Toy Review: The New We-Vibe Tango

I may not have been a sex toy reviewer for long but, in my humble opinion, bullet vibes tend to be the most generic and uninventive vibrators out there. You typically find them on the counter of sex stores (where any other store would be trying to flog their less desirable or on-offer stock) and unless you manage to luck out and find one you really like you’re typically left with a functional but generally unimpressive vibe.

Because of this opinion I was rather sceptical when I kept on hearing consistently good reviews concerning the We-Vibe bullet vibes, but a lot of these reviews came from people I trusted. So, when Lovehoney hosted a review give-away to celebrate the premier of Frisky Business, I finally bit the bullet (pun certainly intended) and decided to see what the fuss was all about. I loaded my entry with an unhealthy amount of puns and, thankfully, some of them must have hit the target, because Lovehoney was kind enough to provide me with a new We-Vibe Tango for review.

My pun-tastic entry to Lovehoney’s Frisky Business Review Giveaway.

I think it’s fair to say that as soon as I turned this toy on most of my doubts were gone. As soon as I placed this toy on my clitoris I just looked at all the bullet vibes I had laid out for comparison purpose and frowned at them—frowned out of resentment that they didn’t aspire for greater things. That’s how good the We-Vibe Tango is. The We-Vibe Tango has made me reconsider what a bullet vibe is really capable of and I have no qualms with saying that.

It honestly is the best bullet vibe I’ve ever had the good fortune to use.

The Tango is sleek and efficient.

The We-Vibe Tango comes in two colours—pink and an almost violet-blue. I received the blue one and I’m thankful that there is some variation from pink. The bullet vibe has a lipstick-shaped tip—which allows for pin-point precision and is relatively discreet. The Tango isn’t as small as some bullets—like the Rocks-Off RO80mm or Shots Toys’ Diamond Power Bullet—but it’s not the biggest bullet either. Despite being slightly larger than some bullet vibes, the Tango utilizes its size well and still feels comfortable to hold.

The Tango isn’t the most unwieldy bullet vibe on the market.

The Tango also has the benefit of being rechargeable, via a magnetic clip charger which can be plugged into your computer via USB. A 90 minute charge can give up to 2 hours of play depending on which settings you use.

The Tango charges via magnetic clip.

The Tango has 8 different settings. Four of these settings are different strengths of a consistent speed—being Low, Medium, High, or Ultra-high—and the others being various patters—named Wave, Pulse, Tease, and Cha-cha. While you can, in theory, get 2 hours of play from one charge I find that you more accurately get anywhere from 30-60 minutes of play if you’re using the Medium, High, and Ultra-high setting predominantly. The Tango’s control area will start flashing when the battery is low—a very handy feature.

The Tango control section consists of one button and two metal prongs for charging.

Another handy feature of the Tango is that it will remember your last setting. So when you turn it back on it will resume from the setting you previously used. The Tango is operated via one button at the base of the toy. You press it to turn it on, press it again to change setting and hold and press it to turn the Tango off. The Tango responds well to being turned off which, as you might know, is a big bonus point in my books.

The Tango is made out of body-safe PC-ABS thermoplastic and is fully waterproof. This makes cleaning the Tango a breeze and means that the vibrations of the Tango carry through the device readily, without any muffling of the strength.

And oh boy, those vibrations.

The vibrations from the We-Vibe Tango are vigorous, rumbly, and full of gusto, even on the lowest settings. While they’re not the deepest of vibrations they are certainly the deepest vibrations I’ve felt from a bullet vibe (and even from some large vibes, for that matter). The most orgasmic element of the Tango’s vibrations is how vigorously they rumble. Aided by the plastic casing, the rumbly vibrations from the Tango are just rapid enough to make a real impact, but not so rapid that they blur into a buzz. It’s just the right combination to excite the clitoris with undeniably gratifying sensations.

As a power queen I am impressed with the Tango’s vibrations not only as a bullet vibe but generally. I typically don’t have to use the Tango on Ultra-high to feel completely satisfied and that’s because the Tango’s vibrations do come with such a rolling growl of a sensation that they titillate my clitoris without having to go whole hog in terms of strength. I’ve found the Tango to be consistently fantastic and its size and shape make it convenient to grab for any time.

The Tango is also very quiet (even on its highest settings) so people who share a house won’t have to worry about any loud noises when using the Tango. This is particularly impressive when you consider the power of the Tango—as typically strong toys also tend to be loud toys too (with Lelo toys being the general exception).

But while I do adore the Tango I’d be lying if I said it was flawless.

Personally I sometimes find the vibrations from the Tango to be a bit too intense and pin-point for my liking. I’ve gotten used to using high-powered wands as-of-late and so transitioning back to a more precise form of clitoral stimulation instead of a more disseminated type was a bit hard to adjust to at times. However this would most likely only be a problem for people like me (who do use wands a lot) and shouldn’t affect most other people.

The Tango can be a bit too pin-point and precise for my liking.

There are some more general issues with the Tango though, that warrant a mention.

While I have been told that the magnetic clip for the Tango has been improved, it’s still pretty flimsy and you need to make sure that it’s still on properly every now and then.

The magnetic clip can be a bit flimsy.

The memory feature on the Tango, while useful, can also be frustrating too. This is because if you accidentally push onto the other setting you can’t simply turn the Tango off and turn it back on again—because it remembers the last setting you were on so will just resume on the wrong setting. As such any accidental presses lead to having to sift through all the other vibrations patterns again, whether you like it or not. This can make accidental presses incredibly irksome. But, on the other hand, when you’re all lubed up it can be hard to press the Tango’s button at all.

In fact the Tango is pretty adept at slipping and sliding out of position. The combination of lube, a smooth plastic material, and rapidly rumbling vibrations means that the Tango can sometimes try to make an escape at the most inconvenient of times. A good grip can prevent this, but gripping the Tango for too long can lead to hand cramps. It’s certainly a dilemma at times.

Final Thoughts

Despite these flaws the We-Vibe Tango is still a fantastic bullet vibe that I would recommend to literally anyone who owns a clit.

The price is steep but I guarantee it’s worth saving for. You’re much better off putting in the time to invest in the We-Vibe Tango then you are buying a selection of generic bullet vibes and throwing them away in a chain of disappointment. Investing in the Tango will probably also save you cycling through other bullet vibes and racking up a similar price-tag over time on unimpressive toys.

The Tango is rumbly, it’s strong, and it’s rechargeable and effortless to clean. I really do think it’s the best bullet vibe on the market, and I cannot recommend it enough.