Toy Review: The We Vibe Sync

I rarely use my We Vibe 4 Plus. It’s sad but true and I feel like this is in large part due to my body.

The We Vibe 4 Plus, although a very good fit for me, still slips and slides during use if not held firmly and is still a bit awkward at times. Yes, I can enjoy the We Vibe 4 Plus (and enjoy it a lot) but it never feels wholly natural—It’s always a very obvious presence that I have to accommodate.

So you can imagine what a huge crush I had on the We Vibe Sync as soon as I heard about its development.

We Vibe are yet another amazing company that actually listens to customer feedback and the result is the We Vibe Sync—a new product which takes a great couples vibrator, the We Vibe 4 Plus, and adds a brand new feature which allows users to get even closer to each other.

What are these changes and how to they impact my relationship with the We Vibe? Read on to find out.

The We Vibe Sync

From an initial glance the We Vibe Sync doesn’t look different from its predecessor, the We Vibe 4 Plus, at all. In fact in terms of dimensions they’re actually identical. But looks can be deceiving and the upgrades afforded by the We Vibe Sync are more than enough to make this toy stand out when compared to its forerunner.

This is the insertable couples vibrator that I didn’t even know I wanted, until now.

On principle both toys function in the same way. The We Vibe Sync is a couples vibrator which is worn during PiV intercourse to enhance the experience with added vibrations, texture, and girth. This is achieved through having an internal and an external arm which have two independent motors which can provide different patterns and degrees of intensity.

The internal arm is slim enough to sit comfortably within people’s vagina without making intercourse feel crowded. This arm has a subtle rippling texture to it which hugs up against the G-Spot during use and heightens sensation even more. Meanwhile the lower section is smooth—allowing your partner to slide their penis in and thrust without any texture grating against them.

This internal arm can be used with a condom but in all cases I highly recommend a generous amount of water-based lubricant to make sure that friction doesn’t become an issue.

The external arm is larger and has been contoured to hug up against the vulva and stimulate the labia and clitoris during use. As with the internal arm, there is texture on the external arm but this doesn’t tend to feel as prominent during use (at least for me).

During use the thrusting motion of intercourse eloquently complements the design of the We Vibe Sync—allowing the arms to rhythmically press against the body with each thrust as pressure, vibration, and added girth merge to create some very pleasing results.

This is also aided by the We Vibe Sync’s matte silicone, which has a bit more grab and drag than some luxury vibrators. While this may sound like a bad thing at first it actually helps the We Vibe Sync stay in place and feel more effective during use. The silicone is never grating (when well-lubricated, at least) and manages to command a certain hold during use that goes beyond the two-pronged design. Silicone is also non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely latex-friendly and body safe, making it a brilliant option for anyone that cares about material safety.

Lubricant is a must with this internal arm.

With a RRP of £179 the We Vibe Sync is definitely 100% a high end luxury vibrator and comes with every perk imaginable.

The box that the We Vibe Sync comes in is absolutely stunning and is perfect for gift giving. I would say it was good for long-term storage too but there’s no need for this, as the We Vibe Sync comes with its own very compact charging port which doubles as a storage case. This charge point is a streamlined white pod which keeps your We Vibe Sync concealed and looks totally unassuming, making this vibrator great for those who value discretion. The toy itself is also quiet enough that it won’t be heard through closed doors.

The We Vibe Sync charges through a magnetic connection and perches in the case to get this connection without issue. From there the Sync is USB rechargeable and a single 2 hour charge gives up to 90 minutes of play, which should suit most couples.

The We Vibe Sync comes with all the expected perks.

The We Vibe Sync is 100% waterproof which makes cleaning a breeze though I personally wouldn’t use it in the bath or shower. This is because water generally promotes more friction and this is a toy that thrives when well-lubricated, so using it in the bath may cause some frustrating results.

In addition to being app compatible the We Vibe Sync comes with a remote control which allows users to cycle through its 6 different patterns and varying intensities. This remote works from up to 3 meters and either partner can use it without issue and for me a remote like this is a must have.

The We Connect app offers users a lot but it’s not the main event for me,

I adore the We Connect app. It has a brilliant aesthetic, a wonderful user interface, it allows independent control of the motors (which is still invaluable), and it allows users to make their own vibration patters or use music to control the vibrations in addition to providing standard pattern options. However, I don’t want to whip out and fiddle with my phone during every sexual encounter.

Yes, when I’m in the mood, the We Connect can be an amazing feature. But for most of my day I’m practically tethered to my phone as part of work. I don’t want to bring that working mind set in to the bedroom so getting some distance from my phone is sometimes appreciated.

With the We Vibe Sync’s remote I still get great control of the toy and all it takes is the press of a button. The controller is well-sized, comfortable to hold, and intuitive to use and (if I’m being honest) there’s just something incredibly arousing about the simple act of pressing a button to step things up a notch.

Having dealt with a few app based toys that didn’t offer a remote option as well I could really tell the difference between those toys and the We Vibe Sync and it was literally night and day.

But, despite all of these fantastic features, none of them are the main even of the Sync. That comes from its new design element.

