Toy Review: The Womanizer Pro W500

Following on from the Sundaze, the Womanizer Pro is another toy that is hard to pin down. However, unlike the Sundaze the Womanizer line is entirely unique. Only its predecessor, the original Womanizer, has a similar sensation.

As some of you may know. I really, really liked the original Womanizer. Very few toys can get me from 0 to orgasm in less than a minute but the Womanizer is one of those very rare toys. I only had a few downsides to mention about it and I still feel fully satisfied whenever I use it.

However it’s almost as if Womanizer have read my mind with the release of the Womanizer Pro W500. Almost every single criticism I had about the original has been addressed. Most importantly the Womanizer Pro now features 8 different levels of intensity; making it much more accessible to both power queens and appreciators of a gentler touch.

With all that in mind I think you can tell that this is going to be a positive review. Still, for the finer details, read on.


My Womanizer Pro W500 was provided by in exchange for an honest review. are an online sex shop based in Switzerland, and were founded in 2009. Their team is made up of people with over 10 years of experience in online business and their professionalism shines through. aim to provide quality products and a competent and discreet service. To that end they have a wonderful website filled with very tempting treats, of which the Womanizer Pro is just one.

My Womanizer Pro arrived swiftly and was, indeed, discreetly packaged. Talking with the team was a breeze and I felt that all of my needs were met as a customer.

I can certainly recommend

The Womanizer Pro W500

The Womanizer Pro W500 is the next in the line of Womanizer toys. I’m a big fan of the mantra ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and, thankfully, Womanizer haven’t really changed any of the core functions of the Womanizer Pro. Instead they’ve added more options for intensity and made the device more compact and solved some of the minor issues that the original model suffered from.

The Womanizer Pro gets the job done.

While the original Womanizer was long and thin the Womanizer Pro has gone for a short and stout appearance. This does make it more comfortable to hold and I prefer it’s sleek, ergonomic aesthetic. It still looks like a piece of medical equipment though.

One of the other things to like about the Womanizer Pro aesthetically is its colour choices. While the pink flowery, leopard printed models do still exist, the Womanizer Pro also comes in an elegant white and silver. A little Swarovski crystal is also used for one of the buttons, adding a little bit of understated (read: tolerable) dazzle to the toy.

With the outdated design fixed the Womanizer Pro has already gone a long way towards making itself seem much more deserving of its luxury statement. I still wish it could be rebranded, though. I can hear it now ‘Womanizer Pro: A Pro Womanizer, bro’… Yeah, that name still sucks. Still, I can imagine it would be difficult to rebrand it so I suppose we’re stuck with it *sigh*

It’s shorter and stouter but retains the same name.

Whereas the original Womanizer came with a sturdy case the Womanizer Pro comes with a simple storage bag. I’m in two minds about this: I liked the old case but it does take up more room, a storage bag is undoubtedly more versatile in terms of storage. But this is a minor semi-gripe.

The Womanizer Pro maintains the detachable silicone tip (with a spare included) and an ABS plastic body. This makes it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. Sadly the Womanizer Pro still isn’t water proof so the main body must be wiped with a damp cloth and soap (or some toy cleaner and a wet wipe). Thankfully I found cleaning the Womanizer Pro to be pretty easy and have had no issues with it.

The Womanizer Pro is rechargeable; with 70 minutes of charge giving you up to 240 minutes worth of play time. The Womanizer Pro has a little protective cap over its charge port which keeps it nice and safe. This cap is very easy to remove and the charge cable is easy to insert. During its charge a blinking LED will let you know its progress—becoming a consistent light when the charge is complete.

There are three really easy buttons on the Womanizer Pro (two of which are on the same button technically)—there’s +, – and an on/off button. You press and hold the on/off button to turn the Womanizer Pro on or off and the + and – control the intensity levels (pretty straightforward). The on/off button can also be quickly pressed in order to return the Womanizer Pro to its gentlest setting. Pretty handy if you want to quickly pull back to it or if you need a fast stop of sorts (as the lowest level is whisper quiet).

The controls are very effective.

One of my biggest issue with the original Womanizer was that that the buttons were very easy to accidentally press, especially during cleaning. Thankfully these buttons are much sturdier on the Womanizer Pro and are less prone to accidental activation. In fact they haven’t once turned on or changed setting when I haven’t wanted them to, which is great.

Little touches like these may not seem like much but the Womanizer Pro retails at CHF 219.90 (about £150 as of this review) so it really does need to have a high quality build in order to justify the price.

Another thing that really matters with a toy this pricey are orgasms.

As I mentioned before, the Womanizer Pro has 8 settings instead of the original 5. While that doesn’t seem like much these settings actually do feel much more varied and justified.

The gentlest setting is incredibly weak, which (unlike in most situations) is pretty great. Typically becoming weaker isn’t a toy’s main objective but the original Womanizer was too powerful for some (myself included sometimes!). Now that there are some weaker settings people who struggled with the Womanizer before can now enjoy it. I certainly feel more comfortable using it and can now use it on my nipples as well.

In all cases the Womanizer Pro has a similar sensation but it becomes more rapid and intense on the higher settings. The feeling is somewhat of a rippling undulation, a wave of flickers as the Womanizer Pro sucks on the clitoris to achieve stimulation. This feels incredibly strange. In my original Womanizer review I compared it to what being beamed up onto a ship might feel like and I stand by that.

I cannot use the highest settings on the Womanizer Pro. I simply can’t. In fact I actually prefer pottering around on the lower settings. They’re more than capable of giving me very prolonged, near-instant vaginal contractions which are similar to orgasms. I say similar to orgasms because it feels so bizarre to think that an orgasm could go on for so long—for as long as the Womanizer Pro is applied basically.

When I first apply the Womanizer Pro I have a mid-strength orgasm and then the vaginal contractions just keep going and going. It’s insanely lazy really; I can just sit there, Womanizer Pro applied and just enjoy as much pleasure as I want until I finally kick it up a notch and have a stronger, fully gratifying orgasm. It keeps me satisfied in every sense of the word.

As with the original Womanizer I’m faced with a dilemma when it comes to the Womanizer Pro in that I have no idea if this will work for you. For many it does and it’s fantastic, for some it really doesn’t. It seems like those who prefer conventional vibrators or like having full access to the clitoris disliked the Womanizer and may, therefore, will probably dislike the Womanizer Pro. People who like to move their toy around may also dislike the Womanizer Pro—as it needs to stay in place around the clitoris during use.

However people who are receptive to non-conventional forms of stimulation or those who like sucking sensations on their clitoris may really like the Womanizer Pro. I have to admit I wouldn’t think of myself as a conventional candidate for the Womanizer Pro and I actually adore mine. It’s a really tricky situation and the Womanizer Pro is a very expensive gamble but, in my opinion, if it works then it’s worth it.

In terms of downsides, there aren’t too many beyond personal preference. My biggest complaint would be that, at this price range, I really would expect the toy to be waterproof. I want to feel the suction effect of this toy underwater. Alas, it’s just not meant to be for now.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly happy with my Womanizer Pro. I adore my original Womanizer but it seems only fitting that it’s be dethroned by its successor.

The Womanizer Pro addresses pretty much all of the issues I had with the original and does so with style and effectiveness. I would highly recommend this to those who are interested but, due to this toy’s very unique sensation, it’s hard for me to say whether or not it would work for you.

If, however, you were going to buy a Womanizer then I’d say definitely buy this instead of the original. It’s an all-around improvement and feels like it’s worth the extra money for the practical upgrades.