Toy Review: The Crave Vesper (Rose Gold)

As a sex toy reviewer it’s fair to say that I’m fortunate enough to get a fair few stunning products come my way. However, that doesn’t mean that I am any less awe-struck when something truly elegant is graciously presented to me for review. So when Desires of the I.D. provided me with the Crave Vesper (in Rose Gold, no less) I was left in awe.

The Crave Vesper is another crowdfunded toy—one that raised $275,094, and I can see why. Made to be the perfect intersection between public and private manifestations of sexuality. This is because the Vesper is a necklace that is also a vibrator; a piece of wearable sex tech. A pendant of portable pleasure proudly presented upon one’s personage. Put simply, it’s really cool.

The Crave Vesper

The premise of the Crave Vesper is a pretty simple one, but is also one that is hard to pull off effectively. Pushing the boundaries of how we think about sex toys, Crave wanted to make a product that is beautiful, elegant, and which allows people to display their cravings for fulfillment without fear of judgement, stigma, or shame. This is something that Crave has previously explored with their range of fully functional USB vibrators, however, nothing quite compares to the Vesper.

The Crave Vesper is a truly decorous vibrator.

Made with smooth stainless steel (which can be finished off with either a touch or rose gold or fully plated with 24KT gold if you’d rather), the Crave Vesper is designed to look like a sophisticated necklace while also being a fully-functioning clitoral vibrator. With a sleek, linear appearance the Crave Vesper certainly looks like some kind of high-culture designer piece—uncompromisingly simple in its minimalist design. Alternatively it also kind of looks like a nail, which lends itself to at least one sex-based pun (namely “time to get nailed”). Both of these design interpretations amuse me so I’m always happy when I wear my Crave Vesper out and about.

The Crave Vesper is about 9.7cm long and comes with a 26 inch chain. This looks great when worn however, as Dangerous Lilly points out, if you have a larger cleavage you’re most likely going to lose the Vesper in it if you’re wearing an open-top shirt, which does limit your clothing options a bit. Still I had no problems making the Vesper work for me and found it very pleasing to wear. If, however, you want a longer chain then the chain provided can be removed—allowing you to replace it with a different one of your preference.

As an aside I also feel like, of the three colour choices, the Rose Gold one is the best. Call me biased but I just love the contrast between the cap and the main body of the necklace. To me it provides a more striking effect than a mono-coloured necklace. But I digress.

The Crave Vesper is USB rechargeable and needs to be charged weekly to best maintain its battery life. This may not be a problem for some but when you’re a sex toy reviewer with a wide array of toys this does seem a bit difficult to keep track of. The charging system, though, is fantastic. The Vesper comes with its own unique charger. All you have to do is unscrew its cap and screw in the charger before plugging it in. A light on the charge cable will let you know when your vibrator has reached 100% and a charge will get you about 1.5-2 hours’ worth of play depending on what intensity you use it on.

The Vesper is easy to recharge but does need to be recharged routinely.

As long as the cap is on the Vesper is also splash proof (but not submersible!) making cleaning easier.

The Vesper has a single, small button which is used to turn the vibrator on and off and to control its vibrations. The Vesper has three different intensities of continual vibration and one pattern (a rapid pulse). Pressing this button also takes some force so you never have to worry about the Vesper accidentally turning on while it’s worn.

A discreet single-button design means that this vibe can be easily controlled while still maintaining its clandestine appearance.

The vibrations are buzzy but have depth to them, and have a rapid undulation to them that actually appeals to me quite a lot. When it comes to strength the Vesper is strong for what it is—a vibrator the size of a chunky nail—which is nothing to stick one’s nose up at but which may leave some power queens feeling as if the Vesper isn’t for them. Typically I would be one of those power queens, however there’s something about the Vesper which hits my clit in just the right way.

Usually I’m not a fan of pin-point stimulation, so I ruled that out as the cause of the Vesper’s effectiveness, so what I’m left with is the shape and the vibration type. Laying the Vesper flat and allowing it to caress its way across (or in between) my labia allows me to enjoy the Crave Vesper without it being too pin-point and also lets the Vesper’s vibrations resonate with me in exactly the right way. Don’t get me wrong, if it was a choice between a wand vibrator and the Crave Vesper I’d probably pick the wand every time, however for a small, portable, discreet vibrator I feel like the Crave Vesper is a real winner (it even comes with a small storage case for on-the-go situations).

Those who like pin-point stimulation and buzzy vibrations may also find that the Crave Vesper hits the nail on the head—as its shape is perfectly devised for allowing you to decide exactly what makes your clitoris purr with delight.

The Crave Vesper is also designed to warm up during use but, honestly, I didn’t really notice or value this. What I did like about the Vesper, however, is that it can also make a fun addition to sensation play. After blindfolding a partner it’s easy enough to turn on the Vesper, let it dangle by the chain and allow it to hover ever-so-slightly over your partner’s skin, making contact every now and then. For me this notion is a delicious tease and another great way to incorporate the Crave Vesper into one’s bedroom activities.

Now, of course the Crave Vesper has some downsides but, really, they’re pretty standard and exactly what you’d expect for a vibe of this size and design.

Although it is utterly stunning in appearance the Vesper will not be for everyone.

Some people will dislike the hard metal feeling of this vibrator. Some will dislike how buzzy it is, and some will wish it had more power (it’s no Tango but it is stronger than your average bullet and the vibrations do have a more thoughtful feel to them; like someone put the time into making them feel uniquely pleasurable). In this day and age it would have been nice if the Crave Vesper could have been waterproof too and not have such a routine charge requirement but we can’t always get what we want.

The Crave Vesper does let out a little buzzing noise when in use but it’s hardly loud and can be drowned out by using it under the sheets. My only noticeable grievance with the Vesper is that sometimes pushing the button requires a bit too much force or can cause it to skip through multiple modes, but this seems like a fair trade off for it not being able to randomly start buzzing during a trip to grandma’s place.

Final Thoughts

The Crave Vesper is a stylish little vibrator which tries to make a statement while still trying to deliver a high level of pleasure and, personally, I think it’s succeeded at that. Anyone entering in to buying this vibrator with realistic expectations should find them met and have a fashionable vibrator to display proudly for the world to see (but not one that others will necessarily comprehend upon first glance).

Wearing the Crave Vesper out and about is a great way to build tension and add a little thrill before using it. After all, it’s your own little secret declaration of a sexual encounter soon to come. The chain for the Vesper also allows it to be used in other ways to build tension, while still looking elegant throughout. And, hey, it makes a great conversation piece among open-minded social circles too.

I’m not sure if I would recommend the Vesper to anyone who likes rumbly vibrations or who cannot stand a pin-point vibe, but if you look at the Vesper and you like what you see then I think this vibe might have something in store for you.