Product Review: The Desirables Vegan Massage Candle

It will be no surprise to some that I’m a bit of a fitness nut. Because of this I’m often stumbling wearily in to the bedroom after my latest romp at a new class and craving a nice relaxing massage.

In those moments I don’t just want physical alleviation—I want an ambiance. An experience that lets me know ‘Yes, Emmeline, now you can relax. Now your body deserves to be nurtured. You deserve to be nurtured’.

There are multiple ways this can be achieved. A nice warm bubble bath is definitely one. As is some time spent in a dim room with music. But my favourite option has always been putting on a scented candle and then giving myself an entirely indulgent, utterly self-adoring massage.

I think you know where I’m going with this already.

When a product offers me an effective way to indulge in self-love then I am already delighted, but when it combined two of my favourite methods in to one? Well, consider my affection as flowing as the warm melted soy wax that this candle produces.

The Desirables Vegan Massage Candle

The Desirables Vegan Massage Candle is Desirables’ vegan-friendly attempt at providing users with an erotic massage candle—for use with others or alone. The candle itself has been made using what Desirables describe as ‘the finest ingredients available’, with the full ingredients list being as follows:

Soy Wax

Mango Butter

Sunflower Oil

Vitamin E

Essential oils: red mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, rosewood, ylang-ylang

Fragrance OMEHA

Outside of the ambiguous ‘OMEHA’ fragrance the rest of the ingredients are incredibly straight forward and undeniably kind for the skin.

Essential oils have been taken up as a bit of a trend in recent fitness developments and, although their benefits are widely inflated, they still manage to smell nice and come with some mild benefits. And by now y’all should know the benefits of Vitamin E (which is an antioxidant and helps condition and hydrate the skin).

This candle has a nice, strong smell and feels great on the skin.

Mango butter is a nice surprise inclusion and gives the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle a bit on an exotic and dreamy feel to it. The mango can definitely be smelt, alongside the other fragrances, although I’d say that the mandarin and ylang-ylang are the most prominent to my nose.

The candle itself comes in a wonderful glass jar which is thick, sturdy, and sealed with a white plastic lid. This gives the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle a wonderfully inconspicuous (dare I say, luxurious) looking appearance and most people wouldn’t think twice if they saw this product out in the open in the home. Put simply it looks like any other candle, which has its pros and cons.

I like a discreet adult product as much as the next person but the rounded container that the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle comes in does mean that it’s not as easy to pour as if it would have been given a more obvious spout. This is, in my opinion, a bit of a shame, as it lessens control of the candle’s pour during use. But these are the trade-offs that are sometimes made when it comes to massage candles, and it’s not a total deal-breaker (not at all).

The precious vegan logo.

The candle itself lasts for 15 hours and is paraben and preservative free (as you can see from the ingredients list). Its aroma is described as ‘light but refreshing’ however I have found that it easily and wonderfully fills the room with its scent to the point when those who entered the room would instantly notice it.

The scent itself is a mixture of fruity and traditional. It reminds me of something that would go perfectly with a floral teapot and dinnerware set but it also has that slightly zingy appeal that says ‘Let’s go do some Zumba after dusting the fine china, shall we?’

As it turns out this mixture is quite divisive. I loved it and found it very soothing. Mr Peaches couldn’t stand it and actually had to vacate the room when I first indulged in its aroma.

This meant that my time with the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle really was a solo affair, but I didn’t mind this too much.

There’s a wonderful indulgence in treating one’s self to a massage candle. The ritual of lighting it and going about one’s own activities while it gradually melts. The moment of blowing the candle out and the control of just how it is poured on the body. The higher up the pour the cooler the wax, but this soy wax isn’t too hot to start with.

Will you like the scent this candle has to offer?

Instead it offers a nice pleasant hugging sensation that is couples with its thick and luxurious form. Like spreading butter on toast, placing a hand on skin oiled by this candle and working it in to the muscles is nothing short of pornographically pleasurable. The oil is surprisingly good at allowing you to really apply pressure and get in to any aches and pains but it also performs just was well during more gentle moments.

The only motion I found to be lacking was light, brushing touches—which felt more cloying and juddery than anything else—but that’s not unusual among massage candles.

As for other downsides, the smell is an obvious one. It’s distinctive enough that it’s hard to really ascertain if you’ll like it until you actually get the candle, and at $28CAD that makes the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle a bit of a risky investment for some.

Some people may also find that essential oils disagree with them generally. Yes, this oil is advertised as good for sensitive skin, but I know first-hand that varying degrees of essential oils can affect some people negatively. Thankfully I haven’t found this to be the case with the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle as of yet.

I also stand by the fact that the jar not having a spout is a bit of a missed opportunity, but this is one downside I’m willing to concede.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed using the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle, though it was a bit of a shame that Mr Peaches was not able to share the experience.

The great thing about a massage candle is that there are very few restrictions with how it’s used or what specific kink it’s catering towards (if any at all) and so this development was never a hindrance, just a bit of a let-down for him.

Still, I would recommend this candle—which I think offers a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality massage candle with well-considered ingredients (and who doesn’t want that from time-to-time?)