#SoSS Roundup: I’m Back

Whelp…this is awkward….

Sorry for completely bailing on SoSS last week m’dears. I had every intention of doing it but the truth is that it was my Birthday on the Sunday and, for the first time in God knows when, I actually had a full Fri-Sun B Day celebration, complete with friends, nights out, trips, and running.


It was an awesome time but also incredibly exhausting. On the first night I hit the pillow at 12, got up at 4:30am to help a friend out with some running and…well…sleep didn’t get much better from there.

Anyway, that’s an explanation, not an excuse *slap on the wrist and spank on the booty*

This at least comes with one silver lining: I have two weeks of awesome content to choose from when sharing with you. So, the naughtiness of Peach aside, let’s get to this.

Hotel Room Fucking by On Queer Street

I am a huge fan of hotel room fucking. One of my favourite sex props is offered in Travelodge as standard and I cannot describe my glee whenever I get to play with it.

Thus I was happy to read someone else’s views on hotel fucking and how wonderfully restorative it can be.

P.S. Yes, sex with a wand is sex. I hope you enjoyed your awesome sex On Queer Street.

Where To Turn? by Sex-Positive Seniors

A compilation post of its own, to some degree, this article brings up the interesting questions of where older individuals can go to get constructive and well-informed advice.

This post is extensive, personal, and insightful. I recommend it to anyone – older or otherwise – to get an understanding of the topic of sex positivity in later life.


Oh my god, that paddle looks amazing!

Click this link just for the product guys, seriously.

Stay, though, for Indigo’s brilliant writing, which has me returning to them again and again.

I love everything about Indigo’s style. Their introductions are personal and their reviews fair. This is a brilliant review of a stunning product and well worth checking out.

Indigo also got this review out despite being ill, so even more power to them.

All the more reason to clickidy click that link ;P

Win an Uberrime Dildo by Countess Kassandra

Sometimes shares are about helping other bloggers, sometimes they’re about helping you, but the best shares cover both.

Countess Kass is celebrating 700 followers (bloody well done!) with an Uberrime giveaway.

Uberrime dildos are amazing, so this should definitely be of interest to you.

Go and bag yourself a chance to win something awesome and congrats, again, to Kass.

Review: b-Vibe Rimming Petite Plug by Ace in the Hole

I may have shared this one in part because it was published on my Birthday but that was only a small factor in this share.

The larger reason is that I am a big fan of Ace’s writing style and dreadfully neglect booty toy reviews on my site, so am always keen to promote reliable, professional, and compelling reviews of such products.

Ace in the Hole has hit a hole in one when it comes to those criteria.