Toy Review: The Satisfyer

I hold my new white ray-gun in my hand, and I wonder if it’s not a feather instead. The airy nature of its design reminds me of the moment where your hands meet a gentle breeze or allow a scoop of sand to fall elegantly through the fingers. A bit top-heavy, but otherwise to light that it could almost be absent altogether.

This is the initial thing that strikes me with the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration (yes, ‘Vibration’, not ‘Vibrator’): A toy so easy to handle that it seems accessible to almost anyone.

Satisfyer in general have always been good with the design of their toys. The Satisfyer Pro, although matching the Eroscillator in color perception, did not totally suck to hold. The Pro Penguin was compact but the controls still accessible, and it could be propped hands-free should a creative person person wish. And the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation (despite not being my favorite in the range) provided an option which was very affordable and still easy enough to hold.

But, up until this point, none of them have felt truly accessible to all vulva-endowed bodies, that is until the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration came along.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is yet another suction-based sex toy from Satisfyer but, this time with a $69.95 price tag and a few distinct claims to fame.

G’day, mate.

The first, and most notable, is that it looks like it was designed by a high-class Aussie business woman with a real love of the boomerang’s role in her national history. The design is bend with the brunt of the controls on one side of the boomerang curve and the functioning end of the toy (its nozzle) on the other.

At first I was incredibly torn about this design choice. Firstly, it looked ridiculous to me (and I have, in jest, held it up to my ear and mouth like a phone so I could literally book my orgasm appointment in advance). But, secondly, I was just really skeptical as to what difference this design would make.

Then I picked it up and I was simultaneously stunned and converted.

With enough room in the handle to be easily gripped and allow the thumb to slide from button-to-button, and an angle that offers freedom of positioning, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is like a dream come true for plus-sized individuals, individuals with disabilities or mobility issues, or anyone who just likes a bit of extra leeway and leverage.

The body of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is firm and coated with silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone is matte, allowing for a little bit of extra grip and traction, even when lubricated (not that it needs lube), and feels very nice in the hand.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration also comes with all the extra perks you would expect from the most expensive Satisfyer toy so far – including a waterproof design, USB rechargeability, and a beautiful, timeless design that you could easily blag as a beauty product in a tight spot. “What? This thing? Oh, that’s for my pores and stubborn spots. I tell you, the woes of having my skin. I swear, I barely put it down!”

The controls are easy to understand and use (for the most part).

And perhaps that imagine scenario is on point because the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration has another trick up its sleeve. In addition to offering lightweight gripping and use, the design of this toy was obviously picked for another reason: namely, the added vibrations that it’s named for.

Oh yes, for the first time we have a Satisfyer toy that actually does a decent job at being a vibrator. Like, not Doxy or Lelo Smartwand Large levels of decent, nor powerful, but strong enough that on its highest of 10 vibration settings (which, irritatingly, comes first when turned on) ravages my clitoris with its quivering smoothness and resonates into my labia at the midway point between it and my posterior. At least, that’s how my body perceives it as I lie back, giddy that Satisfyer have offered this option and that the vibrations are independently controlled from the suction and can be used without them.

Having these additional options from the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration feels freeing and dynamic. The vibrations can be felt in the shaft a tad but, mainly, they’re all gearing towards the rim of its nozzle and, thus, gift my clit with a different way to use this toy should I not want the hickey-like sensations that its 11 suction features are capable of delivering.

There’s no comparison to be made here – I am just as much of a fan of the suction – and, on its mid-range settings I can activate the sucking mode of this toy, apply it near or halfway on my clit and instantly find my vulva throbbing with involuntary delight. This is the greatness of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, and all Satisfyer toys but it has, in the past, turned some off. Those who feel like they want a bit of conventional exploration with their toy prior to climax have found it especially bothersome and it is these people who I think should perhaps try reapproaching the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration.

This is because now, if you liked the suction effect but disliked the lack of prior build up, you have options. You can start with vibrations first, play around with the familiarity of the resonant hum of a motor and ease your way in with the patters before either turning them off and moving to the suction or combining them both in to one overwhelmingly powerful sensation that I literally lack the words to reconcile how it feels in my mind.

Mind = Blown.

I am not conventionally a direct clitoral kind of gal, so I really cannot handle the full-on experience of having both features on at once, but I know that some people will be jacked (and be jacked off) by the inclusion of this feature. I can also see great potential for those who like forced orgasms or similar forms of domination where you expose your submissive to powerful sensations.

The downsides of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration are pretty glaring though and I do want to highlight them. It’s hard to clean the inside of the nozzle fully without a very small cleaning brush, mainly because of how deep it goes. This toy’s boomerang design also makes it ill-equipped for couples to use during penetrative sex, which will be a clear deal breaker for many.

The larger nozzle of this toy also means the suction feels all the stronger on its higher setting and all the more like a hickey that has struck a pain point if not applied properly. I personally prefer the smaller nozzle of the Penguin for this reason, but this usually isn’t a huge hindrance.

I also feel like the vibrations were placed in the wrong order: high, medium, low instead of low, medium, high and they’re controlled by a single button too, making it all the more infuriating. This couldn’t be easily fixed without adding loads of buttons but it could have been made manageable had the order been reversed.

Also no storage bag. Why Satisfyer, why? You’re such a great travel companion (what with how your controls need to be held and pressed to start), why don’t you let me take you safely with me on adventures? Sad Peach.

Final Thoughts

The downsides of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration are big. Or, to be more accurate, could be big for some. However, if none of them are huge no-go’s for you (and they’re not for me) then this toy is sucking fantastic, and leaves be vibrating with delight at what it has to offer.

Of course, this isn’t the first suction toy to combine vibration and suction, but Satisfyer just do it so right in my opinion that it feels like they’re learning and growing as a company with each launch.

I highly recommend this toy and feel like it’s up there with some of my favorite Satisfyers.