Product Review: The Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit

Vaginas are absolutely amazing! Did you know that when aroused the vagina can expand to about twice its normal size? How about the fact that it’s completely self-cleaning, balances its own pH out, and can even let you know when you’re most fertile depending on what your cervical mucus looks like.

While the vagina has well over 1,000 nicknames the term actually derives from the Latin word for ‘sheath’, as in the bad-ass receptacle for a sword. Oh yeah, the vagina is so hard-core that it was named after something that could handle solid steel.

Unfortunately there are times where it can seem like our vaginas turn against us too. There are many different sexual dysfunctions that might cause this feeling: Vulvodynia, Atrophic Vaginitis, and, of course, Vaginismus.

My personal experiences with Vaginismus are something I have spoken about frequently, with Knicker Rocker Glory kindly providing a platform for my most recent article. At the time it was an isolating affair but nowadays it doesn’t have to be. Vaginismus is gaining more coverage than ever before and the adult industry has responded in kind, with wonderful retailers such as Sh! hosting their own Vaginismus awareness days and campaigning for #PainFreeSex.

For the hopeful suffer there are also so many options when it comes to dilators too and the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit is one such kit.

The Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit

The Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit is a set of three silicone dilators which provides an accessible option for those just embarking upon their journey to recovery. At £35.99 for three insertable dilators this kit is mid-range in terms of dilator pricing and feels like the perfect tester kit for those interested in pursuing treatment via dilators but uncertain as to how it will work for them.

This kit is great for anyone wanting to ease their way in to trying dilators.

For anyone who is on the fence I offer you this: When used correctly (and in conjunction with behavioral therapy) vaginal dilators have incredibly high success rates when it comes to the treatment of Vaginismus. Dilators allow women total control over the size, angle, and speed at which they insert things in to their vagina and allow gradual stretching and control exercises in ways that conventional dildos and vibrators may not. They’re made for purpose and so they do their job with extreme precision as long as you’re patient and willing to work with them. It’s not an easy process but it is an incredibly rewarding one.

While traditional dilators are made from hard plastic, the dilators in the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit are made from 100% silicone which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. These dilators have a matte surface and are incredibly silky smooth to the touch, making them feel warm, inviting and much less intimidating than firm plastic (at least in my opinion).

Silicone has the added benefit of warming readily with a person’s own body temperature, making their use more comfortable and intuitive as time goes by. When using silicone dilators it’s like your vagina is welcoming the insertable with its own warmth and the dilator reciprocates in kind (at least as time and training progresses).

The inclusion of a sturdy storage case means you can keep your dilators safe and secure (as well as storing sachets of lubricant in with the kit).

These particular dilators are firm but flexible and have a gentle amount of give to them. In fact ‘giving’ and ‘forgiving’ are two terms that I would strong associate with the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit. With a discreet and sturdy storage case provided and three tapered and curvaceous dilators included it feels like Femintimate are trying to gift potential buyers with everything they need to have the best initial dilator experience possible.

Granted, the curved form of the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training dilators may seem daunting at first (especially on the largest dilator) but these curves also serve to create a small, manageable challenge while also adding enough texture and variation to facilitate stimulation as the dilator therapy progresses. In this way the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit isn’t just a kit to help regain muscle control, it’s also clearly aiming to enable a healthy and pleasurable relationship with penetration, which is incredibly important.

On a more subjective note I also find the design of these dilators to be incredibly soothing in terms of femininity and connecting to that sense of female sexuality. The curves of each dilator seems to mirror the silhouette of the female form whereas the pastel pink evokes conventional female tropes even further. This may seem cliché or perhaps even irksome for some but when in a vulnerable or troubling time it is sometimes nice to try and embrace one’s own femininity, especially when trying to find sexual control and empowerment.

Call me sappy but sometimes it’s nice to feel a bit of feminine empowerment.

Each of the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Dilators has a small circular handle on the end with a little divot that allows you to hold it comfortably with your index finger and thumb. This makes controlling and inserting this toy incredibly easy while never feeling obtrusive, overly large, or unwieldy. When the size of any given product is an issue (as it often is for Vaginismus sufferers) finding ways to minimize the perceived size of a dilator set really can make all the difference and I appreciate Femintimate for adding this small yet incredibly thoughtful and well-implemented touch.

The dilators included come in three different sizes, which are as follows:


Maximum diameter: 0.9cm

Insertable length: 6.5 cm


Maxmum Diameter: 1.5cm

Insertable length: 9.5cm


Maximum diameter: 2.5cm

Insertable length: 12cm

And this is why I call these dilators perfect for complete beginners to dilator therapy. My initial dilator kit started with a 1.5cm maximum dilator. By the time I was on the third dilator it had surpassed this kit (with a maximum circumference of 2.6cm instead). This incredibly small dilator kit truly does provide a slender experience and helps those who may find themselves struggling even with standard dilator kits.

You know what they say: A dilator in the hand…

What I also adore about this kit it that the two-curved system means that users can taper their way up to the larger circumference without feeling like they have to take the entire length of the dilator. By the halfway mark on all of these dilators you will have already eased your way in and out of the maximum circumference and then have the option to work on length in addition to girth. I personally really appreciate this as I feel like too may dilator kits that only expand to the maximum circumference near the base forget that many users struggle to take the entire length of the dilator and therefore miss out. Heck! I still wouldn’t want to take the entire length of my old largest dilator, and I stick things into my vagina for a living.

The design takes no half measures by providing full girth by the halfway point.

These dilators so also provide a subtle amount of G-Spot stimulation which, if you can learn to enjoy it, really does provide some very pleasant sensations. I was particularly smitten by the larger dilator, which felt similar to inserting a vaginal plug, but this is probably due to my comfort with larger toys nowadays.

When I tried clenching around these dilators they never felt too firm but always gave enough feedback in terms of sensation to let you know that they were there and that you were making progress. This is especially valuable if you plan to do kegel exercises with these dilators (though I wouldn’t recommend wearing them around the house).

So, are there any real downsides to this kit?

Honestly no, although it still might be for you depending on where you want.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again—in the grand scheme of things these dilators are incredibly slim. For some people this will be fantastic but for others (especially though who have already used traditional dilator kits) the slender girth of these dilators may actually end up feeling a little too small.

Then of course you have the issue of comprehensiveness. Realistically this kit is not going to see you through the entire process of dilator therapy. Eventually you’ll need to move on to larger dilators which means buying another kit, at which point you’ll need to weight up whether or not this three-part kit is worth the initial investment.

Final Thoughts

When wondering if this worth the purchase I tend to think that If you really do need smaller sizes and you want a kit that seeks to enable pleasure as well as progress then why not?

At the end of the day the Femintimate IntimRelax Vagina Training Kit has a very clear objective in mind and it fulfills it with reassuring precision.

It is, in my opinion, the perfect little kit for someone who wants small dilators with a bit of an edge to them which will help them ease their way in to more enjoyable penetrative experiences. What’s not to love about that?