Toy Review: The PalmPower Recharge Cordless Massage Wand

I had completely forgotten how liberating orgasms with the PalmPower can be; the palpable release at the point of climax. The profound sense of weightlessness as a wave of sensations rush through my body. The PalmPower Wand is one of the best wands out there and yet I had allowed its prowess to slip from my memory. I know the reason why.

As much as I love/d my original PalmPower its status as a tethered toy meant that we simply drifted apart. With so many cordless toys in my collection I was spoiled for choice and it felt harder and harder to justify keeping myself restrained to a plug.

However my love for the PalmPower has been rekindled and I am well-and-truly addicted to it again. For this to happen the PalmPower itself had to be liberated—freed from the constraints of its corded existence—and that’s exactly what has happened.

The PalmPower Recharge was like the answer to prayers that I didn’t even know I had. It reinvented a toy that used to be near and dear to me and reminded me exactly why this was the case. Can you tell that I like this toy? Good.

The PalmPower Recharge Cordless Massage Wand

The PalmPower Recharge is a wonderfully compact wand which packs an incredible punch. The plastic box that the PalmPower Recharge comes in is adorably coy stating that this toy is ‘taking massage to the next level’ by ‘provid[ing] you with a super-charged massage and phenomenal intensity’. Cute. Quaint description aside the box for this wand in completely right; the PalmPower Recharge really does provide phenomenal sensations considering its size, making it one of my new go-to clitoral toys.

The PalmPower Recharge packs a real punch.

When I say the PalmPower Recharge is compact I mean it. The PalmPower Recharge has a total length of 7.5 inches and its head has a maximum circumference of 5 inches. Compare this to my other favourite wand (the Lelo Smart Wand Large) which has a total length of 12 inches and a maximum circumference of 7.5 inches around the head and the difference suddenly become increasingly apparent.

Because the PalmPower Recharge is so small it is a lot easier to use with a partner (not to mention certain dildos). It’s the perfect wand to use when you need something small but don’t need to compromise on power. My kind of vibe.

The PalmPower Recharge is also completely body safe. The handle and bottom of the head are made out of a non-porous phthalate-free plastic whereas the head comes equipped with a silicone cap. This cap can be removed at will and washed in the sink, although the main body of the PalmPower Recharge is not waterproof and needs to be wiped clean.

The cap on the original PalmPower felt a little bit abrasive at the edges however my PalmPower Recharge has no such issues. I assume this means that the problem has been fixed, although if so the difference is very subtle—as I got my old wand out to compare and contrast.

One of the reasons that the PalmPower Recharge has this cap (aside from hygiene) is so that it can be swapped out with different attachment. Several such attachments have been made and, although I’ve never tired them, some do look very interesting, so they’re worth checking out.

As its name suggests, the PalmPower Recharge is rechargeable via USB. The cable it comes with is 40 inches long though I’m not too sure why, as it doesn’t work while charging. An LED light lets you know how far along the charge is. The charge duration and the user time isn’t specified anywhere in the manual but my wand has lasted a fair few uses before I’ve decided to recharge it so I’m willing to bet it lasts a decent amount of time.

The PalmPower Recharge is incredibly easy to operate. There is a single button and all you need to do is press and hold it to increase the vibration intensity. This allows for an extreme amount of control over the intensity, although it does mean that pattern lovers are left out in the cold a bit. It also has a locking feature, which makes it travel friendly.

The PalmPower Recharge starts off with a gentle, rumbly purr which makes it accessible to beginners but it also builds up to a very powerful hum. This hum feels somewhat superficial and buzzy when held in the hand but becomes incredibly potent when applied to the genitals. When I turn the PalmPower Recharge up I can feel my posterior quivering, even though the wand’s head is firmly placed on my vulva. That’s how effective and deep this toy is.

The smaller head of this wand also makes it great if you want a more precise experience.

When compared to the original PalmPower the PalmPower Recharge does feel a bit smoother—which in the hand translates as feeling a bit weaker—however the difference is one of refinement instead of a decreased strength and both are formidable tools.

I think I’ve made how my orgasms with this toy feel abundantly clear, but there’s no harm in repeating my enthusiasm. I have never had a bad orgasm with the PalmPower Recharge. It has never left me without and, instead, has satisfied me with each and every use. When I don’t want to be touting around my beloved-but-bulky Lelo Smart Wand Large I now have a viable cordless alternative and that fills me with joy.

That being said the PalmPower Recharge is not perfect.

Not being waterproof really is a big downer and I feel like the makers should make this their next step in any future iterations. This issue is aggravated by the indentations in the neck of this wand, which require a toothbrush for a thorough clean.

The one-button system, while useful, is also a bit of a pain, especially when if you accidentally press and release you turn the toy off instead of increasing its intensity. You also can’t lower the intensity once it’s been set, unless you’re willing to turn the toy off and start all over again, which can be a real mood killer. Having two buttons would easily solve this.

Being so strong the PalmPower Recharge is also a little bit noisy, though it should be concealable with music, a closed door and some sheets.

Still these problems really do pale in comparison to how enjoyable this toy is and I’ll gladly tolerate pulling out the toy cleaner and wet wipes if it means having this toy in my life.

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that the PalmPower Recharge impressed me, as well as proving itself a fine successor to its cord-bound original. Powerful, small, and incredibly deep, I couldn’t be happier with what the PalmPower Recharge has to offer.

If you’re looking for a strong wand but don’t want anything too bulky then the PalmPower Recharge is the perfect wand for you. My recommendation? Definitely give it a try, especially if you have a penchant for power.