Toy Review: The Godemiche Adam (Blue/Yellow)

The Godemiche Adam is the dildo equivalent of brute-forcing an orgasm and I can’t get enough of it. All you need to do is look at the Adam to get an impression of its strengths. This toy is a chunky hunk of silicone and it owns every single inch of its girthy design.

That being said the Adam isn’t a toy that resides strictly in the domain of the size kings and queens. In fact the Adam is what I would call accessibly girthy; sizeable but manageable too. The Adam is perfectly designed to make the most of its measurements without ever feeling excessive. And, with a price tag of £20-£25, the Adam is almost too good not to try.

About Godemiche

The Adam was provided to me by Godemiche in exchange for an honest review. Although it seems near-impossible, I’m actually more excited about Godemiche themselves then I am about Adam.

Godemiche is a UK-based company specializing in the production of silicone sex toys.

By Godemiche’s own admittance they’re not trying to ‘break the mould’ with their products but, instead, ‘recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo’.

Personally I think Godemiche are selling themselves short here, as there products do have a unique flare that can’t quite be replicated. And with such affordable prices they certainly are breaking the mould in terms of what sex toy materials are and aren’t cheaply accessible.

All Godemiche products are made completely by hand. This is so that the owners of Godemiche can feel confident that each item was made with the proper amount of love and care. Dedication like that is important to me as a customer and I’m glad to see that it’s important to Godemiche too.

Also can we just talk about the colour selection Godemiche offer? Yellow, green, blue, golden, mixed, pearlescent, glow-in-the-dark, cubed, Halloween. Godemiche literally have a colour for every occasion which is absolutely fabulous.

Never let anyone tell you that sex toy colourations don’t matter because, trust me, they do. Godemiche understands that and they’ve provided us with such a wonderful collection of colours, it’s almost unbelievable. At most you’ll pay £5 extra for these colours too, which is incredible, all things considered.

My Adam arrived in a prompt manner and was well packaged. There was an error in the colour that I requested but, as soon as Godemiche found out, they promptly offered to send a new dildo out. I declined but it’s good to know that Godemiche is swift to deal with customer concerns.

The Godemiche Adam

The Godemiche Adam is a perfect embodiment of Godemiche’s philosophy. It’s not exactly a mould-breaker—in fact it’s pretty much you’re friendly neighborhood dildo—however it’s brings colour, flare and a distinctive style to a classic idea. It certainly is the type of dildo you could fall in love with, especially considering the colour selection. My Adam is an Adam-bi, with a mixture of blue and yellow, costing £20 to purchase. In short this wonderful colour mixture won’t even cost you more than a mono-coloured Adam, which is pretty damned impressive.

With so many colours available there’s an Adam for every occasion.

The Adam has a rather unique style to it. Taking a realistic approach, the Adam has a straight shaft with details like the corpus spongiosum standing out for extra effect. The most detail on the Adam has gone into the head, and the section just before it, where there is a very noticeable divide between the corona and the retracted foreskin. This creates what is probably one of the most distinctive coronal ridges with a hook that might be a bit too drastic for some, especially when it comes to thrusting. Still, I’m a big believer that this isn’t the right toy for rapid thrusting. Instead the Adam does best when it is either being slowly thrusted in short bursts or simply wiggled around while inserted.

There is no obvious curve to the Adam so its main stimulation comes from its size and its distinctive head.

In terms of measurements the Adam has a useable length of about 5.75 inches and a circumference of 5 inches around the shaft. Its head comes in at 5.6 inches at the corona, which is probably the most bulbous section of the toy. Keeping these measurements in mind the short and stout appearance of the Adam is partly psychological.

This toy looks and feels bigger than it is, due to its design, while still being within the region of ‘manageable’ for most people. I was certainly daunted when I first saw the Adam, however when I first went to use it I realized I didn’t even need a warm-up toy before inserting it. That’s not to say that the Adam doesn’t still feel big, it really does, but this is mostly due to factors other than a momentous girth.

The Adam may surprise you with how simultaneously thick & manageable it feels.

Material is certainly one of those factors. The Adam is made out of 100% platinum grade silicone which, might I remind you, is absolutely bonkers considering the low price tag. This makes the Adam non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. It also makes it very easy to clean (though watch out for that urethral opening, it likes to hoard gunk).

The silicone used for the Adam is also incredibly firm. It does have some flexibility to it but it still feel rather dense and unyielding with pretty much no squish. That Position described it as similar to an eraser and that’s a pretty apt description. The surface of the Adam is quite draggy, almost rough in places, but none of that translates negatively during use. This is especially the case when the toy is lubed up nicely, allowing for the Adam to have the perfect amount of drag without any rubbing.

Because the Adam is made of this chunky, draggy silicone it really does feel like a size sensation when inserted. The bulbous head gives this toy a girthy feeling from the get-go and the shaft offers little reprieve. This gives the Adam a very filling sensation without causing trouble in terms of discomfort.

When using the Adam, I have to admit, I don’t get much G-Spot stimulation unless I keep wiggling it, but I am always aware of its stocky presence during use. Adding in a little wiggle causes the coronal ridge and retracted foreskin crease, to caress my vaginal walls which is usually what tips me over the edge into an orgasm.

This head is to die for.

Orgasms with the Adam can take time, but the payoff is usually explosive. Because the Adam feel girthier it forces my vaginal muscles to work harder for each contraction, making each spasm feel incredibly substantial. The build-up to the climax also has this primal swell to it, like an unstoppable tide of satisfaction. The Adam may be a good old fashioned dildo but there’s nothing everyday about the orgasms it provides.

Another thing worth noting is how the Adam makes me feel post-climax. A heaviness in the chest, yet an overall lightness. A pleasant ache in my vagina as a reminder of my adventures. A gentle throbbing. The afterglow is real people.

Also this toy is compatible for anal use. Yay.

So, are there any downsides to the Adam? Well, no toy is perfect.

Like I said before, the Adam does require an extra bit of diligence when cleaning, especially due to its urethral opening, but since it’s made from silicone this is hardly an issue.

What is perhaps more troubling is the base of the Adam, which is a bit too chunky to be held comfortably for me but, again, it’s not exactly the end of the world.

In terms of personal preference if you prefer slimmer toys, squishy silicone, and minimal texture then the Adam probably won’t work for you. Also if you need firm and persistent G-Spotting the the Adam may not be able to provide that for you. I’m hoping that Godemiche will release a slimmer toy in the future with more of a G-spotting curve to it. Fingers crossed.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very happy with the Adam and recommend it to anyone looking for a filling experience without being stretched too much. The sensations that the Adam provides are very satisfying and are well worth a try, especially at £20-£25 and with so many colours to choose from. I almost feel like I buying multiple Adams just so I can have different colours to match my moods!

The Adam may not be a perfect specimen for everyone but it does represent the massive potential that Godemiche has as a company. I look forward to seeing what they make from here onward.