Toy Review: Lelo Mona 2

At times it can hardly seem worth talking about the Mona 2. I mean what can be said that hasn’t already been said a time and time again? There are pages of 5 and 4 star reviews for the Mona 2 on Lovehoney, multiple positive reviews from my fellow bloggers. Heck, people have built shrines to this sex toy, and the sex toy savant, Hey Epiphora, holds this vibrator in incredibly high regards. With all that being said I have drawn a regrettable conclusion from my own time with this toy—the Mona 2 is just not for me.

The Lelo Mona 2 is an elegant luxury vibe.

The Mona 2 is a rechargeable, waterproof, luxury vibrator which can be used for external and internal stimulation (being better suited for G-spot stimulation than clitoral).

As with all Lelo toys, the Mona 2 comes in a lovely box—which would suffice for long-term storage. In addition to this the Mona 2 comes with its own storage bag and a 1 year warranty with a 10-year quality guarantee (for more on this see my Luna Beads review).

The Mona 2 comes with a storage pouch, a warranty, and a box that is perfect for gift-giving.

The shaft of the Mona 2 is made of ultra-smooth body-safe silicone. This silicone is incredibly silky and lush to the touch, and is a delight to caress against your skin. It thankfully doesn’t pick up too much lint, and doesn’t drag too much even though it has somewhat of a matte feel to it.

The handle of the Mona 2 is made from safe ABS plastic which is smooth and relatively easy to handle. The controls of the Mona 2 are incredibly intuitive, with only 4 buttons being included—a + button, a – button a ^ button and a v button. These buttons allow you to filter through the Mona 2’s various vibration strengths and patterns, as well as allowing you to travel lock the toy. There are 6 different patterns for the Mona 2, which should provide a reasonable amount of variety for fans of patterns.

The controls and charge port are located on the smooth ABS plastic handle.

At the bottom of the Mona 2 is the charge port—which is covered by a small silicone cap. The Mona 2 is charged via the mains, and a little LED light under the control pattern will keep you updated on the charge progress. This is an incredibly useful feature, especially if you only need to partially charge your Mona 2. On average the Mona 2 takes 2 hours to charge, which provides 4 hours of use. The Mona 2 also holds its charge for up to 90 days on standby—something which I’ve tested and found to be accurate with my Mona 2.

The shape of the Mona 2 is very elegant and lends itself readily to G-Spot stimulation. While the lower part of the Mona 2’s shaft is gracefully slender, the Mona 2 begins to expand outwards as you progress up the shaft—until you’re met with a distinct, angled bulge. This bulge then tapers to a smoothly rounded tip, which provides a pin-pointed section for stimulation.

This curve is loved by many.

Some people have found that this shape fits very well for external stimulation—with the overall shape wrapping itself around their vulva for dispersed stimulation. The tip can also be utilized for a more precise experience. Internally the Mona 2’s slender lower shaft, coupled with its comparatively sizeable top means that the vagina is eager to tighten around the top section of the Mona 2’s shaft—hugging closely around it. This sensation means that the Mona 2 is also very useful for locating and stimulating the G-spot for many people. Certainly its pronounced curve is perfect for it.

But, in addition to its ergonomic shape, the Mona 2 also provides enjoyable vibrations. While I personally find the vibrations from the Mona 2 to be rather buzzy, they also have an underlying ripple of rumbliness which allows for depth of vibration.

The spectrum of vibration intensity for the Mona 2 is also quite impressive. While the Mona 2’s lowest setting is naught but the gentlest of purrs, it can ramp up to a pretty satisfying level of power, and covers other power levels in between effectively. While these vibrations aren’t the strongest on the market (and they do tend to become more buzzy on the higher settings) they should still appeal to anyone who likes timid-to-strong vibrations.

With a great range of vibrations, a body-safe exterior, and a sleek design you might be wondering why the Mona 2 fell short for me. Well, it’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the Mona 2 and is much more to do with the shape of my body and my own personal preferences.

