingredients. Check for compatibility, and go from there.

  1. USB Rechargeable Batteries

Buying batteries whenever you want to have sex or masturbate can be discouraging and expensive. Pick products with rechargeable batteries and long-lasting motors. Remember that remote-controlled vibrators might require an additional power source for the remote or smartphone.

  1. Waterproofing

Moisture-resistant sex toys help you have more fun in more places. They’re safe for water sex and easier to clean. Buy waterproof vibrators to skip some steps between feeling horny and feeling satisfied. But remember that the remote and your smartphone are likely incompatible with water.

  1. Ergonomic Handles

Thrusting vibrators in and out of your body can get exhausting. Your vagina and anus are also orifices with natural suction. Ergonomic handles help you stay in control of the device despite your movements or body type. They prevent injuries and accidents just by existing.

  1. Non-Porous Surfaces

You don’t want to masturbate with anything porous. Bacteria and microorganisms can live on the surface and cause problems. Non-porous materials and sex toy designs let you penetrate stress-free and clean up without extra supplies.

  1. Shaft Textures

Vibrator shafts can be of various shapes and sizes. Look closely to determine the uniqueness of each option. Then compare the textures to decide which one works best in your fantasy. Are you a smooth operator or down for a bumpy ride?

  1. Built-In Functions

Advanced SexTech can limit a person’s performance if the device lacks built-in settings. Look for vibrators that offer several performance modes outside the remote or app. This strategy helps ensure you reach an orgasm despite having a spotty internet signal.

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranties

Expect a learning curve when using RC vibes for the first time. Most devices have an instruction manual or quick setup guide to help, but accidents can happen. Other issues can pop up during manufacturing or in transit. So, choose vibrators with comprehensive warranties to protect your investment.

What to Avoid

Knowing what to look for is only half the battle. Besides, many brands already know what consumers want when shopping for RC Bluetooth vibrators. They’ll advertise the best features and steer people away from the flaws. Here is how to find them anyway:

  1. Potential Allergens

Avoid devices with materials that might compromise your skin. Stay away from anything containing parabens, latex, or phthalates. You can check the owner’s manual or read product reviews for more ingredient information. Choose hypoallergenic products and compatible lube instead.

  1. Unrealistic Features

Some manufacturers try to cram as many features as possible into their sex toy designs. And while it might look intriguing, products like that are usually impractical. Avoid unrealistic claims in favor of performances, modes, and settings you’ll actually use.

  1. Incompatible Features

Skip the stuff with features that don’t align with your sexual goals. Those devices could cost extra for elements that don’t make sense. Also, steer clear of anything with operating systems that are incompatible with your skin type, cell phone provider, or internet service.

  1. Complicated Controls

Remote-controlled vibrators and Bluetooth sex toys should streamline your sexual experiences and simplify your life. They shouldn’t complicate orgasms or prevent you from reaching climax. Stay away from devices with NASA-like interfaces or inaccessible app libraries.

  1. Lagging Technology

Bluetooth is a relatively new feature with much room to grow. And some manufacturers put outdated technology into their sex toys to save money. Those cost-cutting measures could destroy your rhythm if the connection pauses or lags. Use advanced sextech instead.

Final Considerations for Vibrator Shoppers

Shopping for a remote vibrator featuring Bluetooth technology can require thinking outside the box. You can’t always go into this expecting devices to look, feel, or behave like traditional toys. Many designs offer intuitive settings, artificial intelligence (AI), and revolutionary materials that feel like genuine human skin.

High-tech sex might mean taking extra steps to maintain your collection or build an interactive inventory. Some devices also require additional purchases for in-app features, accessories, or add-ons. Prepare for a significant investment when buying RC Bluetooth sex toys, and leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses.

The 10 Best Remote Control Bluetooth Vibrators Reviewed in 2023

Who’s done learning and ready to shop the top 10 Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrators? The only things left to know about are my ten picks for perfect pussy power. Stick around for the FAQs at the end to discover maintenance tips, storage advice, and techniques for enjoying penetration without pain.

#1. The We-Vibe Nova 2


The We-Vibe Nova 2 looks like a futuristic rabbit vibrator with a sleek design and an elegant shape. It stimulates the clitoris while targeting the G-spot for blended orgasms. The shaft also flexes while you penetrate to help ensure maximum contact with your most sensitive nerve endings.

This stylish device features several built-in settings and app-based modes focused on personalized experiences. Enjoy long-distance sex or interact with a partner from across the room using the wireless remote control system. The contoured shape suits women’s bodies to help encourage female ejaculation regardless of how you play.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: You get 120+ minutes of run time with each charge.

CON: Users must experience penetration to enjoy this device.

VERDICT: The We-Vibe Nova 2 is perfect for penetrative play and clitoral massage but might not suit those seeking only external stimulation.

#2. The Lovense Lush 3


This hook-shaped vibrator could become your new best friend. It’s lightweight, compact, discreet, and powerful. The Lovense Lush 3 is also a supercomputer that can deliver real-time stimulating interactions through a tablet or smartphone. Position it to massage your G-spot while tickling your clit. Or try dual penetration with its flexible design and silky-smooth silicone.