Y’see no two bodies are perfect and a persistent issue with the We Vibe couples toys has been fit. Even with a streamlined shape there’s no escaping that some people’s bodies just didn’t work well with the set prongs of the We Vibe couples line. But now this is changing.

In a move that isn’t necessarily new but is still innovative as far as couples toys go, the We Vibe Sync has two points of contact where you can essentially bend the We Vibe Sync to fit your body with more accuracy. There is a single point of adjustment in each arm, and these bendable sections stay firmly in position after adjustment, allowing users to explore their ideal shape and then keep the We Vibe Sync in this position.

The possible position changes as illustrated by We Vibe.

I had always assumed that the We Vibe toys were a good fit for me. I didn’t realize how wrong I was until I tried the We Vibe Sync. The adjustability of the We Vibe Sync allowed me to experience this toy in entirely new ways. Yes, the design is the same as We Vibe toys that I have used prior, but the ability to adjust the arms completely transforms how it feels during use. Suddenly I can use this toy for positions that I had previously thought of as off-limits. I can explore different angles, use it completely and confidently hands-free for some, and have even learned a thing or two about new sexual preferences during use.

This increased sense of control, security, and accessibility has literally added entirely new dimensions to how Mr. Peaches and I make love and it finally feels like the We Vibe Sync is working more with my body as opposed to in addition to it.

Turns out I like my We Vibe stretched out and now that’s a viable possibility.

The vibrations from the We Vibe Sync are exactly what you’d expect from the creators of the strongest and most popular rumbly bullet vibrator on the market. The external prong has resonant, powerful, and very rumbly vibrations which vary in intensity from ‘Mhm, that’s nice’ to ‘Oh my fuck! Don’t stop!’. Meanwhile the internal arm isn’t as rumbly and has more of a flickering feeling to it, while still managing to give a good range of vibration intensities.

These vibrations are more than good enough to use during a solo masturbation session but during partnered use they really do shine and both users can easily enjoy their many benefits. And, because the We Vibe Sync is always in contact with the body (as opposed to a cock ring) there’s no interruptions or bobbing vibrations with each thrust. It truly is a win-win!

But, of course, no toy is perfect and the We Vibe Sync isn’t without its flaws.

On a personal level I have to say that bending the We Vibe Sync’s arms did not feel right at first at all. There’s something against applying pressure to and then bending a £179 product that on a fundamental level just makes me wholly uncomfortable—especially when I can see the silicone folding at the points where the bends are occurring. I screamed internally when I first did this and definitely worried that I had broken my toy and, yeah, it was stress. Still, this is more of an anecdote than an actual flaw in addition to a little warning that bending this toy might take time to adjust to.

With so many patterns to chose from and an adjustable form this is a toy that takes some getting used to.

Adjustment-wise I did find that the bendable arms made the We Vibe Sync fit in ways I hadn’t even fathomed before but, alas, they still weren’t totally hands-free most of the time. I still often felt the need to hold on to the clitoral arm (though, granted, not with as much pressure) and it did still slip to the side during use a few times. So if you’re sold on this toy being completely hands-free and that’s your major priority then the We Vibe Sync may still fall short for you.

Another word of warning relates to the app, which isn’t compatible with all phones. Because of this please do make sure that your phones can work with the We Connect app before making your investment. I’d hate for you to find out after the fact that they’re not.

And, in perhaps the biggest downside for us, the We Vibe Sync does require the perfect balance of lubricant, which can be an absolute pain to achieve. Essentially you want enough lubricant to make sure that there’s no friction or rubbing on the penis but not so much that the We Vibe Sync will slip and slide out of position. You also need to make sure it’s enough to last over time so that friction doesn’t develop over time and water-based lube is notorious for drying out over time creating a natural dilemma.

Admittedly with practice the perfect balance is easier to achieve but don’t be surprised if your first few goes with the We Vibe Sync are a learning curve in more ways than one.

Finally, but no less important, there’s the cost of the We Vibe Sync, which is definitely not small change. For those who already have a We Vibe couples toy it could be hard to justify buying this product. I say that if you personally enjoy the We Vibe 4 Plus but feel like the arms aren’t quite doing it for you then it’s worth considering, if only so that you can take a design you love and experience it with renewed passion and different options.

If, however, you’re completely new to We Vibe toys and you’re on the fence I would honestly say go for the We Vibe Sync over the We Vibe 4 Plus. Yes, there is a noticeable cash difference. However the We Vibe 4 Plus (although great) is well-known for not suiting everyone’s body type and lacks a controller. With this element addressed in the We Vibe Sync it’s by far a more useable product in my eyes and has a much greater likelihood of working for you and your partner. Essentially you’re paying for the chance to experience a fantastic vibrator design on your body’s own terms and this is well worth saving for.

Final Thoughts

The We Vibe Sync doesn’t just bring a new feature to an older design. Instead it completely changes the rules of the game by giving the user even more control over how this toy works with their body.

For me this makes the We Vibe Sync the definitive couples vibrator in the We Vibe line. No other product can offer just as much versatility and compatibility and this appeal to individual users means that this is one couples toy that I would say was well worth saving up for and I couldn’t be happier to have the Sync make more appearances in my own love life.