Product Review: The Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw

In December 2015 I found myself looking back on the year and writing down some key reflections, which is an incredibly therapeutic process that I highly recommend. During this time I let you in on my favourite sex toys from that year but I also forged my 2016 Sex Toy Bucket List—an epic quest list of the products I was most determined to try in the new year.

As fortune goes I’ve been able to try quite a few of these and report back to you with my results. But there were a few products that eluded me.

The Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw was one of them.

Providing the perfect play sheet for some messy, uninhibited sexual encounters (and doing so in extraordinary style) I coveted this product like a magpie eyeing up the crown jewels. And, for the longest time, they evaded me. But, thankfully for us all, Knicker Rocker Glory is an AMAZING company who stocks the Sheets of San Francisco range (both individually and as part of some fabulous luxury sex hampers) and who kindly provided me with a sample to test.

Insert incredibly excited screaming here.

When I finally got my sheets they were beautifully gift wrapped by Knicker Rocker Glory, strengthening my feelings of utter elation. Sheets unwrapped I had finally acquired my holy grail of adult products for 2016. But did this sheet live up to expectations? And is it worth its rather steep retail price? Read on to find out!

The Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw

The Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw is just one of many offerings from Sheets of San Francisco and it is, in my opinion, the best. Mainly because of the beautiful print design that it is adorned with.

This throw fit comfortably on my queen sized bed.

Some people may say that aesthetics don’t matter when it comes to adult products—as long as the product is functional what does it matter? But I say ‘Boo to that!’.

If you’re investing in a luxury adult product, no matter what it is, then you should be able to buy something that appeals to your taste. A product where it’s clear that thought and consideration has been given to the product in every regard, including presentation. Aesthetics may rank low for some but I personally feel that visual tone is incredibly significant and can have a strong influence on our arousal and sexual satisfaction. I mean, let’s face it, what would you feel sexier about to have sex on?

These sheets?


Or these?


I rest my case.

So what draws me to the print on the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw (which, yes, I would pay extra for and will champion until the day I die)?

To me these sheets represent everything that Sheets of San Francisco does and everything that they rally against.

With a beautiful black background accentuated by imagery of leather straps and O-rings, this sheet looks sexy, kinky, and utterly alluring. Seeing it you instantly think ‘sex’ and not just ‘vanilla’ sex, but sex with excitement and a bold, unafraid attitude. When I place this sheet down I think BDSM and dominance and sexual empowerment. I wouldn’t get this from any old sheet, and certainly not just from a plain design, and it’s this sense of empowerment that Sheets of San Francisco embody.

These sheets send a message through their beautifully crisp design.

Being completely fluidproof and able to accommodate even the most messy of play sessions, the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw offers the opportunity for users to explore messy, sweaty, all-enveloping sex without having to worry about messing up their bedsheets or blanket.

This is where I find the beautiful irony in this design—as, in many ways, the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw tears apart all mental restraints and simply give themselves to the moment. It is a product of liberation and of immense sexual wellbeing, something which I think is easy to take for granted.

For example, a lot of individuals are apprehensive when it comes to squirting. Not just because of the appalling media coverage that it received but also because they’re worried about ‘wetting the bed’ or otherwise making a huge mess. This has led to a lot of individuals repressing or otherwise not exploring the idea of squirting and depriving themselves of a potentially very enjoyable sexual experience.

Even when things get very messy it’s hardly noticeable in the aftermath.

I know this is certainly the case with me, as I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of making a mess during sex.

However that all changed when I got the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw.

The very first thing I did when I got this sheet was spread it out on my bed (which is covered wonderfully) grab a bottle of Bad Dragon Cumlube and squeeze it all over my chest. Everywhere.

I got absolutely drenched in the stuff and slathered it passionately in to my body, beckoning a rather amused (and aroused) Mr Peaches to join me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the resulting playtime but can say for certainty that I would have absolutely never considered it without owning a sheet like this. Because of this sheet I experienced an entirely new form of sexual interaction and have learnt that I enjoy it, that I can embrace it, and that I want more. This is hugely significant.

I have also started experimenting more with bodily fluids in general, all of which has been directly facilitated by this sheet and all of which I have loved so far. The potency of sexual discovery with the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw is immense and can truly be a game changer based on what you want to explore.

Because of the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw I squirted again for one of the rare occasions in my life and, yes, it was because I finally felt like I could.

This feeling alone is worth every penny that one might invest in a product like this but Sheets of San Francisco provide so much more too.

These sheets know how to show a girl a good time.

The Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw is made from extensively researched, high quality polyester, which is breathable, durable, and feels great to the touch. This sheet doesn’t just prevent mess but also provides an experience in and off itself—with an amazing surface that strokes up against the skin with every single motion. This made it so that every time I used this sheet I was brought into this incredibly headspace of freedom and sensation.

While Mr Peaches and I kissed and caressed each other we felt the sheet up against our skin, reciprocating our motions with its own stroking sensations. Such wonderful tactile stimulation definitely heightened our experiences and augmented our experience overall. This is what sets the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw apart from other waterproof sheets (which have their own sensation to provide) or bog standard waterproof fabric or sheets, which simply don’t provide the same considered approach to their product.

Technically, no, you don’t need such a product or experience to enjoy messy sex, but my gosh does it make it so much more of an occasion. And, for me, I am now a happier more adventurous lover because of these sheets—and that’s saying something coming from a sex blogger!

These sheets have also proven to take a lot of mess before it shows and have also been incredibly easy to clean. What more could you want?

The only downside Mr Peaches and I personally experienced when using the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw was that it does make a noise as you move around on it. This means it may not always be suitable for those who need silent sexual interactions or find themselves easily distracted by sound.

Plus this time of year such sheets also need to be laid on top of in order to benefit from them, which isn’t exactly the best ways to enjoy a winter embrace. But for this I blame the British weather and not my beloved fabric fuck spread.

Final Thoughts

The Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw is more than just a piece of well-crafted fabric. It is permission. Permission to love yourself. Permission to be yourself. And permission to enjoy your body in every way possible without fear or apprehension.

Although not everyone will require or want this permission some people need it or crave it for other reasons. Because of this the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Sheet Throw is purchase that can literally change people’s sex lives for the better, opening new doors and instilling a sense of confidence and assurance that some people may have never experienced before.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Knicker Rocker Glory and Sheets of San Francisco for the doors that these sheets have opened for me and for any of my readers who want that extra comfort blanket to literally lay themselves down on and enjoy. I highly endorse this product and hope that it can be as beneficial to others as it has been for me.