Toy Review: The NS Novelties Unicorn Tail (with Bubblegum Tail)

It’s time to get this geek week extravaganza started! And what better way then with a brilliant butt plug guaranteed to filly any pony enthusiast with absolute delight? Oh yeah, it’s time for puns-galore too.

Tail-plugs seem to be growing in popularity recently—as more affordable, body-safe, and cruelty-free options are appearing on the product pages of mainstream retailers—and you’ll hear no complaint from me! The Pegasus Silicone Butt Plug (also known as the NS Novelties Unicorn Tail) is one such example, offering a viable pony play option for those who consider themselves intermediate anal users (or nearing this self-identification).

The NS Novelties Unicorn Tail (with Bubblegum Tail)

Design-wise the NS Novelties Unicorn Tail is pretty straightforward. A straight and reasonably tapered plug ends with a decently flared base, albeit not to everyone’s liking. However it’s what comes after the base that makes this toy so extraordinary. Flowing from the base like an elegant lace ribbon, is a bright and brilliant, neon-pink pony tail, complete with delicate ringlets, adding to its striking visual appeal.

I may have said a lot of pony-based puns to Mr. Peaches while he was wearing this tail (and more than a few MLP ones too).

This tail is made from faux hair, making it completely animal friendly and incredibly easy to clean (though I recommend allowing it to dry naturally rather than risking taking a hairdryer to it). The striking pink of this toy contrasts brilliantly with the dark black off the butt plug, making it visual eye-candy even when it’s not applied, but during use this 16-inch tail really comes in to its own—standing out and immediately transforming the user into the world’s prettiest pony. Or, as NS Novelties so brilliantly puts it:

Unicorn tails bring fantasy to life for hot-to-trot fillies and horny studs looking to get buck wild in the bedroom.


The plug itself is effective if not completely standard and a bit uninspired if you like a curve in your anal toy (or perhaps a more notable ‘bulb’ design). Measurement-wise the plug has an insertable length of 3.5 inches and starts off with a gentle circumference of 2.5 inches before bulging out to roughly 4 inches at its maximum. The neck for this toy is about 0.5 inches and has a circumference of 3 inches, which is rather chunky for some users. Needless to say this plug sadly won’t be a great starter toy for most. However if you’re a fan of pony play then it should be pretty manageable to work up to with some basic anal training.

The plug is pretty standard, though not for the complete beginner.

Material-wise this plug is made out of 100% silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone has a matte surface and is wonderfully silky to the touch. In fact you may find yourself stroking its surface as much as the tail itself!

Because both the tail and the plug are made out of body-safe materials this toy is incredibly easy to clean, being completely submersible. I tend to run mine through the shower and it turns out well every single time. Very little odour remains on the plug and none on the tail, which was something I was concerned about, so could me as one happy handler.

I have to admit, while I’m not a fully filly aficionado, I do like a bit of playful roleplay, with fantasy being a definite genre of choice. So, of course, I was a total sucker for this pony plug, which definitely comes out on top in terms of aesthetics and psychological arousal. The tail itself is incredibly soft too, making it great for stroking, grooming, and gentle tugs. According to Mr. Peaches (my tester stud, as it were) each stroke could be subtly detected during use so there is a lot of potential for gentle teasing and a prolonged built-up with this butt plug.

However this pony plug did fall a bit short for us.

While Mr. Peaches considered the plug to be well-sized and designed from an objective viewpoint he personally found that the plug never sat comfortably with his body during use. The neck, for him, wasn’t long enough, and this meant that there was always a slight degree of discomfort, whereas the base design was a bit too wide and uncomfortable for him. Because of this he constantly felt like this plug was on the cusp of trying to slip out during use, which limited his enjoyment of the toy.

Once used this hair becomes as untamed as a wild stallion.

This is a shame because there were things to enjoy. For example Mr. Peaches found the size to be at the optimal point between feeling both manageable and girthy, providing a delightfully filling feeling. The toy also managed to rub against his prostate in an enjoyable way, aided by the matte surface of the silicone, but this wasn’t enough to salvage the experience for him.

Of course other users may find this isn’t an issue for them (especially if they’re used to shorter toy necks and chunky, rounded bases) but for us it sadly meant that we couldn’t get the full pony pleasure experience, no matter how hard we tried). Such a shame.

In regards to more objective downsides the tail itself does require a fair degree of maintenance compared to a standard anal plug and, even with brushing, I’ve found that it never quite returns to its original, gorgeous state, so enjoy those perfect ringlets while you can.

Final Thoughts

Affordable, accommodating, and absolutely adorable, I so wanted to love this colourful plug. But, alas, personal preference is a thing and, sadly the plug for this toy just fell short of us.

And that’s the depressing thing about pony plugs: you can love the visual fanfare and roleplay element as much as you want but unless the plug is equally stimulating then there’s minimal enjoyment to be had.

For some people this plug will be perfect, in which case I cannot fault its execution and hope that you have many vigorous buckings ahead, but, for us, we’re left with a long face.

Thankfully, though, we won’t be left in the dark as there are other pony play options out there if you know where to look. Our favourite so far has to be the Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail (review here). It’s more of an investment but much more our style too.

What can I say? Once you try pony play it’s hard to give up the reigns. Or, to quote Mr. Peaches “I am a pony. Emmeline’s pretty little pony (…please don’t sue us Hasbro)”