Toy Review: The Tenga Flip Zero

The Original Tenga Flip Hole is something that came highly recommended to me by word of mouth but I’ve always been hesitant to purchase it.

Why? Well, in general Mr Peaches is a very easy-peasy, low maintenance kind of guy. He likes things that are simple to use, simple to climax with, and simple to clean, with the latter point being of great importance.

This is why Mr Peaches has often found that Fleshlights just quite aren’t his jam; they lack the ease of hygiene that is afforded by the Tenga 3D series, leaving him frustrated by the aftermath of his sex sessions. He wouldn’t necessarily describe himself as a ‘lazy’ sex toy cleaner (and, upon reflection, neither would I) but one of his toy criteria is ease of use. Hence my tentative listing after the Tenga Flip Hole and then its predecessor, the Tenga Flip Zero (and upgrade in ways I shall explain later).

Admittedly the Tenga Flip Zero (and the Flip Hole) is different to something like a Fleshlight or a contained stroker in that it does open and allow you full access to its inner chamber. Not only does this give you a brilliant look at its texture, but it also allows you to clean the Flip Zero with much more precision. It was enough to eventually make me hopeful.

But did that hope play off or was it misplaced? That’s what we’re here to find out.

The Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is a penis stroker with a serious proclivity for texture in all its forms. The Tenga Flip Zero was designed as a follow-up to the Tenga Flip Hole but, more than that, Tenga wanted to go back to point zero with this toy and rebuild it from the ground up, hence the Tenga Flip Zero.

The Tenga Flip Zero also comes with a cover case to prevent dust from gathering.

The purpose of the Tenga Flip series has always been to provide a controllable yet intense degree of stimulation that is able to be varied in intensity despite having a hard plastic exterior. On the original Tenga Flip this was controlled by a button system, but this, among many other things, has been changed with the Flip Zero.

Instead the Tenga Flip Zero has a partially hard plastic outside casing which allows for two squishier sections on the side where the internal chamber of the toy can be felt and squished inwards for a tighter ride. The internal chamber is made of TPE, making it soft, squishy, and brilliant for creating a vacuum effect.

Tenga have gone to great lengths to make sure that, despite the Tenga Flip Zero’s capability to open, the seal that is in placed when closed is near air-tight and doesn’t allow any lubricant or fluids to seep from the edges, making the experience messier than intended.

This system keeps fluids firmly in place during use.

In terms of other changes, 10 years of experience has allowed the Tenga team to revise and improve the texture included in the Tenga Flip Zero, its material has been improved, and its entrance and overall shape changed to create even more of a suction sensation during use. This is important for strokers—as it really allows the texture to be used and recreates a sucking sensation (and we know how good that can be).

Apparently the Tenga Flip Zero is also even easier to clean than the Tenga Flip and, in both cases, I’ll admit to being impressed by its system. Essentially you can just crack the Tenga Flip Zero open and place it on its self-included drying station to allow it to dry after you’ve given it a thorough clean.

Having the inner chamber be visible and accessible is really important with strokers, in my opinion, as I’m a big advocate of always being able to clean every part of your toy if needed (which is always) and strokers tend to be highly textured, meaning they need particular attention to detail.

Any, my gosh, is the Tenga Flip Zero’s texture something to behold.

*Silenced awe*

Its design almost reminds me of a video game, where you progress through levels of varying difficulty and excitement until finally getting to that last boss and your big reward. Just looking at it is thrilling and each section is made with a specific purpose.

A narrow opening progresses in to a dual section of a ripple dome and a ridged wall before breaking in to a ‘triple chain gate’ of texture and finishing with a layered end orb, which is encased in one side and open on the other. When Mr Peaches saw it he described it as ‘the route to destroying the Death Star’ and it was hard to refute him. This toy is a geek extravaganza in addition to being damned effective. And, yes, it is effective.

Having used this on Mr Peaches myself I can vouch for just how easy it is to take this toy up in my hands and begin stroking it up and down his shaft. The panels at the size are very easy to squeeze and doing so doesn’t leave your hands aching with pressure. It also doesn’t suffer the Tenga 3D’s trap of being squeezed out of a lube-filled hand like one of those water-filled snake toys. It stays wonderfully in place, leaving less room for awkward fumbles.

If I had one personal complaint about it, I’d say that it felt as if I couldn’t maintain consistent pressure—which was doable with the original version—but, hey, something’s gotta give.

This toy offers a delicious exploration in to texture.

Mr Peaches, on the other hand, was conflicted about this toy.

Yes—he loved how it felt. It’s never failed to get him off and he found its design compelling and its cleaning method well-considered in theory. To quote him directly:

When I’m using it the texture on the inside catches the head of my penis, which feels really nice. As I can control the amount of pressure there are a huge range of feelings that can be brought about and my orgasms are always strong and enjoyable.

But, alas, cleaning tripped us up again.

Let me make a distinction here: I personally never had an issue with cleaning this toy. Then again I quite enjoy the process of cleaning and the inspection that it involves. It feels mindful to me and so I take my time with it and feel quite content when doing it. None of this is true for Mr Peaches.

For him the idea of cleaning this toy was a burden and he struggled to ever get it thoroughly clean and dry after each session. The cleaning itself started to feel like more of a chore for him as time went by and anticipating it essentially prevented him from enjoying (and then using) the Tenga Flip Zero. He’d be tempted, for sure, but then he’d remember the clean-up and thing better of it.

This is massively disappointing, because it reflects yet another failure of toys for us that are objectively good, provide great orgasms, but just miss the mark on a highly personal point. That being said this doesn’t detract from the Tenga Flip Zero in my opinion, and I feel like most people would be able to give it the care and attention needed when cleaning it (especially is used to toys like the Fleshlight, which undeniably involve more maintenance).

What is perhaps more concerning is the fact that this toy is porous—an unfortunate reality for many strokers—but Tenga pride themselves on hygiene and the Tenga Flip Zero should be fine is well maintained and regularly checked.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was happy with the Tenga Flip Zero as a toy, but unhappy with how it was ultimately received.

But I must stress that personal preference does matter and if you know that you’re the type of person who doesn’t like a long post-sex clean-up (or simply has poor access for somewhere to clean and dry your toys) then the Tenga Flip Zero will be a similarly irksome toy for you.

For everyone else—give this toy a try! If you’re interested in the Tenga Flip Zero and you practice regular sex toy maintenance then you will probably get on just fine with the Tenga Flip Zero. The texture that is has to offer is compelling, its design sleek, and its grip system very effective.

I highly recommend it with the conditions given, but do be honest with yourself before making that ever-important purchase.