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Top 10 Best Prostate Massagers Reviewed in 2024

Did you know that the best prostate massagers can help you experience a more intense orgasm? P-spot play is also good for your health, helping to reduce your risk of prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction.

Choosing a high-quality sex toy is the first step toward having a great time and feeling better while you’re at it.

It’s also essential to learn what a prostate massaging device does and how to use one.

Masturbating from behind does not define your sexual orientation nor does it damage intimacy with a partner. P-spot milking lets you enjoy deeper ejaculation and can bring you closer as a couple. And with a suitable toy, you can pleasure yourself when your lover isn’t around.

This prostate massager buyer’s guide will discuss the primary purpose of p-spot play and explore the pros and cons. We will also touch base on safety tips and examine the things you should look for or avoid.

Who’s ready for butt stuff? Let’s get it on.

What Does a Prostate Massager Do?

Vibrating massagers for your prostate do many things, including making you cum. They stimulate the prostate gland located between your bladder and rectum.

The primary purpose is to deliver direct pleasure and enhance the sexual experiences of men, although women can use p-spot vibrators too.

Often called the “male G-spot,” prostates are highly sensitive body parts hidden deep within the body. The only way to massage it is to insert a device that can apply pressure.

Prostate milking provides multiple benefits, including improved blood circulation and better boners.

Why Use Prostate Massagers?

Pleasure is the reason you should use a prostate massager. Forget all the healthcare mumbo jumbo.

You want to experience an out-of-this-world orgasm, and that’s what these devices are for. Tailor the vibrations to suit your desires, and wiggle the toy to pinpoint your p-spot for a customizable climax.

You can use these devices solo or with a partner, for pegging, bondage play, and other sex games. They help you increase orgasmic power while leaving your dick untouched.

So, you can use a prostate massager and still play with your penis for blended orgasms and multi-partner experimentation.

Meanwhile, doctors frequently provide p-spot milking services to men experiencing erectile dysfunction or prostate health problems. This clinical approach is for in-office visits and not designed for untethered pleasure.

However, both options offer several benefits. Let’s explore the pros and cons next.

Prostate Massager Benefits

Using a prostate massager for pleasure means fast and efficient prostate drainage, which feels terrific and helps boost your physical well-being. It can also decrease inflammation and eliminate the painful symptoms of not ejaculating often enough.

Some of those symptoms include weak urine flow, incomplete bladder emptying, and fluid congestion. But from a non-medical perspective, p-spot play feels like an orgasm on the inside.

That’s because the p-spot gland is highly sensitive and delivers excellent sensations when massaged correctly. Many men report experiencing strong orgasms and longer erections when using a prostate massaging toy for sex.

Another benefit is the device’s ability to help prolong ejaculation. Men with a toy inserted into their anus can time their sessions and explode on command.

This advantage makes them better lovers and more receptive to their partner’s touch or other frisky sensations.

Unfortunately, prostate play is not for everyone and it takes some getting used to.

You must also choose a high-quality device to experience all levels of p-spot pleasure. We’ll explore the potential drawbacks in the next section.

Prostate Massager Cons

While massaging the “male G-spot” is fun and beneficial, it can also be potentually risky.

Follow the instructions to avoid disaster. And contact a healthcare professional if you experience pain or discomfort after using one.

Having rough sex or masturbating too aggressively with a p-spot toy can be dangerous. Some men report experiencing anal prolapse or hemorrhoids after using one.

Try to be gentle at first and experiment only after you’ve gotten used to how the device feels inside your body.

Excessive force is not the only concern, though. You also shouldn’t use a p-spot device if it’s dirty or broken. Because the prostate is located inside the anus, reaching it with a sex toy means being extra cautious about bacteria.

These microorganisms can cause infections, soreness, and other issues that could decrease your pleasure during foreplay and sex.

Clean and sanitize your device after each use, and never share it with someone else without first sterilizing it. You can learn how to properly wash anal sex toys by reading the owner’s manual.

DID YOU KNOW: Some men consider prostate play a sign of homosexuality, but that’s not accurate. You can enjoy butt stuff regardless of your sexual orientation or preferences.

Who Are Prostate Sex Toys For?

Prostate massagers are for men, although some women use them also. These devices are primarily for stimulating the gland that males have inside their rectums.

They’re suitable for beginners and pros, with plenty of power to pinpoint the sensitive nerve endings around the anal region.

However, each person must define his or her comfort level before playing with one.

Familiarity with your body is essential, and so is knowing what to expect when playing with a p-spot massaging sex toy.

Many sex experts recommend starting with smaller devices and working your way up to more robust designs. Choose beginner-friendly massgers and use lots of lube to keep yourself safe and comfortable. Then talk to your partner about expectations and safety concerns.

