Toy Review: The Désirables Dalia

I grew up surrounded by porcelain statues and kitchenware. My grand-aunt’s home was decorated with many porcelain pieces and I would stare at them lovingly as a child. Sometimes it was known by porcelain and other times ‘fine china’ (because British) but either way it was always present in my life.

Yet despite this I never counted myself as truly well-versed in the benefits of porcelain…until now.

If porcelain is fine china then the Désirables Dalia is the finest china I have ever encountered, and I am captivated by its grace.

About Désirables

The Désirables Dalia is the beautiful brainchild of Isabelle Deslauriers, who founded Désirables in 2013 after noticing a startling lack of concern for ethics, responsibility, and hygiene in the sex toy industry in 2011. This was certainly true of the time.

Things have changed quite a bit now (though not every company is squeaky clean, nor every material safe). Still, companies such as Désirables—founded and run by passionate individuals who proudly uphold values such as love, passion, integrity, and respect—are always worth supporting.

In addition to having a nice selection of items available for purchase (all well-considered and in keeping with the company’s ethos) Désirables also maintains a blog that makes their commitment to their values abundantly clear.

Having shared multiple emails with Désirables I can vouch for their caring manner with customers and their overall dedication. If I had one thing to say against Désirables it’s that their shipping was incredibly slow for me—buuuut my parcel did travel over the Christmas/New Year season, so I don’t hold Désirables fully accountable for the length of shipment.

The Désirables Dalia

The Désirables Dalia is part of the intimacy line of products from Désirables, the other of which is a complete experience gift box. Having now tried the Désirables Dalia would I be tempted by the full gift box? Yes. Yes. Heck yes.

This toy is incredibly elegant.

The Désirables Dalia is a beautiful pleasure object made from Limoges porcelain. Limoges porcelain is a particular type of porcelain produced since the 18th century by factories near Limoges, France. This particular porcelain is considered to be particularly exceptional in terms of quality and reputation, making the Désirables Dalia part of an illustrious tradition when it comes to porcelain.

Désirables have taken an ergonomic approach when it comes to the Désirables Dalia. The curved design of the Désirables Dalia is made specifically so that it can be handled and used with ease, whether you’re left-handed or right. It’s also great for hitting the G-Spot—something Désirables have put equal consideration in to.

But sexual pleasure is something that can come immediately or through gradual progress, and the Désirables Dalia has been made to embody this wisdom.

One side of the Désirables Dalia is designed to hit the G-Spot directly. It’s got a girthier circumference and has a pointed tip which can be eased in to the body gently and then apply considerable pressure once inserted (the good kind, that is).

This side is designed for G-Spot stimulation.

This side’s design is very reminiscent of toys such as the Mona, the Orchid, and other dildos that are widely admired, and it follows the track record this design holds of feeling absolutely sensational.

Of course, Désirables Dalia brings its own benefits to this rather familiar design—the most prominent of which being its material. It really is rare to hear of a porcelain sex toy, but Désirables have completely sold me on the idea.

Porcelain can be heated or cooled to provide a difference in sensation but, unlike glass or metal, it doesn’t start out very cold. It’s much more akin to wood, in that it feels slightly colder than room temperature but not ‘flinch upon contact’ chilly.

Its surface is smooth but feels almost matte—delivering enough of a surface grip to feel gripping, even with lube. This, in my experience, stops it from just glossing over the vaginal wall and provides a more tactile and engaging experience.

Wonderfully, porcelain is also very light, making it great for those who can’t abide weighty toys but still want the non-porous, phthalate-free benefits, and firmness that materials such as metal provides.

Porcelain is also incredibly durable. But if you do manage to break it then don’t worry–Désirables have you covered with a 5 year Oops Policy. How nice of them!

As for the other side of the Désirables Dalia, well, that’s where long-term satisfaction comes in to play.

The rounded and slightly smaller side of the Désirables Dalia is designed for kegel exercises. This is the reasoning behind its slimmer physique and smoother design but don’t be fooled—the Désirables Dalia is still curved, can still stimulate the G-Spot and still manages to produce the kind of sensations that are typically expected from the other side.

Kegel exercises are done with this side of the toy.

In fact, if I’m being 100% honest I actually prefer the ‘kegel side’ of the Désirables Dalia for G-Spot stimulation—as it has the wonderful benefit of stroking against my G-Spot and making my vaginal muscles drop and rise with all the sheer joy of a perfectly synchronized Mexican wave.

I’m sure that Désirables Dalia won’t hold this against me though, as they’re all about helping people explore their own body’s on their own terms. In this endeavor Désirables provide an instruction guide with the Désirables Dalia that goes through an extensive guide to the G-Spot, how to find it, the benefits of kegel exercises, and how to do them (among other things).

This booklet is amazing!

In short when you purchase a Désirables Dalia you’re not just buying the tool for G-Spot and kegel exploration—you’re buying the instruction manual too.

It’s very rare to encounter a sex toy company that provides such a comprehensive guide alongside their product and it’s the icing on the delicious cake of a sex toy that more than proves itself during use.

Even though the G-Spot side is not my favorite I can still admire its prowess during use and I do still use it regularly too. Its larger side is very good for locating the G-Spot (as promised) and its bulging and curvaceous form feels phenomenal during the point of orgasm. My muscles clench around it so eagerly and the surface of the Désirables Dalia urges me to keep going, provoking a long and strong finish to my exploration with its form.

But i’m pretty good friends with my G-Spot and so I appreciate the slimmer form of the ‘kegel’ side which feels much more precise and persistent when arched to apply additional pressure. This is the side that doesn’t just keep the orgasms going but also feels extremely potent at the initial point of release. I bite my lip just thinking about it.

And, as if Désirables hadn’t hit the nail on the head enough when it comes to the Désirables Dalia they also provide a very practical storage bag with it (and it all comes in a gorgeous box, as the additional cherry on top).

Granted, all of this comes at a price—$140 CAD to be precise—but it’s money well spent for a toy that could last a lifetime, provides all the information need to enjoy it to the fullest, and is more than equipped for the job.

Downsides? It’s hard to think of any.

Personal preference is the only aspect that really comes to mind, in which case those who like soft and squishy toys will consider the Désirables Dalia to be the antithesis of pleasure for them—but that should be apparent from knowing the material and thus barely needs my warning.

Otherwise I am left swooning over the Désirables Dalia—which will be joining some of my G-Spot favorites in its role as ‘exceptional bestower of immense pleasure’. And, yes, that is an official title.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am impressed by the Désirables Dalia and can recommend it to both those who are seeking their G-Spot and those who are already as well-acquainted with their anatomy as I am with porcelain.

Its beautifully elegant white form isn’t just visually pristine but is also capable of providing some truly great orgasms and the training provided for long-term sexual satisfaction (should you choose to do your kegels with it).

I highly recommend investing in this product, especially if you like firm G-Spotting toys.

Bravo Désirables. I am thoroughly impressed.