Interview: Carolyn from Betty’s Toy Box

Hello my lovely readers!

As y’all probably know, it’s my deepest desire to support and highlight all of the companies out there that I think are worthy of attention and support (the ones that have your best interests at the heart of their company ethos), and today’s post is in keeping with this goal.

Today we have an interview with the lovely Product Manager of Betty’s Toy Box, Carolyn.


Betty’s Toy Box is an online adult boutique which is ‘founded by women – for everybody’. Their main goal is to help every one is this world enjoy their sexuality their way and, with over 500 products, they have quite the selection.

But, anyway, I’ve yammered on enough. Let’s see what our lovely interviewee has to say today.

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the most immediate aspect of your site—its amazing pin-up design! What inspired this and what sort of feedback have you got?

Thank you! People have been very positive about the design and we get a lot of great feedback. We really wanted something that was going to be fun and sexy without being overt or crude. Bettie Paige was an inspiration but not only for the obvious reasons. Her photos always showed such joy and fun and that cheeky smile. We wanted to bring that kind of attitude to the store.

‘Casual, classy, safe, fun and informative’ seem to be the key mantras of your business model. How do you put this in to practice when selecting your product range?

We are very much a boutique store in that we carry all the top of the line brands out there but we balance that with great budget friendly toys as well.

Being an online store where customers can’t physically touch the toys before they buy, we go to great lengths to get as many images as we can and to give detailed product descriptions and measurements as well as material guides so people can make informed choices. And if you have a question, we even have a live chat where you can get in touch with one of us. We all take turns on the live chat and it can be so rewarding and fun.

What, in your opinion, is the strangest sex toy you’ve ever encountered?

Oh boy, there are so many out there. One that we don’t carry but which I read about is the dildo that let you lay alien “eggs” inside yourself made of a body safe gel. That was one fetish I had never heard of but to each their own.

Have you found any obstacles in moving forward as an ethically-minded company?

We have been around a couple of years now and it is wonderful to see more manufacturers making body safe toys from great materials but we need even more. This industry has a big learning curve when you’re just starting out and you quickly discover that without any industry standards or regulations, it’s up the stores figure out what is a good, safe, product and what you need to avoid.

I think we all want to know this: What are your 5 biggest sellers?

1. One that may surprise you is the POP by Semenette Squirting Dildo. It’s silicone and completely hygienic with changeable inner tubing. We sell a lot to couples looking to have a threesome experience without bringing another person into their bedroom.

2. Magic Wand Original. It’s a classic. What can we say?

3. Lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator. This is still a best-selling g-spot vibrator despite anything else that has come on to the market.

4. Satisfyer Pro 2 has been a huge seller ever since it was released.

5. Lelo Luna Beads. Again, there are so many others on the market but these are just a continuous best seller.


I’m a big fan of lubes and lotions so I have to ask, if you could make any flavoured lube cocktail in the world what would it be and why? (I’m expecting a retro theme here)

Ooh, that’s easy. I don’t know why there aren’t more booze themed lubes out there:

Cosmo (self-explanatory)

Grasshopper (minty chocolate yummm)

Amaretto Sour (my personal fave)

Brandy Alexander (creamy with nutmeg, just to die for)

Harvey Wallbanger (all orangey and summery)

Sex without judgement is something we both strongly advocate for. Have you ever been faced with any challenges or confrontation because of this stance?

Actually, not really. We often get people on our live chat who are reluctant to share with us what they need or what they want to try out. Then we get them talking and they seem so relieved they can ask questions without being judged. I helped a guy pick out some lingerie for himself the other day. We had a great chat and he was thrilled.

Who wouldn’t want to talk to this lovely lady?

What’s the hardest part about running an online adult store?

Not seeing your customers in person is probably the most difficult part of being an online store. Not just because it’s nice to chat and show people great products but because some people are still nervous about trusting an online store. We have seen a lot of other adult online shops come and go since we launched, so we understand where that nervousness comes from.

What’s the best part?

Because we are a woman run company, a lot of us have kids of various ages and working at an online store gives us a greater level of freedom in our schedules. Also, when you work from home you can stay in your pajamas all day!

And, finally, what are your top 5 toys and why? (A hard question, I know).

As the Product Manager, I see a LOT of toys so that’s a fair question. Here’s what’s in my own personal toy box right now.

1. The Womanizer W500 white/gold edition. I just got this last month and I am so very much in love. It gives such a unique and powerful clitoral orgasm and it was the first time in a long time I had tried something that was truly revolutionary.

2. The Doxy Wand has been my go-to wand and has replaced my Magic Wand because of the greater range of settings, the longer handle, and the softer tip.

3. Vixen Lonestar Dildo. I like softer dildos and anything made with Vixskin is just amazing, in my book. It is just the right combination of soft and firm and the look of it is just gorgeous. These are worth every single penny.

4. We-Vibe Tango never leaves my bedside drawer and it travels with me too. The first time I tried it, I fell in love and didn’t look back. There is no other bullet the same size that can match it for sheer power.

5. Liberator Bon Bon Sex Toy Mount was one that surprised me with how much I liked it. I got it to review and was skeptical until I tried it but now it makes regular appearances in my life! It’s a great masturbation option if you like the feeling of being on top because you can ride it hands free. My newest challenge is to see what other positions I can accomplish with it.

6. I’m giving honourable mention to a lube here. Sliquid H2O is my absolute favourite and I have been using it as my primary lube for years now. It works well with my body chemistry, it is odour free, and easy to clean up. Just a perfect lube in my book.