10 Prostate Play Safety Tips

Playing with your prostate can be fun, enjoyable, and kinky. It allows couples to safely experiment with different sensations and positions while experiencing better orgasms. Unfortunately, you won’t have a good time if you ignore these ten safety tips:

  1. Communicate – Prioritize openness and honesty with your partner. Discuss boundaries, desires, and expectations before playing.
  2. Get Consent – Ask your partner for permission to try prostate play. Never secretly insert anything into your body without prep or your lover’s body without consent.
  3. Use Lube – The anus does not produce natural lubricant like other parts of the body. Use a high-quality water-based anal lubricant to reduce friction and protect the skin.
  4. Practice Hygiene – Clean sex is the best sex. Wash your p-spot massager before and after each use to avoid skin irritation, infections, and other mishaps.
  5. Choose Wisely – Pick prostate sex toys designed specifically for your body type and experience level. Don’t try to be a hero because you and your butthole will regret it.
  6. Relax – Let your body loosen up before trying to insert a prostate massager into your anus. This step helps soften the skin around your rectum and can make sex more enjoyable.
  7. Have Patience – Take your time and don’t rush the romance. You might not be able to insert the device deeply until you practice a few times. Respect your limits and take it slow.
  8. Insert Carefully – Be gentle. Use gradual circular motions to insert a p-spot massager and pay attention to how your body responds. Or use your fingers to help stretch the hole.
  9. Wear Condoms – Condoms can help shield the toy from anal bacteria and help the device slide into the body with less friction. Choose a textured condom for enhanced pleasure.
  10. Get Checkups – Maintain communication with your doctor to ensure optimal health. Then seek guidance if you experience issues and still want to play with your prostate.

Other Tips for Safely Using Prostate Massagers

Nobody expects you to be a prostate pro as soon as you begin. Understand that trying new things can be fun and exciting, but you can’t get ahead of yourself, or it could hurt.

Start small but realize that miniature P-spot massagers can get lost inside your body if you’re not careful.

Pick something with enhanced safety features such as extended bases, pull tabs, strings, and bulbous shafts. Then stop if you feel uncomfortable or become concerned about the toy’s position inside your rectum.

Assess the situation, listen to your body, and get help if needed.

Remember, your body is as unique as your sexual preferences. What works for one person might not work for you.

Prioritize comfort over convenience and have an open conversation before each session. Then look for devices that align with your sexual health and relationship goals.

What to Look For

How do you shop for a prostate massaging toy if you don’t know what to look for? Being new to anal play can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Don’t let confusing devices and conflicting advice deter you. Here is what you need to know:


Buy products made from high-quality materials with no allergens. Look for silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), skin-safe plastics, glass, or stainless steel.


Choose P-spot massagers with straightforward designs and easy controls. Find something with a bulbous shaft or textured materials to help enhance your experience and prevent device slippage.


Pick prostate sex toys that are right for your body. Begin with smaller devices and then work your way up to larger products. Look for curves, extended bases, and adjustable sizes for the best results.


Look for a prostate product with the features you enjoy. Seek multiple vibration modes, remote-controlled interfaces, and Bluetooth enabled devices for the ultimate pleasure experience.

What to Avoid

Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to look for. But nobody ever talks about what’s wrong with their product. And since each person is different, we’ll discuss the “fuck that fundamentals” that apply to everybody. Let’s get started:


Avoid products made with potential allergens or hazarous materials. Stay away from latex, phthalates, and parabens to protect your skin, even if you don’t have allergies.


Don’t buy please products with complicated designs. Complex mechanisms and challenging settings can slow the pace, make things awkward, and ruin your climax.


Don’t purchase anything that is too big for your body. Avoid choosing P-spot toys that could stretch your anus beyond your comfort level. Buy P-spot toy sets to build collection and experience different sensations.


Saving money is crucial, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Put low-quality products back on the shelf and never buy a prostate massaging toy with less than two ways to play.

The Top Ten Best Prostate Massagers Reviewed in 2023

Many sex toys are available, and almosy every brand sells a prostate massager, butt plug, or anal beads. Each one has different features and purposes.

So, how do you know which one to try or buy? Use this top ten list to help you decide.

#1. The We-Vibe Vector – Best Prostate Stimulator Overall


We-Vibe makes interactive sex toys for couples. But their Vector Prostate Stimulator is suitable for partner play or solo sessions. It has 10 built-in vibration functions and countless extras on the free downloadable We-Connect app for smartphones.

The ergonomic design features a bulbous tip and dual motor system to make insertion exciting and send vibes deep inside your body.

It also has an adjustable head to help you pinpoint the P-spot accurately. Play via remote control or manually stimulate yourself with this versatile toy for beginners.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Not for long-distance sex
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: The beginner-friendly design hugs the perineum for superior support and stimulation.

CON: You can accidentally activate the button on the base when playing with this device.

