Toy Review: The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

This review is a bit of a weird one. I never really thought I’d write an entire review about a one-use (yes ONE-USE) product but there is actually quite a lot to say about the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup.

I’ll be frank from the start and say that Mr. Peaches and I both really liked this product. So much so that when Mr. Peaches sent me his first draft for the review it simply looked like this:

“This toy is great”

Needless to say I prompted some expansion but, essentially, this sums up our feelings. The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is great.

However our initial enthusiasm can’t allow us to ignore that this product is, after all, just a one-use item. I mean can anyone really justify spending £13.99 on a one-use product?

Well I’ll delve deeper into the workings of this toy and allow you, my lovely readers, to make up your own minds.

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup was originally named the Tenga Deep Throat Cup (and still is on Lovehoney, as of this review) but I’m personally glad they changed the name.

I mean it’s not like this cup is taking a realistic angle in terms of design and part of the charm of Tenga toys is how abstract they can appear, so the name wasn’t exactly fitting. Besides if the original Ora has taught us anything it’s that setting up expectations regarding toys and the replication of oral sex doesn’t always work well.

Appearance-wise this cup is hardly going for a realistic appearance, even if its sensations are out-of-this-world.

The Original Vacuum Cup is actually part of a broader line of toys called the Tenga Cups. These cups come in various sizes and vary in firmness but all of them seem to be focused on one thing in particular—stimulation through the perfected combination of suction and texture. The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup was (as its name suggests) the first in the line and it is primarily geared to creating an “amazing sucking sensation”.

The way that the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup works is by using a special valve which creates a “virtual vacuum” inside of the cup. When you get the cup all you need to do is remove the silver sticker on the top, which opens up the air hole, and then insert your penis. Once this is done you can cover the air hole with a finger to create an increased suction effect or simply enjoy it as it comes.

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup also comes pre-lubricated with the optimal amount of lube for use. This means that if you’re not usually one to buy lube you don’t need to worry—Tenga have got you covered.

The lubricant included with the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is very thick and sticky. It’s something I’d describe as ‘goopy’ and I probably wouldn’t use it as a lubricant myself, however it’s well made for use with the cup.

The opening of the cup features what is called a “Soft Pad Insertion Mechanism”, which essentially means that the part of the toy that makes contact with the penis has been designed to be softer and smoother to the touch. This also helps increase the toy’s air tight feeling.

The cup has easy-to-read instructions placed in appropriate places.

The firm outer case for the cup is made out of PE whereas the soft sleeve inside is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). TPE is porous, so it’s not ideal for toys that see multiple use but for a one-off product it should be fine.

But, here’s the thing, as much as it can seem like a cheap deal this product is one-use. Strictly one-use.

This is because there is no way to effectively clean the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup making it unhygienic for repeat uses. The material is also designed to be made for one-use and so isn’t sturdy enough for repeat action.

Some might think that they can cheat their way out of this by using a condom or by pulling out before ejaculating but Tenga are pretty clear about this on their website.

The Original Vacuum Cup was made to be experienced without a condom, because of this users who try and prolong their experience by using a condom are ultimately just dimming it by not allowing the toy to work as it was meant to.

Furthermore with lube swirling around and sweat and pre-ejaculate once you’ve used this toy once it’s going to get messy, whether you ejaculate in it or not. It’s simply not hygienic enough for multiple uses so please don’t jeopardize your safety by trying to do so.

If this cup really must be a one-use item then allow yourself to enjoy it to the fullest and in the safest way possible.

Don’t miss out on all of this amazing texture by trying to prolong the product’s shelf life.

When it comes to texture the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup has some pretty interesting sections. Choosing to go with a variety of waves, bumps, and nubs no part of the Original Vacuum Cup is boring and the increased suction helps make the sensations more noticeable.

But, hey, don’t just take my word on this. I’m going to hand over to Mr. Peaches on this one:

This toy is great, the material feels great, the amount of lube is great, the suction is great and the texture is amazing.

It all comes pre-lubed and it just the right amount—enough to reduce any drag but not so much that you just glide over the texture.