Explore the limitless range that allows you to play from anywhere in the world. And get comfortable with a five-hour runtime with each charge. This sex toy takes a licking and keeps ticking, offering in-app bonuses like sexy games, shops, custom settings, and performance enhancement tips to improve your pleasure.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: You can sync to music inside the smartphone app.

CON: The touch-sensitive controls on the device are easily accessible but oddly placed.

VERDICT: The Lovense Lush 3 is perfect for experiencing unlimited play options plus integrated settings, but it might not work for all body types.

#3. The LELO Tiani 3


The LELO Tiani 3 is a body-conscious vibrator featuring eight built-in settings and two separately functioning arms. This U-shaped sex toy massages the clitoris and stimulates the G-spot or P-spot with strong vibes and customizable sessions. Meanwhile, it’s quiet and quaint for intimacy without intrusion.

Experience pleasure from the inside out (or outside in) by using the intuitive SenseMotion Technology. The powerful motor provides intense vibrations, and the wireless remote controls it all. Add its slim dimensions and intelligent ergonomics to your sex toy collection.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: You can change the vibe speeds and intensity with a wrist flick while holding the remote.

CON: There is no available app for this vibrator.

VERDICT: The LELO Tiani 3 is perfect for experimenting and getting closer to your partner but might not suit couples in long-distance relationships.

#4. The Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibes Eggs


The Fifty Shades of Grey franchise focuses on bondage and forced orgasms. Moviegoers and book readers expect a long-lasting remote-controlled vibrator for role-playing and BDSM activities. This device delivers with an egg-shaped design for deep penetration and a finger loop for maximum safety.

Hold the lightweight, compact device between your legs or use it to explore your body. Then control the vibrations from thirty feet (10 meters) away while your partner writhes in pleasure. The smooth, contoured shape makes this a keep, even if you only place it on the shelf with your other E.L. James memorabilia.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: It comes in a beautiful presentation box for romantic gifting.

CON: The vibrator doesn’t flex or bend to accommodate different users’ needs.

VERDICT: The Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibration Remote Control Egg is perfect for both partners and all body types but might not suit those wanting external stimulation.

#5. The We-Vibe Chorus


Like an unforgettable song, the We-Vibe Chorus blends desires for a symphony of pleasure. The whimsical design is versatile and accommodating to all body types. It’s also colorful, functional, and fit for foreplay. Experience this distinct C-shape vibrator for vaginal stimulation, anal play, or clitoral massage.

It features an innovative squeeze remote to help you intensify vibrations without touching buttons. You can also operate it through the We-Connect smartphone app or use the built-in touch-sensitive interface to control the show. Customize sequences and enjoy enhanced quickies with this straightforward sextech innovation that can also sync to the music on your phone.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: This device is compatible with all We-Vibe Bluetooth-compatible sex toys.

CON: The wireless remote requires separate batteries to function.

VERDICT: The We-Vibe Chorus is suitable for couples and busy but horny individuals, but it might not work for people needing always-accessible sex.

#6. The Desire Luxury Rechargeable RC Sex Toy


Use the Desire Luxury RC Egg if you’re new to playing with vibrators. It offers an uncomplicated approach to personal pleasure and foreplay with lovers. The vibrating motors cycle through eight built-in functions to promote sexual freedom while providing discretion for public displays of affection.

Scroll the 12 intensity levels to customize sessions further. This remote-controlled egg vibrator sits between bodies or penetrates the vagina or anus for kinky kicks. Find your O-face for the first time or practice positions with a sex toy designed for beginners and booty calls.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: The discreet size helps it double as a panty vibrator for some body types.

CON: You can’t experience blended orgasms with the one-dimensional design.

VERDICT: The Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Egg is perfect for people with little vibrator experience but might not be versatile enough for those with more needs.

#7. The LELO Lyla 2


This tiny toy with a remote and Bluetooth capabilities looks like little more than a ridged bullet vibrator. However, the revolutionary technology and upgraded ergonomics deliver intense stimulation through wireless connectivity and a powerful motor. Move the remote to switch settings or use the built-in buttons for manual customization.

Shake and shimmy your way to an orgasm with a whisper-quiet sex toy and palm-sized possibilities. The LELO Lyla 2 features eight pleasure modes and SenseMotion Technology to promote intimacy and empowerment. Enjoy the unique dimensions and user-friendly design for sexy surprises from beginning to end.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: The impressive battery life offers several hours of playtime with each charge.

CON: This device does not connect to other sex toys through Bluetooth.

VERDICT: The LELO Lyla 2 is a must-have for those expecting the unexpected but might not suit people desiring deep penetration.

#8. The Lovense Osci 2


The Lovense Osci 2 is the world’s first oscillating G-spot vibrator. It also features a smooth and sleek design that pinpoints the clitoris and massages nerve endings anywhere on the body. With patented technology and industry-leading ergonomics, this easy-to-handle hump stick is the definition of divine.

Experience a ripple effect when exploring the ten pleasure settings. The dildo-like shape and rounded tip help move vibrations from top to bottom, ensuring maximum stimulation despite your technique. Target sensitive erogenous zones with contoured dimensions, built-in settings, and the Lovense app for additional options.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: You can reset the toy’s button cycle to personalize your sessions.