#2. The LELO Hugo Prostate Stimulator


LELO is known for its luxury sex toys, and the Hugo Prostate Massager is no exception.

This device is excellently crafted, with silky smooth silicone and sophisticated features. It comes with a two-sided wireless remote, starter batteries, and six programmed pleasure modes to simplify sex.

This device also features patented SenseMotion technology to help conserve the battery and customize the experience.

It offers 5.5 inches in length and four inches in girth with variable widths undulating down the spine. Use it to step up your game or try new things.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Advanced sextech
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: This device comes with a comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer.

CON: The large size and bulboud design might not suit all body types.

#3. The Nexus Revo


Experience deep, rumbly sensations targeting your P-spot with the Nexus Revo Intense Rotating Prostate Massager.

The strong vibrations cycle through six speeds via a built-in control panel. It also has a rounded head for easy insertion and gentle stimulation of your anal canal.

The device rotates counterclockwise to stimulate hidden nerve endings with minimal movement.

Control rotation speeds and go deep while enjoying the texture perineum pad attached to the base. It also comes with a storage container to help you stay safe while getting it on.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Harness compatible
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: It delivers undeniable pleasure with minimal distractions.

CON: This robust device lacks interactive features for long-distance play.

#4. The ElectraStim Quadri-Polar ElectroSex Electric Prostate Massager


The ElectraStim lineup is exciting, even for newbies. Their Quadri-Polar ElectroSex P-Spot Massaging Toy is not your run-of-the-mill device.

It offers a deeper sensation by stimulating nerve endings that traditional prostate massgers don’t. And you get four inches of girth with a five-inch insert to find out.

This toy is suitable for multiple occasions – vaginal penetration, anal play, body massaging, etc. It’s an attachment to the ElectroSex power unit with the versatility your love life requires.

Zap your way to an orgasm with a posable tip and bulbous shaft designed for maximizing your pleasure.


  • Not waterproof
  • Safety warning
  • External power source
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: Target your P-spot with or without the electronic features.

CON: You must purchase a dual channel ElectroSex power using with 2mm pins to use this device.

#5. The Lovense Edge 2


The Lovense Edge 2 is a remarkable sex toy for prostate stimulation. It offers a hands-free design controled via smartphone app and has multiple pleasure features built into the device.

This luxury P-spot massager is also adjustable to help you find the sweet spot without sweating it.

Enjoy a straightforward design and balanced ergonomics for a guaranteed good time. The motor hosts three speeds, four patterns, and programmable functions to tailor the experience.

Vibe with a partner or a playlist and go deep while staying safe with the flared base for enhanced perineum pleasure.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Programmable settings
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: The battery is extra durable with a 100-minute run time on a full charge.

CON: This device is bulky, which might not be suitable for beginners.

#6. The Aneros Vice 2


Look elsewhere if you’re searching for a simple sex toy with minimal potential. The Anerose Vice 2 offers multiple ways to play with a convenient design and enhanced safety features.

It also comes with a two-way perineum stimulation pad to help hoist your balls during deep orgasms and quick fixes.

This second generation P-spot massager features 18 pleasure variables and four customizable speeds to explore.

Press the “Joy” button to create a tailored experience and unpredictable performance. Use this device to spark excitement in the bedroom or on the go whether a newbie or a pro.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: The wireless remote features LED lights to help you navigate in the dark.

CON: The perineum pad is awkward and might not suit all body types.

#7. The Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe


The Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe lets you target the prostate with precision. It’s like a mighty sword of sexual satisfaction, featuring seven pleasure functions and an ergonomic design.

Quickly switch between modes to customize the experience and jab out a justifiable orgasm with one hand.

This device is lightweight, compact, and easily controllable. It has a bulbous tip and curves in all the right places.

Use it for anal stimulation, vaginal penetration, but never both. Then cram it between your bodies for external pleasure to make sessions a singularity.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Ergonomic handle
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: It has an LED control panel to help you tailor the experience from any angle.

CON: The dildo-like appearance might be a turn-off for some users.

#8. The Rocks Off Big Boy


This device is for people who know what they want. It’s a massive prostate massage with strategically places textures running along the shaft.

The Rocks Off Big Boy also has a polished gold activator switch to help you stay in control while losing your religion.

Explore the sleek but powerful design while scrolling through the seven vibration variations. Enjoy hands-free play or let a partner take the reins of this large P-spot sex toy for couples.

It leaves little room for other devices but is suitable for dual stimulation using a penis stroking machine.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Solo suitable
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: The excellent handle provides additional security for deep penetration.

CON: It does not have any interactive features for couples.

#9. The Aneros Eupho Syn Trident


You can have great sex without using a great-big prostate machine. Embrace technology and ergonomics with the Aneros Eupho Syn Trident P-spot Massager.

