#SoSS Roundup: Tea and Family

Hello my lovelies,

How have you been? Good I hope. If not then that’s okay. We all have rough weeks.

My family have been having a rough one this week, specifically by amazing dad. I won’t dish too much of the details (family matter, and what not) but it’s fair to say that when life is hard for your dad then it’s also hard for your mum and so you all come together and support the shit out of each other through hard times.

Dads are great and deserve lots of love.

This is what I’ve mainly poured my little heart and soul in to this week, alongside having run a marathon on the Sunday just gone as part of my charity drive to raise money for Mind. Number 4 checked off the list.

Anyway, because of the need to be close to family and invest time with them I’m afraid this SoSS is a bit punchier and zippier than most.

Maybe that’s a good thing – I’m quite the waffler – but who knows.

Do know, though, that I am well, happy, and confident in myself. It’s simply a matter of giving my parents the love and attention they deserve from me too, as well as highlighting these awesome bloggers and content that I love and that I think you should pay attention too.

Also I found three different flavours of Yogitea this week, which is pretty much the best thing ever.

Enjoy this shorter list!

Cock Candy Flavoured Oral Sex Lube Value Pack From Meo.de  by Joanne’s Reviews – Because who doesn’t love learning about the various products that make oral sex even more delicious?

The best little whore by Molly’s Daily Kiss – Smut galore, or glorious smut? Either one is good really (and even better with a photo).

WaterSylde Bath Tub Water Divider Review by Little Switch Bitch – I was very curious about this one. I hope you are too.

Paloqueth Mermaid Vibrator by Countess Kassandra – This toy certainly does look familiar. Uncanny similarities to other toys aside, as long as a toy is safe, affordable, and effective does it truly matter? Let Kass help you determine that.

How I am creating an endless supply of Basil for free. by M4nic Digression – Because although I dislike Basil a lot of people don’t. Also it’s really good for you.