Toy Review: The California Exotic Novelties Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser

When you’ve been reviewing for as long as I have you tend to get a bit of a knack for guessing how a toy will feel during use. Buzzy, rumbly, deep, shallow, diffuse or direct. Granted, it’s not always entirely accurate but usually enough information is conveyed after a few on-the-hand tests to give a good impression of what a toy might have to offer.

Because of this it’s particularly striking when a toy leaves me at a complete loss as to how it may feel during use. However, glancing over the California Exotic Novelties Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser when I first saw it there really were no words.

The California Exotic Novelties Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser

Appearance-wise there are very few toys that can match the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser. The Womanizer and Satisfyer Pro 2 come close which is appropriate as these are two other toys which caught me equally off-guard, however unlike these two toys the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser is not in the suction business. Instead this sex toy stimulates the clitoris through the use of a tiny nodule which, as the toy’s name might suggest, rapidly flickers in order to provide a sensation that is meant to mimic oral sex. This section is cupped off by a soft silicone wall with a thick rimmed edge, helping to keep the labia spread and to provide a more concentrated sensation meanwhile soft ridges can be found either side of the ‘tongue’ in order to provide additional stimulation if needed.

The odd design of this toy is matched only by its bizarrely effective methods.

As part of the Inspire line the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser is presented as a luxury products and comes with many of the associated perks. No storage bag is provided but the toy itself is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and has a professional finish to it which doesn’t go amiss. The main body of this toy is made from ABS plastic whereas the tongue itself and its scoop-like frame is made from silky smooth matte silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe.

This combination of non-porous materials and a waterproof form make the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser incredibly easy to clean and maintain, which is good because it has some rather distinct indentations around the handle section which might otherwise have created a hygiene issue. Still, the handle has a nice ergonomic curve to it which does made it comfortable to use, and its two-button control system is pretty straightforward and intuitive (though the ability to filter back and forth through the settings could have been provided if one more button were added, but I digress).

In total the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser has 10 different settings which CalExotics describe as either vibrations, pulsations, or escalations. In general each one feels like it has a degree of vibration to it but, of course, this is a bit of a trick of the sensations, which mimic vibrations to some degree while also managing to feel completely unique.

Because of this distinctive flickering I had absolutely no idea how the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser would feel. Sure I’ve tried flickering toys before, and toys meant to simulate oral sex, but none have provide the rapid, almost manic fluttering offered up by the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser.

As someone who dislikes oral sex, hates pin-point stimulation, and generally has chunky labia I had my doubts about just how effective this toy would be too, which is perhaps why the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser caught me completely off guard.

This little tongue knows how to flick my switches.

Guys, real talk time, I actually really like the sensations provided by this product. The CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser may not provide suction like the Womanizer or Satisfyer Pro 2 but its focus on the clitoris has that same feeling of indirect intensity, despite being directly applied to my clit. This may not make much sense until you realize that for the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser to work at maximum efficiency it actually needs to be applied lightly to the clit (almost hovering above it) rather than firmly placed down. If you’re too firm then the flickering tongue simply stops, like one of those hand-held fans when they make contact with a finger, and so the art of this toy is actually in how you tease the clit in regards to pressure and application.

For me this prompted my usually direct-stimulation-averse clit to provide a flurry of delight which brought me to the very brink of climax and kept it there for as long as my heart desired and my positioning allowed. This ability to bring me to the edge and keep me there isn’t exclusive tot his toy, but the duration certainly is, making for a rather unique experience. For the $34.22 that I’ve seen this toy retail at I’d say the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser was certainly worth the experience.

I was also incredibly impressed with how the scoop-design of the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser performed. Effective at creating space for the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser’s tongue to stimulate the clit, this scoop design also allows residual ‘vibration’ caused by the flickering of the tongue to spread, essentially adding another semi-passive layer of stimulation to the toy. This scoop also gave the tongue the adequate amount of distance for its application in most places and made using it in different positions easier.

The scoop design makes getting the distance required right a lot easier.

However, amazing edging aside, the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser isn’t a perfect toy. Indeed, because it is so unique it’s hard to say whether the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser will appeal to you or not.

Certainly one of the biggest downsides of this product is the fact that applying pressure to the tongue immediately and severely dulls its sensations. This is will be a good thing for some (I personally like to dim a toy’s strength while mid-orgasm) but for most it will just mean that this toy is lacking in some way. Its pin-point sensations, while unusual, may also deter some, especially hardcore fans of more diffused vibrations, or conventional vibrations at all for that matter. Flickering and vibrating are different after all, and this difference is detectable.

This toy can also be quite loud at times. Mr. Peaches described it as sounding like it was ‘blowing raspberries’. Needless to say subtlety isn’t this toy’s strong suit.

I also personally found that after using the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser my clit was so befuddled that it wouldn’t respond to other forms of stimulation for quite some time, but this may be a personal quirk.

As a final objective note, though, the battery life for the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser is also pretty weak: A 4 hour charge for 1-1.5 hours’ worth of play time? Boo!

Final Thoughts

Overall I did really enjoy the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser though it’s hard to really place who it will work for and how. For me this was a great edging toy, for example, but a full-blown release was rare. Granted I was happy to revel in the post-orgasm sensations for a very long time but that final release was always hard to achieve. Because of this you’d think I could recommend this toy as a good warm-up item, but the sensations it provides often do feel like the main event. Plus, as I said in my downsides, once I used this toy I couldn’t really get my clit to shift gears for a while afterwards.

Because of this I encourage interested readers to consider their own personal preference (especially during oral sex and solo masturbation sessions) before deciding if this toy might be for you. If you like rapid flickering sensations which don’t require or depend on pressure then chances are you will like this toy. Like me this toy may also just intrigue you at first and then surprise you with how amazing it feels during use, but because it is so effective at being a black sheep it’s quite hard to pin down its ideal user.

So I open the floor up to you with this toy and place the CalExotics Flickering Intimate Arouser at your mercy. A wonderfully quirky contribution to the world of sex toys, or a garish raspberry-blowing dud of a confused device? For its rather low price deciding yourself may actually just be worth the risk.