#SoSS Roundup: Self Care and S.A.D.

Hello my lovely readers. How are you? I’m feeling a bit sluggish myself. It’s harder to get up, harder to stay motivated, and harder to keep motivated even if I get some get up and go.

Much like many people, I’m feeling those winter blues, or S.A.D. as it’s also known.

S.A.D. is the abbreviation for seasonal affective disorder and it represents that time of year which just creates an ongoing low energy, low mood existence which is just a bitch to try and get over.

Mind you, they say that knowing is half the battle, so the fact that anyone else who is feeling crumby may now have a name to put towards their feeling is something we can all take solace it.

Because of the S.A.D. feels I’ve really identified with self care and self love posts this week, so I’m going to dedicate this SoSS to compassionate and introspective posts which nourish the soul like a rich winter stew.

Oh, also I was on the BBC main news page apparently, but that’s pretty much an irrelevance.

I am big… in a giant world by Married and Owned 

Wow. I mean wow.

Just the title alone for this post is so powerful but the entire post then goes on to be grounding, sweet, and incredibly affectionate.

Married and Owned gives such powerful observations in this post, it’s a sheer delight to read.

I feel like a better person for reading this post, and that’s significant.

My path into being a submissive, Part 1: How NOT to find a Dominant by The Curious Mermaid 

This post is heckuva extensive.

It’s also a brilliant look in to the mind of a submissive, the importance of approaching finding a Dominant in the right way, and how one might go about it.

For those involved in the BDSM movement this post is basically speaking about vital self care and fulfilment. The Curious Mermaid’s style is engaging and they offer so much to be considered.

I highly recommend giving this one a read.

Foot works by Sweet Girl

“I protect you- even from yourself.”

Oh my god. Sweet Girl’s Mr is absolutely amazing, and I think I melted a bit when I read this line in Sweet Girl’s recent post on imposed self care.

Sweet Girl shares the very relatable struggle of taking on too much and the consequent scenario of being afforded time to relax and introspect after such a situation. The whole post is a wonderful little invitation in to someone’s life and their personal way of reacting to such a situation.

Also can I just say that those foot booties look really interesting. Colour me thoroughly intrigued!

Finding the Right Words… by On Queer Street

Just as important as self care is giving one’s self the time and space to find the right words to put feelings and thoughts in to a tangible place in the world.

On Queer Street does so in this post and the self-reflexive thought process that is articulated is something I feel grateful to be able to read.

Thank you so much, On Queer Street, for putting this out in the world. It’s so valuable.

Aaaand, finally…