Toy Review: The Womanizer

Sometimes something comes along that is distinctly different—a whole new way to experience pleasure which is both intriguing and effective. The Stronic Eins is a good example of this. As is the Revel Body SOL. In those moments reviewers like me get excited because we get to test something that stands out from the crowd in a significant way. We also wonder if the newest innovation is actually worth the money or if it’s just a novel idea that was good in theory but not practice.

When I first saw the Womanizer I was leaning towards the latter. Upon hearing its sexist name I was immediately put off. When I saw its appearance my feelings grew stronger.

Judging a book by its cover I had all but totally dismissed the Womanizer for the longest time, and that’s a damned shame. Why, you ask?

Because the Womanizer does things to me that no other toy can do.

I’ll admit, it was the growing barrage of positive reviews that got me to rethink my position on the Womanizer. With every passing appraisal I went from loathing this toy to lusting after it a little more. In the end Sh! were kind enough to provide me with one to review and for this I am indebted to them, because you guys need to hear about this product and why I was so wrong to dismiss it so unfairly.

About Sh!

Sh! are a valuable gem in the world of sex toy retailers. With a brick & mortar store residing in Hoxton Square, London Sh! was actually the first women’s sex shop to be founded in the UK, back in 1992. To this day they remain the only boutique of their kind—an erotic emporium dedicated primarily to female pleasure and sexuality.

At the time of opening Sh! had a few core objectives to achieve. One was to make the store a welcoming, honest, and informative environment (something I hope all sex stores eventually strive towards). Their other ambition was to help every woman learn how to embrace their ‘true sexual self’. Sh! embodies this in every product choice, every customer interaction, and every erotic class they host.

This same attitude can be seen on their site—which appears non-intimidating, is very easy to navigate and gives a friendly impression. Sh! may be woman-focused but that doesn’t mean it’s woman-only; the product selection caters to people of all genders and sexual orientations. Everyone is welcome.

I found the Sh! Team a true delight to talk to and my Womanizer arrived swiftly and was well-packed. Sh! also offers some nice bonuses such as free UK shipping on orders over £20, a no quibble returns policy, and fantastic customer care. Not to mention Sh! actually has its own line of products and they’re gorgeous.

If you’re looking for an informative, sex-positive store to shop at then I highly recommend Sh!

The Womanizer

The Womanizer is an entirely new type of sex toy. That gets said a lot nowadays but it’s true.

The way the Womanizer work is by sucking the clitoris while also applying what Womanizer refers to as ‘pulsating pressure waves’. The result of this method are essentially contactless orgasms; the clitoris isn’t touched directly but still gets stimulated. It’s pretty clever when you think about it.

Behold! The toy that puts my title as ‘power queen’ into dispute.

In terms of appearance the Womanizer does leave a little to be desired (and that’s an understatement). Coming in a (admittedly very practical) baby pink storage case, the Womanizer itself is typically pink with either flower or animal print designs added to it and a gemstone button. It looks like Barbie’s ear thermometer. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not a complement either. Still, I can’t deny the practicality of the Womanizer’s design.

Made mostly from plastic, the Womanizer has a ‘treatment head’ which is 100% silicone. This makes the entirety of the Womanizer phthalate-free, non-porous and body safe. You get two treatment heads with the Womanizer, so if you lose one you don’t have to fret.

The storage case for the Womanizer might be baby pink but it’s also undeniably practical.

While the main bulk of the Womanizer isn’t waterproof, the silicone treatment head is detachable—allowing you to clean that section with soap and water. The rest is best cleaned with toy cleaner and a damp cloth or some wet wipes.

When designing the Womanizer it’s pretty clear that the makers had practicality in mind. The handle section of the Womanizer is incredibly comfortable to hold during use and the buttons are perfectly positioned for easy access. Holding the Womanizer feels very natural and intuitive—which is a lot harder to pull off then you’d think when you’re working with a brand new toy premise. For that I applaud the Womanizer team.

The Womanizer has two buttons and they’re fairly simple to operate. One turns the toy on and off, as well as restoring the toy’s intensity back to its lowest if pressed during use. The other (the big gem) sifts through the Womanizer’s settings. There are 6 settings in total.

The buttons may be hyper-girly but they’re also very practical.

In addition to coming with a handy-dandy storage case, the Womanizer is also USB rechargeable—with a 4 hour charge giving you up to 90 minutes of play. Of course you don’t have to wait for this toy to run out of juice before charging it. Keep topping it up and you shouldn’t have to worry too much about a long charge time and short play time. A little indicator light will let you know how the charge is going. If it’s flashing then the Womanizer is still charging. Once it becomes continual the charge is complete. Easy.