It’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a power queen (although I have been known to like gentler sensations too) and, while the vibrations from the Mona 2 are decently strong, they just don’t quite cut it for me.

I remember when I first got the Mona 2 I was incredibly excited. I instantly turned it on, placed it on by crotch (clothes still on), felt the rumbly undertones of the toy and swiftly concluded I would love this toy. However, when my partner and I got down to our toy session and I placed the Mona 2 on my vulva I (unwittingly) ramped the toy up to full speed and then kept on pressing the + button expecting more. Needless to say I was instantly disappointed.

“Is that it?” came to mind pretty quickly and I knew then and there that, with the Mona 2 I’d always be working with a vibrator that I would consistently want to knock up just a few more intensity levels. This has proven to be the case over time.

Externally the Mona 2 is also a very poor fit for my body. It feels hard and unwieldy against my vulva, and I can never quite get it into an enjoyable position. Granted, I can still have clitoral orgasms with the Mona 2 (eventually) but they’re what I’d call an ‘uncomfortable orgasm’ and no one wants that.

Internally the Mona 2 is a bit of an odd fit for me too. It naturally moves just past my G-spot and I have to keep repositioning it if I want to get some quality stimulation—which is even more of a task because I find the handle quite difficult to keep a good grip on (especially when there’s lube involved). That being said, the Mona 2 is probably one of the stronger G-spot vibrators that I’ve used, and the vibrations feel quite potent internally. But my orgasms with the Mona 2 are always detracted from by my constant re-jigging of the thing—and again, the ‘uncomfortable orgasm’ lords its unwelcome presence over me. It’s not fun.

On a positive note I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t had at least some good experiences with the Mona 2. Coupling the Mona 2 with the Liv 2 was one of my finer moments, and I had a fair few decent orgasms with that combo. But these experiences are less frequent than I would hope for, or that I had myself believe.

I think, to some degree, I have been in a bit of denial when it comes to the Mona 2.

I wanted to love it. I wanted it to be one of the best vibes ever, because I knew that other reviewers had reviewed it so positively, so I convinced myself that I liked it and that it wasn’t as underwhelming for me as I knew it was. Heck, it’s even in my banner art, along with toys that I actually adore and use regularly. I held this review off for the longest time hoping the Mona 2 might warm on me with time. But, as time has gone on, the downsides I’ve experienced with the Mona 2 have become a lot more noticeable and a lot less tolerable, especially when I know that there are alternative toys that I can enjoy without so many problems.

If I want a good G-spot vibrator I’d rather grab for my Comet II. If I want a good clitoral vibe then the Palmpower or Tango are ready and rearing to go. If I want something with a similar shape to the Mona 2 then I grab for a recent, awesome acquisition, the Idea of Desire Structured Orchid, and go to town. And, if I want a strong rumbly vibe, with the same soft silicone feel, then the Lelo Smart Wand (Large) wins out every time. With so many alternative options available to me I really don’t have patience for the Mona 2. It’s unfortunate to say but it’s just the truth of the matter.

Final Thoughts

Despite my experiences with this toy, I do not think that the Mona 2 is objectively bad, or even that is has objectively negative aspects. In this case the Mona 2 just really didn’t mesh well with my body and my power-preferences and that’s perfectly fine. No one sex toy is going to please everyone. This is the case even with a toy as venerated as the Mona 2.

Many people can (and will) like this vibrator. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, body-safe and provides brilliant versatile stimulation for a lot of people. However, if anything in my review resonated with you then you might want to consider whether or not the Mona 2 is the right vibe for you. I know others have had similar experiences to me.

My honest advice is to read around. The benefit of having so many reviews about the Mona 2 is that you have so many different viewpoints and perspectives to choose from. Take them all in and weigh up the pros and cons. The Mona 2 is a fantastic luxury vibe. It just so happens that, for me, the cons outweighed the pros.