#SoSS: When The Heck Did September Come Along!?!

What the hell, it’s September already!?!

That means that Halloween is next month, my Birthday the month after that, then Christmas will be here.


What happened guys?

Sometimes this year looked like it would drag but instead it’s flown by and I’m left in an utter blur wondering where the year has gone.


Good things that have occurred so far, though, includes a lot of personal achievements (including some pretty big running ones and my own new podcast), a lot of awesome new bloggers on the scene, and, of course, Share Our Shit Saturday.

Granted, the reason behind SoSS is crappy – Twitter and social media is basically supressing any adult content from adults being able to see it – but the sense of positivity, community, and general praise and appreciation that has come from it fills me with joy and hope for what’s left of this year.

So, I’m not going to ramble much in this one. Instead I’m going to let these amazing creators speak for themselves.

Not My Suitcase of Sex Toys by Quinn Rhodes

Quinn Rhodes finds a platform on Godemiche here in order to present a delightful piece of erotica for your reading (and likely wanking) pleasure.

I was smitten with this piece from the opening sentence, and that’s not even saying anything about the scenario included.

More than anything I dig Quinn’s style. I love the small sentence pauses in a flow of larger paragraphs. I find myself drawn in and reading in full flow with every comma and full stop.

All of this is behind-the-scenes stuff, of course, but it really does make all the difference to how someone experiences and enjoys a piece of smut. I hope you enjoy it too.

Satisfyer For Men The Rocco Siffredi Male Masturbator by the Stunt Cock of Joanne’s Reviews

Well, well, well. What have we here? A stunt cock, by the seems of it, giving us some insights in to a Male Masturbator as provided to the ever-lovely Joanne’s Reviews.

This review answers the often asked question ‘So how do you review products when you’re *ahem* missing things?’

More to the point, it’s a friggin great review, providing all the information one might need to know about the product at hand. Seriously. It’s a SUPER extensive review.

Well done, Stunt Cock. Very well done.

Cottelli Collection French Maid Outfit Review by Little Switch Bitch

Did I ever mention that I have a soft spot for maid outfits?

Little Switch Bitch provides a compact and efficient review of this particular maid outfit, alongside photos that are just to die for.

Packaging and washing advice were both some very nice touches for this review and I found myself highly tempted by the product in consideration.

Great content, Little Switch Bitch!

Review – Lurepink Rabbit Dual Vibrator Smart Warming by Le Journal 

Every now and then a toy comes around that makes even the sweetest of reviewers let their creative side flow with a sharper tongue than even they expected.

This toy seems to have been one such product for Le Journal.

Mamz, founder of Le Journal, sees this as their harshest review yet. I consider it a fair one, but why not see what you think?

Don’t Be Serious! by Isabelle Lauren

Sometimes we all need to take a step back from the serious side of life and, instead, enjoy a bit of whimsy, fun, and childish delight.

Isabelle has epitomised this in multiple ways for me this week. Firstly, with their banner change, and then with this post.

If you find that you’re getting lost in the ‘super serious’ aspects of living right now then you need this post in your life, alongside the amazing drawing that comes with it, of course.

And That’s All For Now!

Well, not quite. I’d also like to highly recommend a post by fellow runner and mental health warrior Allie Bailey, who has blogged about her epic 184 mile journey a few weeks ago.

Don’t worry – the post includes stray underwear, so it kind of counts as lewd.

And now I leave you for another week.

Take care all!