Toy Review: The SenseMax SenseVibe Warm

I love Christmas, but I hate winter.

It didn’t always used to be this way: There was a time where I whimsically wandered around on the frostiest of days, stubborny refusing to take a coat out with me because I knew I’d be too warm. But times have changed, I’ve lost half my body weight, and gained about a bajillion different layers trying to counter my now non-existent ability to handle even the slightest of breezes.

This also means that, unless I’m super horny or a sex toy is exceptional I’m not getting out of the warm refuge of my bed in the morning/evening to brave the chill of the outside world.

But this is where I, and all other warmth lovers, are in luck, because SenseMax have a product that comes with its own warm refuge intrinsically built-in to the product.

Oh yeah, technology rocks.

About SenseMax

SenseMax are one of my newest sponsors and they’re also an informative, interesting, and truly engaging company.


The main motivation behind the foundation of SenseMax was to respect and accommodate our increasingly strong association between our virtual lives and our intimate ones. To this end SenseMax have products that are designed for the digital age, not just in aesthetics, but also in execution.

For example, one of their products, the SenseBand, allows for augmented masturbation by encouraging penis users to work alongside an app and the SenseTube in order to vary up their sexual technique and experiences. The band can even be paired with VR technology to provide more immersive experiences.

Think of it like a Fitbit for fucking (sort of).

Design optimisation is clearly a strong part of the SenseMax ethos and that shows in the product I received (which we’ll explore in more depth soon). The SenseVibe Warm is a Red Dot 2017 due to the visual appeal and in-use practicality of the product, and you can really tell that SenseMax considered every aspect.

My product also arrived incredibly swiftly and, upon arrival, SenseMax even made sure that I had additional info and explained the reasoning behind choices such as their eco-friendly, mostly online instructions. As someone who is conscious of such things myself, I really appreciated this, and it was clear that SenseMax value their customer’s experiences.

Overall, I am impressed with SenseMax as a company (I wouldn’t work with them otherwise) but what about the product itself? Let’s dive in to the review, shall we?

The SenseMax SenseVibe Warm

The SenseMax SenseVibe Warm is a dual-stimulating vibrator that looks straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi extravaganza.

This offering from SenseMax is undeniably flawless in the way that its design has been visually executed, with even the box it comes in having a clean, no-nonsense aesthetic to it which perfectly compliments the toy.

This is one ergonomic offering, for sure

If you’re worried that this means that SenseMax skimped on giving a storage bag, fret not, because the SenseVibe Warm actually comes with its own very futuristic-looking charging case, where it can be inserted for cord-free charging. Well…kind of. The toy itself doesn’t have any cords attached to it, or any port that you’ll need to plug it in to, but the case itself does. Kind of like the ‘wire-free’ chargers that you can get for some phones, which is still pretty sophisticated in my opinion.

It also means that, the moment you want to grab the SenseVibe Warm you can do so. No grabbing it and then recoiling back because you forgot it was plugged in, no having to fumble to try and pull the charger out, and no annoying ‘magnetic’ charger that half-heartedly clips to the toy when you look at it only to shift out of place when you’ve turned your back, leaving you without a charge when you return.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the freedom of retrieving my SenseVibe Warm from its case quite a bit and it did create a noticeably more ‘in the moment’ feeling to me. Plus it just kind of looks cool.

The SenseVibe Warm case is like if a sex toy was designed to fit the aesthetic of Eva from WALL-E and would look very elegant in most people’s homes, not to mention highly innocuous. I mean, anything could be in this case. No one would immediately guess sex toy because its shape is simply a neutral oval, and the fact that it’s plugged in means they’re more likely to assume you’re just upping your tech savvy game. And technically you are, because this is one swanky vibrator.

The future is now, people.

The SenseVibe Warm comes with two different motors – one in its clitoral section and one in its shaft. The shaft itself has a lovely G-Spotting curve and a very angular design on the sides which you can feel slightly during use. These edges manifest as a rather smooth, and tangibly enticing tactile variation at one’s vaginal opening, which I greatly appreciated, and they tend to hug nicely against the vaginal wall too. For me they were most noticeable during climax, and helped to set the SenseVibe Warm’s rather standard internal shaft design apart from competitor designs.

