Toy Review: The Doxy Wand Massager

I’ve been craving this beast of a vibrator for a long time* and with good reason. The Doxy Wand Massager had been considered by some to be the most powerful wand vibrator out there—beating out even the Hitachi for strength. Lovehoney describes it as 30% more powerful than the Hitachi, in fact, while Cara Sutra speaks highly of the Doxy in her own review. And who can ignore the brilliant appraisal of Girl on the Net? This formidable massager has a lot of clout in the sex toy community.

Although it’s only been around since 2013 the Doxy has got quite the following in the sex toy community.

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now I consider myself to be a power queen. I crave power so much that I’ve said a sad farewell to toys that are universally considered fantastic partially because they couldn’t meet my ridiculously high standards when it comes to vibration strength. So, with that in mind is it any surprise that I’ve been craving the Doxy since I first heard about it? And is it any surprise that I really like this wand?

Wait. Only ‘really like’?

Yes, it’s true. While the Doxy did meet my expectations 100% in terms of vibration strength, the vibrations that the Doxy provides aren’t my favourite kind and so it does fall a little shorter then I had anticipated (damn my high standards!).

But before I elaborate more on this, let’s get into the specs.

The Doxy Massager is a mains powered UK-made massager from Cornwall. Advertised as a ‘sports massager’ the Doxy is, in reality, the answer to the prayers of any unlucky UK resident who failed to get a Hitachi before they became widely unavailable in ol’ Blighty (read: me).

Keeping in line with most other wand massagers, the Doxy has a sturdy plastic handle, a (semi) flexible neck, followed by a head where the vibrations are concentrated for use. In the case of the Doxy this head is made out of 100% medical grade PVC and is delightfully plush.

The head of the Doxy is enjoyable ‘squishable’.

In many ways the head reminds me of the Soft Finger attachment for the Eroscillator. Its squishy head provides a nice amount of give during use and provides a welcome contrast to the comparatively hard and unnegotiable head of the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand.

At 13 inches in length, and with a head circumference of 7.5 inches, the Doxy is certainly one of the larger wand massagers out there. But while the Doxy can seem large at times I’ve never found it to be cumbersome. The Doxy has a nice handle area, which is easy to grasp, and its three buttons are well-placed and very easy to use. There is one button for turning the Doxy on and off (very useful if you find that you need to kill the power fast) and two separate buttons for filtering through the different speed increments provided by the Doxy.

The Doxy’s controls are easy to use.

In addition to this, the Doxy’s power button can be held down in order to activate a pulsation mode—which fluctuates between a low and high speed in a pulsating manner. I never did like pulsation settings on toys, but this feature is still a valuable one for anyone who does like to vary up their vibration experiences.

But, of course, the Doxy’s main asset is its power.

Doxy’s website recommends this toy for those who want to experiment with something “heavy duty” and I can certainly agree with that statement. Even on its lowest levels the Doxy can still provide what, in any other vibrator, would be considered the highest power settings. It is incredibly potent. Ramp it up to the higher power levels and the strength can sometimes be overwhelming, even for me. But on all levels it still manages to be oh so enjoyable.

So, if I am so enamoured with the Doxy’s power levels then why is this vibrator one that I only ‘really like’ instead of ‘absolutely adore’?

Well for me most of it comes down to the vibration type.

The vibrations from the Doxy are by no means bad. They’re actually rather enjoyable. Mixing a deep and rabid buzz with a delectably rumbly undertone, the Doxy’s vibrations resonate against the clitoris with enough oomph and rapidity to force a response in most situations. However, for me the speed of the vibrations is so rapid that they just don’t give me the depth of vibration that I crave (spoilt by the Lelo Smart Wand as I am).

There is a certain amount of depth to the Doxy’s vibrations but the swiftness of the up to 9,000 RPM vibrations make it so that some of that depth is lost to me, especially on the higher settings.

As such, despite loving the Doxy and having strong orgasms with it I do find that it’s not my go-to wand vibrator, nor is it always easy to orgasm promptly with it. It just doesn’t quite hit home for me.

But don’t be deterred by my experiences at all.

The Doxy will still suit anyone who craves speed and rumbly sensations from their sex toys, and that delectable PVC head carries the vibrations perfectly. Another great addition of the Doxy, not to be overlooked, is its 2.8 metre cable—which allows for ease of use without worrying about being restricted.

In addition to this my partner and I have experimented on using the Doxy on him—using it to give him a perineum massage during a hand job or blowjob—and he found that it provided very strong and enjoyable orgasms, so it’s not just for those with a clit.

However, there are some general downsides to the Doxy which I also need to mention.

While I will rant and rave about the pros of the Doxy’s plush, squishy PVC head until the apocalypse comes and takes me oil-based lubricants do have a chance of damaging the PVC material. As such you’re best off using water or silicone-based lubes when using the Doxy Massager.

As with most wand massagers the flexible neck of the Doxy has a lot of small indented lines which make cleaning more difficult. Because of this you’ll probably need a toothbrush if you want to give your Doxy a thorough clean.

The Doxy also has a built-in feature where, when the vibe is turned on, it won’t start at the lowest level but will, instead, ramp up to a mid-way speed and have you adjust from there. This had led to some situations where I’ve accidentally turned the Doxy off then absentmindedly turned it back on (while it was still applied to my clit) and jolted as it ramped up higher than anticipated.

However the biggest thing to keep in mind with the Doxy is noise level. The Doxy isn’t a quiet toy and can be heard from outside of a door and down the corridor. As such if you need a discreet toy then the Doxy might be out of reach for you.

Final Thoughts

After craving the Doxy for so long and finding myself a bit underwhelmed would I still recommend it to others? Uhm, Yeah!

The Doxy is incredibly powerful. It is certainly one of the most powerful wand vibrators I own and is a formidable addition to anyone’s toy box.

If you prefer gentler vibrations, are 100% rumble and depth, or value discretion then the Doxy probably isn’t for you. However in all other scenarios the Doxy is a fantastic vibrator that has the potential to knock people’s socks off and leave them in an orgasmic stupor.

It’s well worth the money and is incredibly well built. Power queens, meet power house.