It’s suitable for men and women, with a versatile design and compact size perfect for orgasms on the go and public displays of affection.

This toy takes every person into consideration, offering contoured craftsmanship and excellent adaptability inside a 2.75-inch toy.

It also has a flexible shaft and bulbous tip to ensure maximum satisfaction. And although it lacks electronic vibrations and interactive features, it slides in next to most sex toys for indescribable pleasure.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Travel-ready
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: It’s surprisingly powerful despite the tiny size.

CON: The miniature size might not suit all body types or experience levels.

#10. The Nexus Progasm Ice


You might not want to fool around with vibrations until you get used to having something up your ass, and that’s okay. According to the Nexus Prograsm Ice, it’s also fun.

This transparent P-spot massaging toy features thick materials and a curved design to help pinpoint the prostate for tailored pleasure without batteries.

The device slips and slides in and out of your body for penetrative play. It also has sleek ridges, a bulbous tip, and unique “P” and “K” tabs for stimulating internal acupressure points.

Be the motor this massager is missing and turn your sex life upside down while avoiding inconvenient wait times.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Enhanced safety features
  • No battery required
  • Skin-safe materials

PRO: This device is perfect for use with other sex toys or multiple partners.

CON: You will need additional equipment to enjoy vibrations.


Prostate massagers provide multiple health benefits and can help enhance your sexual experiences. They’re also convenient because you can use them alongside other devices.

Choose products that align with your goals and respect boundaries while improving your relationships and performance.

Always review the features and compare products to find what you desire. Communicate with partners, understand your limits, and comply with suggestions to have a sexual advantage.

Prostate Play FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about prostate massagers and p-spot play:

How do I clean a prostate massaging sex toy?

P-spot massagers are easy to clean but not always easy to maintain. Anal sex toys require particular care because of their exposure to bacteria.

Read the owner’s manual for specific instructions and follow recommendations to avoid disaster.

Many prostate playthings require an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to help kill microorganisms on the toy’s surface.

Use one that’s non-abrasive and hypoallergenic to protect your skin. Then let the device dry before putting it in storage.

Is there are a specific way to store my device?

Sex toy storage is essential but simple.

However, each device is different. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions and closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Many p-spot massaging toys require safekeeping in cool, dry areas away from direct sunlight. Also avoid storing your stuff in standing water or extreme temperatures.

What kind of personal lubricant should I use?

You should use a lubricant that is compatible with your skin type. Avoid ingredients that could irritate your skin, spread bacteria, or stain fabrics.

Choose a high-quality water-based anal lube for the best results.

Can a P-spot massager hurt me?

Anal play can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Aggressive masturbation is usually not a good idea when milking your prostate.

Go slow, be gentle, and let the device do the work.

Use plenty of high-quality lube and wash your toys when you’ve finished playing. Monitor your body’s reaction to penetration and contact a healthcare professional if you feel discomfort or get injured.

How I know if I’m doing it right?

You know you’re using a prostate massager correctly if it feels pleasurable. Although the anus is tight, it’s also elastic.

That means you should be able to stretch a few inches in circumference before experiencing pain or displeasure. Excellent lubrication can help reduce pain, but so can numbing strays and topicals.

P-spot stimulation can produce unfamiliar sensations, so some practice is required. You should feel an urge to bear down and a slight tingling in your balls.

Many men also experience stomach flutters and a warm feeling flow through their bodies. Communication can help you stay on target without getting uncomfortable.

What is the best position for prostate play?

Aiming for your prostate while masturbating can be challenging. The gland is located between the bladder and the rectum, surrounding the urethra responsible for transporting semen, urine, and other fluids.

Understanding the mechanics of your body is the first step to having a pleasurable experience with a prostate massager.

Many men lie down to help reach the P-spot with minial discomfort. Others try standing with one leg propped up on something.

Try different positions to determine the one that’s right for you. And if you have trouble inserting a prostate sex toy, talk to a partner or consult your doctor for help.

Does enjoying butt stuff make me gay?

Enjoying prostate stimulation is not an indicator of a man’s sexual orientation. Straight men, gay men, bi-sexual men, and non-binary individuals can milk a P-spot.

This technique is about pure pleasure, overriding the obstacles between deep orgasms and superficial climaxes. Your preferred partner is what determines your sexual orientation, not the tools you use to explore each other sexually.

Can I use a prostate sex toy and a penis stroker at the same time?

Because prostate milking toys focus primarily on the P-spot and perineum, you can use a penis stroking device at the same time.

You can also install cock rings, cock cages, and other sexual performance enhancements while wearing a prostate massager or butt plug.

These devices help motivate ejaculation from the outside while a P-spot toy generates one from the inside.

This dual stimulation can help increase the quality of your orgasms, prolong erections, and improve sexual experiences.

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