The product comes in a 6.3 inces with a maximum internal diameter of 1.3 inches, which is very accommodating for most users. SenseMax describe the SenseVibe Warm as having a ‘Yoga Neck’, which I think is the most awesome fitness-related description of a flexible neck ever, but this does have its pros and cons.

As you know, a lot of people like to add increased pressure when using G-Spotting toys, and a bendy neck inherently hinders this. But, realistically, most dual-stim users tend to try and curve their toy towards their pelvis, in order to get the clitoral section to reach its mark with more accuracy, so in the case of the SenseVibe Warm it does work to the product’s strengths.

Having said that I was never able to arch the SenseVibe Warm in to a position where I truly reaped the benefits of both motors, but I did expect this to some degree. Dual-stims rarely work with my anatomy and, although I will try them, I never fault them if this is the case when it comes to my body. Experienced rabbit users should have no issue with this design, though, as the dimensions and flexibility of this toy are well measured.

The SenseVibe Warm is a luxury toy and, in addition to its case, it comes with many benefits. It’s USB rechargeable, waterproof, has a standby mode, is relatively quiet, and has a 12 month warranty (that you must register online).

This charging case is amazingly convenient…but at what cost?

The toy is made from smooth matte silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. As it happens, this silicone is not grabby in an annoying way and is rather dust and lint-free, especially with the included case.

The SenseVibe Warm has 8 different vibrating modes and 18 different speeds, leaving you pretty spoiled for choice and, what’s more, the vibrations in the shaft are rumbly with a hint of thump and are entirely satisfying. Sadly the clitoral vibrations are a bit more strong buzz-hum with depth but this is, again, very typical even for luxury dual-stims, and if you know that this combination works for you on other dual-stims it will likely work for you here.

Because it most assuredly does not work for me, I mostly reaped the benefits of the internal shaft with my SenseVibe Warm and those benefits were many. Honestly I gave up on trying to figure out how long each orgasm I’ve had with this toy lasted, because they have been so powerful, prolonged, and resonant that I just said ‘fuck it’ and did just that – enjoying the ride along the way.

I think, for me, this is partially due to the heat feature of this toy. The SenseVibe Warm is set to maintain a temperature of about 39-43°C and it does so with comfortingly pleasurable results. I’ve always found that heat relaxed my internal walls more, allowing my entire genital area to just sink deeper in to any sexual experience I have as if I were sinking in to a cozy bubble bath at the end of a long day. The result seems to be orgasms that have more sensation and more endurance, and who can complain about that?

I can.

To some degree at least, given that this toy takes six hours to charge in order to provide one and a half hours worth of juice.

That, my friends, is a truly ridiculous charge time and is the biggest downside of this toy.

Yes – thanks to the design of this toy it’s very easy to just pop the SenseVibe Warm back in its case after use and make sure that it nver runs too low in the first place – but that charge time is absurd. If that’s the trade off for wireless charging then it’s too high in my opinion, no matter how fancy the end product may seem because of it.

I will take a longer play time over some momentarily ease of retrieval any time of the day.

Aside from that, the potential downsides of the SenseVibe Warm are pretty standard for a dual-vibe. The clit section just doesn’t deliver when compared to its exceptional shaft (at least, not if you like it strong in both areas) meaning that power queens will likely need a separate clit toy during use. The rabbit desing won’t fit all bodies, making it awkward for some. The shaft is too flexible for those who like to press on their G-Spot, and the lack of a conventional handle is something that I do miss.

But, overall, these downsides did feel pretty minimal during use, and I don’t think that many of them are objectively flawed on a fundamental level. It’s just part of this toy’s nature to have those caveats.

…Aside from the charge time: That’s just crazy.

Final Thoughts

When design, rumble, and heat come together you can pretty much guarantee that I’m going to be a happy Peach, and that’s just the case with the SenseVibe Warm.

I’ve long since accepted that dual-stims aren’t my preference, but those who dabble in them regularly will likely find that the design elements that SenseMax have built in to this toy leads to a very pleasurable experience indeed, and I can see it being a toy worth investing in, especially if you want a self-heating product.

I’m not 100% happy with the SenseVibe Warm but I think that it exceeds the expectations placed on many dual-stim vibrators and really works hard to please its user base. The results speak (or, should I say, clench) for themselves.