Product Review: Wicked Aqua Sensitive Lubricant

When I reviewed Wicked’s other lubricant, Wicked Aqua, I had very strong positive opinions about the lubricant. However all of these views were slightly nullified by the fact that I couldn’t experience the lubricant’s full benefits.

Unfortunately, due to my body’s sensitive nature, whenever I tried to use the lubricant internally I was greeted with a stinging sensation that cut my fun short. This was very upsetting, especially because I really like the way that Wicked Aqua felt and functioned. Like really. A lot.

Thankfully, having read about my problems, Wicked was kind enough to provide me with their alternate lubricant—Wicked Aqua Sensitive—in exchange for an honest review. Wicked Aqua Sensitive is made with those with sensitive skin in mind so it looked primed to be the perfect solution for me.  But was it?

Wicked Aqua Sensitive

Wicked Aqua Sensitive comes in a very practical bottle with an easy dispenser system

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, there’s a lot to love about the Wicked Lubricant line. As a company Wicked are committed to body-safety, aim to heighten the intimate experiences of their users, and produce pH optimized, Paraben-free, vegan friendly products. While some Wicked products contain Glycerin, Wicked is aware that this isn’t ideal for everyone and so also stock some glycerine-free alternatives. Wicked Aqua Sensitive is one such product.

In addition to being Glycerin-free (to help avoid irritation for sensitive users) Wicked Aqua Sensitive has been clinically tested to see if it was hypoallergenic. In a panel of 100 people, Wicked Aqua Sensitive yielded zero sensitivities. This means that Wicked Aqua Sensitive should be suitable for people with even very sensitive skin, such as yours truly.

Wicked Aqua Sensitive also contains Vitamin E and some aloe in order to give it additional skin-soothing properties. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Wicked Aqua Sensitive contains olive leaf extract as well. Olive leaf extract is said to have some benefits as an anti-oxidant and can sooth the skin’s surface. Wicked consider olive leaf extract to be a perfect ingredient for people who have sensitive skin.

As with all lubricants, I gave Wicked Aqua Sensitive the taste & scent test first. Wicked Aqua Sensitive has a slight leafy smell to it, with a fresh undertone. This smell is very mild so I don’t think it would bother even the most fragrance-sensitive of people. Unfortunately Wicked Aqua Sensitive has the same unpleasant taste that comes from most lubricants that use aloe vera. The taste is earthy and has a strong bitter tang to it which I cannot abide. As such I wouldn’t personally recommend this lubricant for oral use.

Thankfully Wicked already has a wonderful line of flavoured lubricants which I fully endorse.

The consistency of Wicked Aqua Sensitive is delightfully thin.

By far the best thing about Wicked Aqua Sensitive is its consistency and texture. Wicked Aqua Sensitive is a water-based lube, but this isn’t always apparent at first. This lubricant is very thin and has a silky smooth feel to it, much like some silicone lubricants. But Wicked Aqua Sensitive lacks the powdery feeling of most silicone lubricants—leaving you with a moist, glossy feeling lube.

Because this lubricant is very fluid it might not appeal to people who prefer thicker lubricant, but I personally love this lubricant.

What I love best about Wicked Aqua Sensitive is that, because it is so thin and smooth, it can (in some ways) mimic the sensation of being naturally wet. However when applying this lubricant I’m also astutely aware that I’m applying a high-quality lubricant to my genitalia. It’s like a weird mixed sensation of applying something that feels naturally moistening but unnaturally arousing (in the best of ways).

When I use this lubricant I’m not simply applying it to my vulva or spreading it over my crotch—I’m caressing myself with it. Each squirt smoothed over my genitalia feels like a luxurious message, as if I’m slathering myself with an erotic treat.

I swear sometimes applying this lube can feel like a play session all its own.

The consistency of Wicked Aqua Sensitive is smooth enough that it provides a slippery buffer but also thin enough that it doesn’t detract from any sexual activities and I think this is part of what makes this lubricant so great. In fact I’d even say that this combination helps enhance arousal and provides sensations that gel-like lubricants just can’t replicate. More often than not I just let myself enjoy the sensation of fondling myself while this lubricant was applied, because it is just so damned appealing. In fact I think it’s probably the most appealing part of this lubricant for me.

I also have good news to report.

When using Wicked Aqua Sensitive I didn’t have any strong, adverse skin reactions. Hooray! In my Wicked Aqua review I mentioned that, upon using Wicked Aqua internally, I was met with a feeling that could sometimes been on the threshold of pleasurable but which was mostly just painful. With Wicked Aqua Sensitive that sensation is still there but, more often than not, it is firmly in the pleasurable side of things instead of the painful side.

Admittedly my body will occasionally decide that these sensations are still more painful than pleasurable but this is very rare. Most of the times I just get to finally enjoy the full benefits of this wonderful lubricant.

Wicked Aqua Sensitive performs much as I expected it might during penetration. It’s slippery enough to give a comfortable experience but also thin enough to allow positive friction to occur. In terms of enjoyment this can enhance the sensations of penetration, but it’s not as effective at this as I thought it might be. Compared to its effectiveness during external use Wicked Aqua Sensitive is not as amazing internally. That being said it’s still pretty damned good.

For use with toys Wicked Aqua Sensitive has its pros and cons. This lubricant compliments glass and metal toys fantastically well, and I’d highly recommend using it with toys made out of these materials (again this comes from the combination of being both slippery and thin). I’ve found Wicked Aqua Sensitive to be hit-and-miss with wooden toys, but this might be because wood doesn’t have the same sheer smoothness of glass and metal.

Where this lubricant is best avoided is for use with matte or draggy silicone toys or particularly large toys. Because this lubricant is so thin it doesn’t go well with really big or really textured toys because it fails to provide the buffer needed. Still I think it’s worth trying out Wicked Aqua Sensitive lubricant with a glass or metal toy at least one (who knows, it might leave you wanting more).

As with all lubricants, Wicked Aqua Sensitive does have a few downsides.

The most obvious one is that, if you dislike thin and slippery lubricants then you’re probably not going to like Wicked Aqua Sensitive. There are some alternative Wicked products that might be better suited, but then you lose the ‘sensitive’ aspect that this lubricant brings to the table.

The second big problem with Wicked Aqua Sensitive is that, even though this lubricant didn’t irritate me much, it still does cause a sensation upon being applied. This might still irritate some people, or simply might not be to the liking of people who dislike sensation-giving lubricants.

While Wicked Aqua Sensitive has removed Glycerin from its ingredients, this lubricant does still contain Proplyene Glycol, which has been known to cause irritation for some people. If you are the type of person who tends to be negatively affected by Proplyene Glycol then it might still be worth giving Wicked Aqua Sensitive a miss.

Besides that there are no major flaws with this lubricant, but quite a few big benefits.

Final Thoughts

When I first tried Wicked Aqua I was delighted with how it felt externally but couldn’t help but feel dismay at the fact that I had to discontinue use. Thankfully Wicked Aqua Sensitive has been the answer to my prayers.

Admittedly I eventually found that, even though I can now use this Wicked product internally, I still prefer it externally, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Wicked Aqua Sensitive is a fantastic product that can provide perfectly pleasurable stimulation internally and straight up euphoric sensations externally.  It seemed to work well, even with my incredibly sensitive skin, and it can be used to enhance certain toy-play too.

Overall Wicked Aqua Sensitive is a great lubricant that takes all of the benefits of Wicked Aqua and makes them accessible for sensitive users. I highly recommend this lubricant and hope that you can have as positive an experience as me and Mr. Peaches have had with it.