As for the texture, wow.

The chamber of this cup is not just little bumps and nodules. Instead it felt chambered, full of unique sections, and with the entrance to each one being narrow so that it rubbed the edge of my head and felt great.

This toy also has some amazing kickback to it which, again, felt great and gives a sense that there really some weight there.

When I climaxed it was a strong lost lasting affair which made me want to hold the toy close and just enjoy it being around me.

From my perspective I enjoyed using this cup on Mr. Peaches although it was a struggle at times.

The difficulty for me mainly arose from inserting Mr. Peaches and moving the cup up and down. The pressure and kickback from each motion is so intense that I’d never felt anything like it before. This cup seems to fight you with every jerking motion and forces you to slow the pace a little. I can’t say I disliked this and eventually I did get used to it but it was very strange at first.

While the shape of the out case makes this toy easy to grip and move the kickback does not.

This pressure, however, might make it harder for people with disabilities or people who suffer from injuries or a weakness in the arms or wrist. If you can handle this toy it feels great but I imagine it would feel frustrating otherwise.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only downside to this cup.

With an insertion depth of 15cm, an insertion width of 4.5cm and a hard case that confines the toy this product isn’t the best for above average users, especially girthier individuals. This is something confirmed in the Lovehoney review section where some people have complained that the cup is simply too small for them to comfortably use.

There is a U.S. version of the Tenga Cup but I haven’t used it so I can’t pass fair judgement on it. Mr. Peaches also fit well in the original cup (despite being measurably above average) so we didn’t have an issue with this ourselves.

The other big issue for me is that the lubricant included contains parabens, which are a big no-no when it comes to body safety and adult products. The occasional use shouldn’t cause much in the way of damage but if you only use 100% body-safe toys then I would completely understand if you gave this product a miss.

And lastly there’s the fact that this toy is one-use only and the cost of such a reality—not just monetarily but to the environment too. If you’re an environmentally aware person then the prospect of using a toy once and then throwing it in the trash is sure to affect you, and it was certainly a factor for our friends over at Oh Joy Sex Toy.

I totally agree that a one-use toy that uses this much material and costs £13.99 is unreasonable and unsustainable for regular use. Heck, the only reason I got my Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is because I had some Oh! Points to spend over at Lovehoney.

I was originally going to recommend only buying this toy once, however I then thought back to the amount of Tenga Eggs I’ve purchased and binned after only 2-3 uses. At £9.99 each they’re not much less than the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup, and although they have less material they’re still essentially disposable items that are rather frivolous and damaging to the environment. I wondered “Why do I have an aversion to buying and disposing of the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup after just one use but not the Tenga Eggs?”

I’m afraid I don’t have an effective answer to this yet and it’s still a dilemma that I’m working through, however my point is that, much like me and the lovely folks over at Oh Joy Sex Toy, you need to make up your own mind when it comes to how often you purchase this toy. For me I think I would still get it for special occasions as a rare treat for Mr. Peaches but I certainly wouldn’t make a regular thing out of it (and maybe not even a yearly thing). For you this may vary but, at the end of the day, I can’t make a decision for you.

Final Thoughts

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is a toy that provides amazing sensation but it also presents rather large ethical questions too. Should a toy this expensive and wasteful really be encouraged? If so how many times should a person purchase it? What about the parabens in the lube? Is this really a behaviour we, as body-conscious consumers, can condone? Does a toy’s sensation outweigh the obligations for positive changes in the sex toy community?

These are things I’ve asked myself, although they ultimately didn’t stop Mr. Peaches and I from using the toy and from Mr. Peaches thoroughly enjoying it. An experience can still be pleasant even if the topics surrounding it are unpleasant and this is, perhaps, another uncomfortable aspect of a toy that, in practice, feels phenomenal.

If, however, you don’t care about intellectually engaging with you sex toys and you’re fine with the one-use rule then indulge in these cups to your heart’s desire. Really, who am I to judge. There is quite a lot to be enjoyed when it comes to the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup, even if there’s a lot for bloggers and other sex toy activists to address about it too Re. Masturbating Morally.