CON: The Lovense app doesn’t have as many features as the competitors.

VERDICT: The Lovense Osci to is perfect for people who enjoy sextech revolutions and unique sensations but might not work for those wanting to sync with other toys.

#9. The We-Vive Moxie


The We-Vibe Moxie is a couples-friendly vibrator with remote access and advanced technology. It offers multiple ways to play, including exhibitionism and public sex as a panty vibrator. This pretty and perverted sex toy is contoured for different body types, soft to the touch, and features a slip-proof magnet to help keep it in place.

Use the We-Connect app to control your lover’s experience from a distance. Or override their commands with built-in settings that work on or offline. Scroll through ten modes and personalize the pleasure on your smartphone for high-tech sex without all the complications.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: This vibrator is compatible with most of the We-Vibe collection.

CON: The powerful battery can take a while to recharge.

VERDICT: The We-Vibe Moxie is best for adults wanting power without size and convenience with complexity, but it might not suit those desiring penetration.

#10. The LELO Ida Remote Controlled Vibrator


You can always expect excellence with LELO sex toys, and the Ida doesn’t disappoint. This luxury-grade remote-controlled Bluetooth vibrator is packed with features and design elements for no-fuss stimulation. The sensations begin at the flexible yet rigid arm and extend to the person controlling the settings.

Experience a comfortable fit that leaves room for other activities and toys. Use the flat portion for clitoral and vulva stimulation, then transition to the dildo-like arm for penetrative power. Hit the G-spot, milk your prostate, and reach climax with user-friendly luxury, SenseMotion Technology, and a patented shape.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

PRO: This device rotates to help reach hidden nerves inside the vagina or anus.

CON: The battery can take a long time to recharge.

VERDICT: The LELO Ida is a sophisticated option for those seeking high-quality versatility and power, but it might not work for people seeking slim, lightweight sex toys.


Vibrators with Bluetooth remote controls help free you from the bonds of batteries and poorly-built designs. They target the G-spot or P-spot with intuitive features, multiple settings, and personalized experiences. You can also share them with partners or keep them all to yourself.

The ten best vibrators with Bluetooth and remote access range in size, shape, and purpose. Choose from sex toys for couples, vibes for bondage, oscillating dildos, and travel-ready devices. Discuss the options with your partner, align features with fantasies, and please play responsibly.

RC Bluetooth Sex Toy FAQs

These are the more commonly asked questions about remote-controlled vibrators with Bluetooth:

How do I clean the bacteria off of an electronic vibrator?

Cleaning vibrators with Bluetooth and other technologies can require specific steps. However, each device is different, and waterproof materials can help simplify the process. Check your owner’s manual for instructions. Then use a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner to remove surface contaminants.

Should I use a condom?

You can use condoms with vibrating pleasure products to soothe your skin, add a layer of protection, or enhance your sensations. However, all devices operate differently and feature unique materials. Ensure your condoms are compatible with silicone, TPE, PVC or plastic to prevent damage or other mishaps.

Is there a specific way to store sex toys?

Storing your stash should be easy, but that also depends on the device. Check the owner’s manual first for specific instructions. And look in the box for included storage containers or coupons for accessory discounts. Then keep your device in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Never store sex toys in extremely hot or cold temperatures or standing water, even if they’re durable and waterproof.

Will penetration hurt me?

Products that penetrate the body come with inherent risks. Your chances of sustaining an injury can depend on several factors, including your body type, skin type, experience level, position, and method. Using plenty of lubrication and keeping your device clean can help reduce your risk of pain or discomfort.

What do I do if I get hurt during sex?

Pain and discomfort during sex or masturbation are signs to stop. Reassess your approach, communicate with your partner, and adjust techniques to stay safe. You can also swap lubricants or cleaning products to avoid skin irritation. Then contact a medical professional if masturbating or playing with your partner becomes unbearable.

Are remote control Bluetooth vibrators compatible with other devices?

Some Bluetooth vibrators with remote controls are interactive with other toys. However, each product is different. Look up the manufacturer or read the owner’s manual to determine compatibility. Toys incompatible with other remote-controlled devices are still suitable for multi-toy play. Users must choose vibrators, dildos, and other products to stimulate different body parts simultaneously.

Which vibrators are best for beginners?

The best sex for beginners involves toys with simple features and straightforward designs. The settings will be easily scrollable, the technologies will be sophisticated, and the materials will be high-quality. Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s warnings and suggestions. Then integrate more complex products once you’re comfortable using advanced sextech.

Can I use a Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrator without internet or data?

Some sextech machines have built-in settings that will run without an internet connection or data. You can explore a limited number of vibration modes for manual stimulation and solo sessions. These products are perfect for traveling because they don’t require online access and are passable through most Customs gates.

What should I do if my device won’t sync?

Bluetooth sex toys that don’t sync to your smartphone are frustrating. Check the specifications of your device and phone to ensure compatibility. Look for information about operating systems and required updates. Then contact the manufacturer if the problem persists.