So how does the Womanizer perform?

In all honesty it’s incredibly difficult to describe my experiences with the Womanizer. This is because I’ve never felt anything like it before.

To use the Womanizer all you need to do is turn it on, spread your labia apart, and place it around your exposed clitoris. Once in the ideal spot the Womanizer takes over completely—creating a vacuum effect to gently suck on the clitoris. I’ve seen other reviewers compare this to oral sex, but because I don’t like receiving oral sex this feeling was completely alien to me.

In fact ‘alien’ is the perfect word to describe how the Womanizer feels. You know in those sci-fi movies where a ship comes along and beams someone up in a ray of light? That’s kind of what the Womanizer feels like to me. It’s like my clit is being beamed up to the orgasm mothership, and I am totally on board with that.

Suction is the name of the game with this product.

In all seriousness the suction of the Womanizer feels completely divine to me. My clitoris has never responded well to pin-point sensation (which it simply finds too sensitive, too intense). Because of that I typically prefer broad, diffused, powerful wand vibes. So, of course, the Womanizer caught me completely off-guard. It was a very intense, localized form of sucking, reverberating pleasure that overwhelmed my senses.

The first time I used the Womanizer I reached orgasm in a matter of seconds. Since then I have always reached climax in under a minute with the Womanizer. Sometimes I have multiple orgasms. Every time my vaginal muscles end up going haywire—contracting like wild in response to the clitoral sucking that the Womanizer provides. It’s still a very surreal experience but one that I’ve come to enjoy.

The Womanizer has easily become one of my favourite primers for further sexual activities. All I need to do is put it in place and BOOM! I’ve had a few orgasms before I’ve even really started. With my clitoris already engorged from the suction of the Womanizer every other experience I have after is heightened.

Now I’ve heard some people compare the Womanizer to wand massagers and I have to say that is completely incorrect. What wand massagers provide is a very broad, very deep form of vibration which should rumble your entire genital zone. What the Womanizer does is engulf the clitoris and suck it into a state of bliss while surrounding it with pulsating sensations which, while nice, are still pretty surface level.

Make no mistake, though, the Womanizer can still feel very intense. Especially if, like me, you find pin-point stimulation to be a bit too much. I actually can’t use the Womanizer on any of the higher settings (I can’t use it on my nipples at all). And I can myself a power queen.

It’s true; the Womanizer really is unique which, sadly, means it’s hard to compare it to anything, and even harder to know if it will work for you.

My experiences initially made me inclined to recommend this toy to people who like pin-point sensations and people who like suction during oral sex. However I’m a broad n’ rumbly kind of gal and even I can’t deny that the Womanizer makes me weak at the knees. It’s troublesome.

I guess the easiest way to try and help inform you as to whether or not you’d like the Womanizer is to consider its downsides.

Well, for one, this toy can be very overwhelming if you have a sensitive clitoris. Womanizer have claimed that because the clitoris is not being touched by the Womanizer then it cannot be overwhelmed but I must respectfully disagree. There have been times where I’ve had to shift the Womanizer to one side because it’s just become too much for me.

When you move the Womanizer away from the clitoris is also loses a lot of its power, meaning you’ve either got to tackle the Womanizer head on or not at all. I get some stimulation from having the Womanizer off-center but it’s nothing compared to when it’s properly applied. This may be a bit discouraging for some, especially those who need to move their clitoral toys in a rhythmic motion to reach climax.

The lack of movement for the Womanizer also comes with a lack of control that some people may dislike. When using this toy you hold it in place aaand that’s pretty much it. This can feel very restricting for some and perhaps even (here it comes again) alien.

This toy can also be quite loud. It creates a sort of whirring noise during use. This does lessen when applied to the clitoris but it never wholly fades. Because of this the Womanizer is probably not the best toy if you value discretion.

As a final observation the Womanizer’s buttons are very easy to accidentally press during cleaning. A travel lock would be a great asset to this toy, as would waterproofing.

Final Thoughts

The Womanizer is not an easy toy to classify but I still love it. I mean, really, how could I not adore a toy which gets me from zero to HOLY FUCK in less than a minute?

Suction and reverberating pulsations are the main aspects of the Womanizer and all of it is very much targeted on the clitoris.

If that sounds like something you would like to try then I do highly recommend the Womanizer. There’s really nothing else like it and sometimes that unique sensation is worth the high price tag that the Womanizer comes with.