Toy Review: The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

When the original Hot Octopuss Pulse came out Mr Peaches and I were so excited that the mere prospect of the toy was a thrill. Here was the very first guybrator—a male oscillating sex toy which could cause some users to cum in mere minutes and significantly help improve the quality of pleasure for those struggling with erectile dysfunction.

The Big Gay Review gave the original Pulse a fabulous appraisal and we were genuinely excited to receive our own for review. Because of this Mr Peaches was considerably disheartened when it turned out that the Pulse did not work for him.

Objectively he knew the toy was incredibly innovative and very effective for many, but it didn’t work for him. Additionally we both had a few issues with the design which ultimately left us lukewarm.

That being said I am always enthused by companies that care, take in user feedback, and strive to grow and improve with every new iteration and, three guybrators down the line, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo is the newest iteration of this stand out sex toy.

They say time heals all wounds. With that is mind Mr Peaches wanted to put any hurt feelings aside and was more than willing to try the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo with me. But were the results different or did history repeat itself? Read on to find out!

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo is the couple-centric version of the new Pulse III. Its main difference compared to the Pulse III Solo is the addition of a remote which allows you to control independently adjustable vibrations for those who are riding the outside of the Pulse III Duo. Straight away I am going to say that this is definitely worth the £20 upgrade, if only to have that option available down the line. These additional vibrations (felt on the outside of the vibe) also enhance the general sensation of the Pulse III Duo in our opinion which is well worth the expense.

Two dvds or an uncountable amount of sexual sensations? I know which one I’d prefer.

The Pulse III Duo builds off of the brilliantly designed Pulse II which, in turn, was spurred on by the initial (and well-earned) success of the Pulse. Compared to conventional male masturbators each of these toys presents an entirely different method of masturbation for those with a penis—utilizing the intensity of oscillation in order to essentially vibrate the penis to climax.

For someone with a vulva, sex from vibrations doesn’t sound particularly revolutionary, but I’m also well aware that most individuals with a penis do not experience vibration as their formative experience of masturbation. In fact simply laying back and enjoying the oscillating caress of the Pulse range can be very disconcerting for some individuals. It certainly was for Mr Peaches when he tried the original Pulse.

However once you learn how to redefined the boundaries of your play sessions, the Pulse III Duo can introduce an exciting new range of experiences to experiment really and reap some significant benefits.

The texture and oscillations on the Pulse III Duo prompts a new approach to masturbation.

Improvement seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Hot Octopuss, and the company are charging forward with changes that make each Pulse stronger and more effective than the last. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the core changes with the Pulse III Duo, so here they are.

Compared to the Pulse II, the Pulse III Duo comes in new colours and has different packaging. The second motor provided in the Pulse III Duo is now 25% more powerful than that on the Pulse II Duo, adding more oomph to each play session. The Pulse III Duo also features a new ‘Turbo Mode’ which allows users to skip right to the 10th and most intense setting available. A speed sensor has now been included which helps compensate when extra pressure is placed on the Pulse III Duo—which helps address any pesky stalling issues that the Pulse previously had. And, perhaps something we were most enthused by, the Pulse III Duo now has a magnetic charging system which makes it 100% waterproof and therefore super-duper easy to reliably clean.

Unlike in Wreck-It-Ralph, going turbo is encouraged with the Pulse III Duo.

Add on to this the fact that the Pulse III Duo has a luxurious silky smooth matte silicone surface and you’ve got one sex toy that I certainly love to grind up against. Granted the vibrations from the Pulse III Duo (although nicely rumbly and complimentary to the oscillation of the internal plate) aren’t the strongest on the market. Therefore I rarely reach climax when grinding up against the Pulse III Duo, but for me that’s not the point. The point is being able to enjoy some very pleasant vibrations while grinding on top of my partner who is, himself, achieving new form of sexual exploration.

And, allow me to say, the difference between the Pulse III Duo and the original Pulse is like night and day.

For us the new Pulse III Duo is a brilliant toy—both for warming up and for that final climax. We’re not always in the mood for using it and sometimes I wrongly go in to ‘wank mode’ with the Pulse III Duo, but when it’s good it’s very, very good and the orgasms are on par with any other great climax.

The oscillations themselves seem much stronger and are what I would describe as ‘formidable’. They know how to rapidly pound against the penis to maximum effect and Mr Peaches speaks highly about the effectiveness of this toy.

In terms of hands-free use we also found the Pulse III Duo to be significantly improved over the original Pulse, as Mr Peaches can now comfortably use it without the need to constantly hold on to it. This makes the Pulse III Duo even more effective for those with mobility issues and opens up even more possibilities for play.

Pleasure shared is most certainly not pleasure halved.

We’ve yet to explore everything on my Pulse III Duo bucket list and my next goal is to peg Mr Peaches with a strapless strap-on while he uses the Pulse III Duo on his shaft.

Sometimes I love my life. But I digress.

Having the remote is incredibly useful and helps me feel like I’m truly in control of my own orgasm, finding that wonderful balance between a shared experience and a toy that meets the needs of its individual users. This is incredibly rare with any couples’ sex toy so I’m thrilled with how Hot Octopuss have handled it.

That being said old habits die young and the Pulse III Duo still isn’t Mr Peaches’ go-to masturbator. To his mind the Pulse III Duo—although considerably improved and highly effective—is still something he would personally rather reach for during foreplay rather than use to reach climax. He can climax with the Pulse III Duo and it is a pleasurable experience, but there are certain sex acts that Mr Peaches simply ranks higher up his list. No one is at fault here.

On a more objective note you will most likely need lubricant with the Pulse III Duo in order to enjoy it to full effect. This isn’t a necessity but Mr Peaches found that the Pulse III Duo could chafe if he didn’t maintain a buffer of water-based lube.

In terms of other downsides, though, we really didn’t have any.

Final Thoughts

The Pulse III Duo may be a very different form of stimulation—and that can throw some people off—but that’s kind of the point of the Pulse III Duo.

This toy redefined the boundaries of penis-centric sex toys and invites those with a vulva along for the ride. What it has to offer has only got stronger and more refined over its different iterations and the end result is something that excites Mr Peaches and I and leaves a grin on both our faces.

We’ve used the Pulse III Duo quite a lot since receiving it and yet I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. I honestly can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me and highly recommend it for like-minded individuals, who want a sex toy that really breaks the mold and presents new ways to play.