Toy Review: The nJoy Pure Wand

You don’t have to look far to see that this sex toy is a legend amongst reviewers; it’s been hailed as a G-spotting icon by countless reviewers and has been credited with unlocking the key to female ejaculation for many users. So, of course, I wanted to get my hands on this enthralling steel dildo. And I’m so thankful to say that this dildo did not disappoint.

The nJoy Pure Wand knows how to get the job done. It’s effective, it’s addictive, and it’s near-effortless to use. If you buy the Pure Wand then you’re most likely in for a damned good time.

The nJoy Pure Wand

The nJoy Pure Wand is a product of nJoy, who have a great record for producing fantastic toys. Their nJoy Pure Plugs always seem to get great reviews and I’ve seen some awesome feminist queer porn involving the formidable nJoy Eleven. nJoy live off of the philosophy of ‘Pure/Fun’. They want to provide some of the finest products on the market which also have the ability to provide an undeniable amount of pleasure.

This dildo is a formidable tool for pleasure.

Because of this material is an important element of nJoy’s products and each toy is cast in 316 grade stainless steel—which is medical grade and hand polished for that extra attention to detail. I could elaborate on the benefits of this myself but, instead, I’d rather allow nJoy to speak for themselves:

“There are cheaper grades of stainless available, but we won’t use them – the 316 material provides superior corrosion resistance, a deliciously deep and lustrous finish, and added strength and toughness (although we really can’t believe that will ever be an issue!). Our manufacturing specification calls for medical-grade materials and finish, so you can play in the safest manner – if it’s good enough for your grandmother’s hip replacement, it should be good enough for you-know-what(!)”

Of course steel is non-porous—which means that this lovely toy is completely body-safe (and easy to clean to boot). Another benefit of steel is that it is receptive to varying temperatures and so makes a great material for temperature play. Simply pop your nJoy Pure Wand in the fridge or a bowl of warm water and you’re good to go.

The nJoy Pure Wand is 8 inches in total length but is actually quite petite in person.

Back when I was starting out as a sex toy reviewer I had expected the Pure Wand to be a huge device (because awesome=huge right?) so I was quite surprised when I saw it in person. nJoy give all of the specs for this toy on their page and you can actually see a life-sized version of it, so If you’re worried about the sizes then check the specs out, you may be surprised.

Click on this image for a life-sized depiction of the Pure Wand.

The nJoy Pure Wand comes with two ends to enjoy and both come with an extreme curve. The smaller end is nice, especially for very concentrated stimulation, but, honestly, the side with the larger bulb is where it’s at.

The smaller side of the Pure Wand is good for more pin-point sensations.

When looking at the larger bulb it’s easy to still be intimidated by its size, but it’s amazing how forgiving steel is. With very little lube the nJoy Pure Wand can glide with amazing effort into the vagina, even when using the larger end. Yet, despite this, you’ll always be aware of the Pure Wand’s presence, and this combination of slick ease but decisive presence is part of what makes this product so great.

But the larger bulb is both more enjoyable and surprisingly easy to insert.

The nJoy Pure Wand weighs 680 grams so when it’s inserted you definitely feel it. Not only does the weight of this toy instantly announce itself inside of you but so too does the extreme curve of the nJoy Pure Wand. And it will make contact with your G-spot. It’s that good.

Inserting the nJoy Pure Wand is like inviting in the most suave person you’ve ever met in your entire life into your home and then they instantly hand you a million bucks.

As soon as I inserted this toy I felt the benefits of both of these elements. Lightly rocking the Pure Wand enhances them further—providing a sleek but insistent pressure on my vaginal wall. This sensation is incredibly arousing and sometimes only the slightest amount of clitoral stimulation is needed to tip me over the edge.  When I orgasm with the nJoy Pure Wand it is incredibly intense. Strong, smooth, and breath-taking, it’s really hard to fully encapsulate the sensations the nJoy Pure Wand provides, but it’s fair to say that I’m a fan of them.

The weight and curve of this toy acts as a delightful combo.

Of course, I couldn’t help but compare these sensations to the Comet during use—another great G-spotting toy that I’m well acquainted with. A lot of people want to know which one is better and here is my two cents.

Between the two I have to say that I do prefer the nJoy Pure Wand and here’s why: While the Comet is fantastic it has a very draggy silicone that grabs and drags against the vaginal wall throughout use. Sometimes this can be great, but I really need to be in the right mood to use a toy that is so grabby throughout use and upon climax.

However, while the Pure Wand has a very similar shape, the steel material of the Pure Wand allows it to smoothly announce its presence in the vagina without clinging to the vaginal wall at all. Upon orgasm the sleek material allows each muscle spasm to roll and wrap around the toy without the material being too diverting. This often means that my orgasms with the Pure Wand last longer, feel stronger, and allow me to enjoy the benefits of the toy to greater effect without feeling distracted by it.

That’s not to say that the Comet is a bad toy but when it comes to my preferences I crave the Pure Wand much more than I do the Comet nowadays. Plus you can thrust the Pure Wand if you wish to, whereas this isn’t really an option with the Comet.

Pure and simple, the Pure Wand is a brilliant toy and I highly recommend it for those who know where their G-spot is and are looking to utilize the pleasures it can provide. However the Pure Wand isn’t perfect and (in the sake of fairness) I do have to mention its downsides.

The biggest downside with the Pure Wand is its weight. At 680g this toy can become quite a chore to use for long bouts of time—especially if you’re thrusting with it. I don’t encounter this problem often with my personal masturbation method, but I know it can be a real nuisance for some. The weight of this toy also may make it inappropriate for people with mobility disabilities, which is a damned shame.

Also don’t drop it on your foot. It will hurt. A lot.

This may sound like a joke remark but the nJoy Pure Wand can get very slippery when lubed up or when being washed, so dropping it does become a real risk. Beware.

And, while the nJoy Pure Wand is a G-spotting beast, I did not squirt with this product, so if you’re hoping for it to be a guaranteed squirt-provoker then you may be disappointed (especially if, like me, you don’t really squirt to start with). Despite its wonderful sensations, I aslo feel like this toy is better for people who have already located their G-spot and may not be ideal for complete G-spot beginners. Although Disclaimer: Some people have successfully found their G-spot through using this toy and would wholeheartedly recommend it.

In the end it’s up to you.

Final Thoughts

What can I say? I adore this toy. The Pure Wand provided me with everything I expected and more—giving me some of the smoothest and polished orgasms that I’ve ever had.

Steel is a material I adore and in the case of the Pure Wand I really couldn’t imagine it being made of any other material, but this may provide problems for some.

Overall, though, I am elated with this toy and follow in the footsteps of countless reviewers in praising this toy’s incredible prowess. Buy it if you can, it’s worth every penny!